.Through strange paths.

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Few wounds and cuts.
Got in a fight, uh la-di-da

Updating some lil things.


Sadiki was by himself for a while, the forest was calm and quiet and decided to go refresh himself at the pond. Didn't pay much attention to the few others who were there first, but then as he was almost done he heard his name being shouted loud by someone he never saw before, to another sphinx, resting nearby. At the moment, he was sure he had never seen the white sphinx before and was confused because the name said was his second name but the one being called wasn't him at all. That was when he decided to look at the other sphinx, who was staring back at him. He could pass as someone from the desert city of Jarehev, Sadiki thought.

It was when Sadiki decided to resume his actions as if nothing had happened and then leave the pond area shortly after, only to discover the other sphinx was following him. He walked towards the birch, instead of his favored tree and not was not surprised to learn the oher was still following him.

He hid behind one of the trees and watched as the white sphinx passed beside him and ambushed them there. Asked who they were, why they had his name and why they were following him but was the other just pretended to not know what he spoke about. Feeling his blood easily boiling for the audacity he attacked the other without thinking twice, getting even more sure of where the other's origins when the other sphinx's eyes turned red like his. Fine, don't answer, he would beat the answer out of his body if needed.

While they fought, Yasu showed up and he was surprised that she was there to defend the other sphinx. He wasn't going to fight her, but threw the questions the other didn't want to answer at the hind and the way she looked at them both told him she had made the connection. Yet, she refused to tell him, saying it was his secret to tell and finally, the white sphinx said the 'truth' and it was more ludicrous than anything Sadiki ever heard before. He berated the other sphinx, saying how stupid it was and for him to give up, only because he feared the other was after Llyr. Said enough to make the other leave, which warranted him a long stare from the hind, who left as well, going after the other sphinx.

The desert sphinx remained there for a bit, until Llyr found him. Knowing she already saw the state of the area around him/his wounds and was probably getting worried, he tried to calm her down but also let her know about the white sphinx, warning her to not let him approach her. After that, both left to his home in the desert city, to treat his wounds and take her out of the scene for a while.

Woke up and felt something wasn't right, felt wobbly, woozy, weird. Realized there was something wrong with him, since his favored tree seemed way larger and bigger than actually was.

Long story short, he was a mini Sadiki.
[Aka Luana lost a bet and sphinx jerk extraordinaire was the one to pay for it. For 7 days to boot!]

Worrying for his life at that size, Sadiki searched for anyone who could help him turn back and did the bad option of searching for Argus (because mage) which laughed so much of the cat sized sphinx that moody Sadiki didn't know how to avoid the mage but to hid inside a tree. Was lifted though, like a cat. The next day it was Llyr that had a laughing fit at the blonde, though he still tried to charm his way into getting her to undo whatever magic was on him and took a deep breath when the doe said she "would but she wanted to see him lik that for a bit longer D:<"

As the days passed he was less panicked and more melancholy, though kept visiting Argus, as he felt comfortable by the mage's side as Sadiki tried to accept this could be his new form.

And then in the next day he was back to his normal self. V:< Went to Argus and spoke briefly, because caught a certain small doe's scent in the air, one that he needed to teach a lesson...

Recently: Caught the familiar scent of Ptashka just as he arrived and worriedly followed it, still concerned by her sudden disappearance after having an odd sort of conversation with her a month or so ago. Couldn't but frown when he saw her in a chit chat with Penn, briefly greeting the the later before demanding an answer for what happened last time they met right then and there, which only made the bird doe uncomfortable. He was a concerned big bro and we all know he is also an ass. By a miracle accepted her proposal to talk about it later and went to sulk at his favored tree. Time helped him calm down and when she met him later, gone was the angry sphinx that wanted an answer in ten seconds or less.

Doesn't mean he made it any easier either.

Instead of questioning her Sadiki remained silent and waited for her to catch on that to finally start answering him (God bless Ptashka, I would have punched him). Learned the reason of her distress that day was far simpler than what he had thought of and, though her reason actually calmed him down, it also made him less sympathetic towards her. Still, slowly, his stone heart was growing warmer though he would never say so. As Llyr [the reason of Ptashka's distress] showed up to sit with them on the next day, Sadiki side-glanced at Ptashka with a look that screamed Don't you dare go away. oh god I cry aaahh

Felt better when they started chatting and tried to hide his smirk because he finally got what he wanted.

Let me hold your hand if you want to brave yourself and read all of that Sad

He has been going through some mixed feelings lately. While the stag comes to the forest to rest and relax from the stress his own world has been causing to him, the will to get in deep shit whenever Sadiki steps in forest is bigger than his interest for resting. At times had to school himself, or rather have someone else like Llyr step in a fight more than once so he stops himself from self desctruction.

And what is up with everyone now chosing to bite his tail for that?

Whenever his aggressive fits ended, he could enjoy some peace and quiet while lounging with others. He knew it has been a while since he sat with Ptashka so Sadiki went to her as soon as he caught her scent in forest. The stag found out not only her but also a certain wizard laying around and having a picnic at the playground. Sat comfortably beside her and ignored Argus' existence in the same place for now. Saw Yasu wandering nearby and decided to bring her to the small group to enjoy her company too.

Couldn't but feel surprised when the winged girl showed him a pretty bag with embroidery that she had done herself and let her know that was a very neat design she did. Somehow that surprise became a mild panic when Ptashka showed him that the content of the bag was a plushy toy of himself, for him In front of none other but Argus (poor Yasu too) and while Pta showed the kitty Sadiki, Sadiki was thinking of murdering Argus if he said anything. Didn't work though.

The desert stag left the forest to bring the toy to his home in Jarehev and left for few hours... and then he came back like a train wreck when he realized Argus was all by himself in the playground.

So they fought (duh) and argued and the blond had to give it to Argus, because the weak feathered wizard was getting very brave all of the sudden, not as scared of claws or teeth anymore. So Sadiki stopped with... whatever they were doing by then and left Argus, promising himself he would change tactics next time (:<

After that, Sadiki started avoiding Argus for a while, and just resuming his days. Saw Jae and Feige resting together and that made him raise an eyebrow at the amethyst doe, but wouldn't let Jae took advantage of seeing his reaction either, so ignored both, finding Sabbath close enough of the war healer to use her as his punching bag. Sort of explained his reasons to Llyr (not that they are entirely valid but it is Sadiki's head DD: ) and things were calm for a while again.

Saw Ptashka coming in the distance and stood to greet her, but noticed she remained at a certain distance when she saw Llyr was with him. Asked her not once but twice if everything was alright, while the young doe had her eyes on a resting Llyr. After little explanations from Ptashka, the doe scattered, explaining she had others to return to, leaving Sadiki totally confused about what was going on. Wondered if she and Llyr had some altercation but would look for the blonde doe as soon as she saw her again.

Doesn't help that she disappeared and Sadiki is starting to grow nervous about that. Time to stress a certain wizard again.

The desert stag invited Llyr to visit a place that is very dear to him, glad to hear her yes.

His day started well. So he went and ruined it.
Found Argus when the wizard seemed to be sleeping, so to be a jerk Sadiki headbutt'd the wizard and left without looking back. Later he was approached by Argus, they ended up fighiting. Their bickering didn't stop when Ptashka showed up, the desert stag taking the opportunity to not let Argus get near the young doe, so more fighting happened between them. The fights only halted once Ptashka came between them and they all sat together while the two glared daggers at eachother. Ptashka groomed Sadiki (god bless her soul) trying to untangle his hair (and sort o making a bit of mess until she managed to undo the knots instead of making it) while Sadiki still glared at Argus' way deciding to give him a cold treatment as the feathered kept trying to instigate another fight. Things calmed down between them but as soon as Ptashka left Sadiki threw himself on Argus, pinning the wizard down with his weight.

He left when Argus managed to remove the sphinx off him and found Yasu by case. After exchanging greetings with the cervine, Yasu surprised Sadiki with an invite to spar with her, to which he said yes, of course. It was an enjoyable fight, good for his mood as well. The desert stag was intrigued by a different type of protection Yasu had on her body, like layers of what looked like dirt over her fur and skin. The spar finally ended and both went to cool down in the pond where they greeted Feige. They found rest in the first forest, content Yasu kept him company.


"I'm going to kill Jae in his sleep"

His peaceful night (not that he cared for peace) was interrupted by seeing Niklaus circling too close of his space for comfort. Ready to a brawl and any trouble the other wanted to bring, Sadiki attacked, bummed to find out that the other quickly lost interest on him. But then he saw the bull had found and went to attack Greitai, who was already quite injured. Worrying for her, knowing he owed her for helping him in a fight some time ago and of course also wanting a piece of that action, the blond went on to aid the female. When Niklaus put considerable distance between them, Sadiki found himself having to block her attacks too. Just as angry as she was, Sadiki threw at her a piece of his mind (offending her) and she threw a piece of hers at him (offending him). Amidst threats from both his and her side he left, in a very bad mood but pretending otherwise, though even eager to get Niklaus definitely dead.

Found and fought the bull again and again, at some point to keep a pale fawn [Inaria] from getting killed by him, with help of a stranger [Yasu], who seemed as eager to keep the pale fawn safe. When the fight once again ended Sadiki left, hurt and very pissed off to go sulk somewhere by himself.

Been spending more and more time in the forest as of late. Maybe just wanting to step out of the stress of his work and human life, maybe trying to have quality time with someone who doesn't remind him of it. Seeking out Llyr whenever he gets her scent, to cuddle and sleep peacefully, also being visited by Feige from time to time.

It's been been snowing a lot lately and he hated it, so naturally tried to push Greitai's buttons (all of them) to get her upset and fight him to warm him up. Learned she didn't like being scent-rubbed on and took notes of that while being chased by her. Got angry himself when someone who was watching [Plague] charged at her and took the fight away from him, who had called dibs on it first. Went to pout by Llyr, who was asleep by the pond.

Was approached by a tiny baby [Inaria] who just buried herself in his fur. Rested with her for few hours until he reluctantly had to go home, hoping she would return to her family in safety.

Approached Argus when he was nearby and by himself, Sadiki totally pretending he didn't give a damn to the feathered stag. Then started a chat with him. Things were pretty trivial (as if it could ever be) until Argus jokingly wondered if he needed to fear the desert stag becoming full lion and eating him. Sadiki was close to just saying some bs (because Argus) but for once he choose truth "If I lose my mind, kill me" See? Simple. It was funny if not tragic to see the change in the wizard's face to that reply.

Maybe at that point, the desert stag realized he cared more for the feathered wizard than he let on.

Well, where do we begin²

Several weeks ago: The desert stag was approached by a distressed Llyr, learned from her that Vae had disappeared from the castle she was being kept at in the healer's world. The healer also said she had found traces of the vampiress blood in the forest. After going to the place Llyr spoke about, all that he could find of Vae was the blood spilled over grass. And ashes. It was all very ... self explanatory, but he didn't want to distress Llyr even more, himself didn't want to believe either. Tried to think of a culprit and could only think of the ones who had attacked the vampiress with stakes in her own world. Sadiki comforted the healer how he could since he later learned that despite Llyr and Vae having a difficult relationship, the healer still cared for her. Mourned for having lost someone he was so close to.

After that, Sadiki tried to be more present in the healer's life, keeping her company whenever he saw her by herself. Few months had passed then and he was invited to her world. Surprised but highly interested in seeing her place again, when all he had seen in the past was bits of it when both were carrying an unconscious Vae to get medical treatment. So the desert soldier went with her in a trip to her world, visiting places and sightings he would never imagined existed. Was also taken to her work, at some points walking alone and observing while she dealt with work. Slowly but ever present, Sadiki felt an unusual headache that he knew what it originated from. He had to let her know what could happen if he lost control, so privately told her about that part of him. Felt immensely grateful for her understanding and receiving him with open arms; and enjoyed each minute by her side, learning a bit more about her culture with each trip they had. Slowly an interest for her became something else and things evolved a bit between them. While Sadiki is unsure where this would lead, he is not afraid to find out.

Well, where do we begin.

Was approached out of nowhere by Altijd, suddenly inviting him to a ring fight in his own world. Sadiki didn't have to think twice. Hopped into a portal made right in front of them by the purple deer and without leaving any trace, both disappeared from the forest, appearing in a dark alley in Altijd's world. Oddly uncommon but there is a first to everything, even being gutted in a dark suspicious alley. Glad the troll Altijd became didn't muse that idea, leading the blond to a building where everything smelled illegal.

But Sadiki wanted a fight so much that he didn't notice the small amounts of magic, slowly growing to flood his senses as they entered the building. He only felt anger and desire to hurt and destroy as he followed Altijd to the ring.

And then everything went black.

The blond woke up from what seemed like really bad hangover, confused, very wounded and very tired, resting in a chair in a unknown house. Opening his eyes was like looking into the sun itself, but after he got a hold of the situation, the blond was greeted by a very angry Altijd in front of him, awarding him with pieces of information from what the blond had done in the place they went.

So to make things short in this already abominable diary entry:
Sadiki entered the ring without being his fight,
Beat his opponent to almost death, a beginner one no less,
Fought Altijd when the purple troll entered the ring to take him away from the other troll,
Became a sphinx.

He blinked several times, at same time getting painful memory flashes which made him horribly aware that he lost control, not like any other time. He lost control big time. Aware of the things he had done now, feeling horrible for each of it, but in the end calmed by Altijd, who took him out of there in sphinx form and to his apartment. Knowing he owed the purple troll some explanations, opened up about his situation with magic, relying information he never shared with anyone before. He will repay Altijd for all the help he provided, despite the troll telling its ok.

In the end, Sadiki entered the portal back to forest, so he could go back home, but his body tried to morph into the sphinx beast he was in Altijd's home, which made all the pain of the wounds he sustained 10x worse in the forest. Agonizing but afraid to lose control again, the blond dragged himself to hide in a small cave, until his body adapts to whatever he became now.

Enjoy the new Sadicky.

Had an interesting evening, finding a raccoon with a crystal globe near one of his favorite spots. Was spotted by the lady, who introduced herself as Pao, to then interest Sadiki into having a reading from the globe. Not one to believe in such things, neither being able to speak about his world issues, he just considered saying no and having her go for someone else. Kind of touched by her simple price of food or herbs, he let her do his reading, asking the globe if befriending someone so opposite to him was going to bring his downfall. Quite surprised by what he saw he paid the raccoon lady and left to his home, to muse some more about what was shown to him.

Had peace of mind and quietude for about a few moments before he notice someone approaching him by the side. From the corner of his eye recognized Argus and recalled their last conversation, where Sadiki wasn't so happy to have until the end when they both finally accepted eachother's answer. The desert stag hoped today would be better, even interested when he noticed Argus put his magic side down as to not distress the blond, but apparently that was just wishful thinking. Argus seemed even more invested in inquiring him, getting a straight No from Sadiki in return. As expected the wizard didn't accept that as an answer and continued to ask and probe the stag's personal life, just adding insult to injury.

Too late Sadiki noticed the wizard was also feeling uncomfortable (maybe straight scared) at how Sadiki was reacting but at that moment it was what the blond mostly wanted. As a friend of his suddenly showed up, Sadiki used that as an excuse to leave, bowing his head to the wizard as if they were the best of friends. He would definitively regret losing control yet again and treating Argus poorly later, but for now it was all that he could do to stopping himself from stranggling the other.

His return home did little to soothe his feelings, but as he found a letter from the palace he thought otherwise. Maybe being at home by himself wouldn't do much for him, but a summoning to have someone not so alive anymore would.

Lots of well deserved naps, then Lalitha shows up.

The desert stag has been finding himself in Llyr's presence quite often recently, always looking for her company when he sees her unaccompanied in the forest. In one of these meetings, during a walk with the healer, Sadiki suddenly felt on edge as if in danger, without knowing what was causing that. Llyr felt the same thing and upon inspection of the closest place (the blue bow) they both saw a hideous scene: a pale Vae, her body pinned by seven stakes and left at her own luck, in a feral state. After a quick discussion of the desert stag and the healer on how to access the situation, Sadiki threw himself at the pale doe, tackling her to the ground while Llyr worked on removing the stakes, leaving only the one closest to her heart untouched. Meanwhile he was scratched and bitten but it didn't stop him from whispering to the vampiress, trying to sooth her while Llyr continued the removal. He only felt sorrow for seeing the small doe like that and anger for not being able to do anything for her other than hold her down.

In a quick turn of events, the tree of them were teleported to Llyr's home world and brought to the healer's home where she could continue to treat Vae's wounds. The vampiress had passed out, being carried while unconscious inside by both of them. As Llyr worked on removing the last stake, Sadiki did whatever she asked of him, helping feed Vae through a bloodbag Llyr handed him. When they did everything they could, both rested in that room, as to make sure nothing wrong could happen to the vampiress. Sadiki and Llyr were able to speak then and the desert stag realized two things: first, he knew nothing about Vae, about who could have done that to her and second, that both healer and vampiress have a bad past, which meant that Llyr was doing a lot for someone she was mostly scared of and he couldn't but feel thankful for that.

In the next day, he awaited with anticipation as to what was going to happen once the vampiress woke up, noticing Llyr was also tense, for different reasons. And when she did wake up, the vampiress felt just as tense to seeing the healer. Sadiki tried his best to let both feel at ease with eachother by being litterally the middleman, trying to sooth things between them. In the end, the vampiress received an invite to stay in her world while she recovers, while he also offered that she could stay in his world if she wanted. After that, before leaving, he thanked Llyr and mentioned that it was sad for him that he had to visit her world in such conditions, but would enjoy doing it again in different circunstances. Invited her to visit his place too, someday.

Calm day, all by himself. Then suddenly Argus shows up. Not only for that companionable silence they usually shared, but apparently to ask the desert stag something that seemed to be bothering him about their last conversation. Was then asked why they would be enemies in Jarehev but not in the forest, which immediately made Sadiki defensive, answering the feathered stag's question with questions of his own to avoid speaking of it. As Argus kept pushing anyway, Sadiki gave him a small brief explanation as to why magic is not well seen in his world (it led to a massacre of innocent people and the siege of the major city), so if Argus was there, he would be killed (by Sadiki, no less) without hesitation.

Things obviously went south, with Sadiki feeling all of the wizard's defensive magic aura towards him as he spoke, which slowly made Sadiki unstable and prone to attack him but before the blonde went berserk on Argus, Argus (bless his soul), lessened his own magic to help calm Sadiki down. Peace were restored between them and they fell asleep.

The end.

Met Ptashka after what was like several weeks of not knowing if she was still alive or not. At first narrowed his eyes towards the small feathered creature far away in the distance but trying to make her way near him. He still felt somehow betrayed for knowing she befriended Jericho and that will always sting at the back of his mind. For once though, seeing all the suffering he was causing to both, Sadiki stopped in his plans to send her away. Approached her halfway, soothing and grooming her, an apology for all the distress he had caused.

Caught a vague familiar scent in the air and followed it, only to find himself in front of a young deer [Lou] and not who he thought the scent belonged to [Ptashka]. Out of the blue inquired the young brown deer about seeing the feathered girl lately while also pretending he didn't care (haha no you're not fooling anyone), but to no avail since the deer didn't have a clue about her wereabouts either. Sudden worries about Ptashka even being alive or not, but thanked the other for his help anyway.

Hoped to be forgiven for the desert stag's poor maners and introduced himself, learning the other's name: Lou. Couldn't deny he have seen Lou by himself a few times before, so this time asked if it was ok if Sadiki remained there for a little while.

Recently: Lots of resting in forest with Llyr <3
Also: ongoing RP that I will write about once its concluded

A very calm day, rested a lot, at some point in Azura's company. Not complaining for the lack of activity because at least he can do that here, in his home world that is a rarity.

But then things got nastier at night. Found the beast [Jericho] chasing after Kaoori and without thinking twice invested against them in a chase that lasted a long time. Still mad for losing Ptashka to him attacked the beast with all he had, the desert warrior's own safety being the least of his concerns. Trashed and chased (at some point with the help of a second deer [Vígolfr]) after the other relentlessly in a blind rage, until the creature finally retreated to the pond. Circled the waters until Sadiki was sure they were not going to return tonight, then limped his way back to where Kaoori was with other does [Uy? and Easca] to check how she fared. Was so concerned that almost didn't notice Vae in the short distance. Carried his bloodied self to check on Kaoori first, then approached Vae and was warned by the vampiress that he should get cleaned first; by obvious reasons she kept her distance from him but warned Vae he would also keep an eye on her.

Hated to see Kaoori blaming herself for his wounds, reassuring her that he would still come to aid even if she was able to handle them on her own. Decided to leave her soon after company had just arrived for her and went to clean his bloodied self at the drinkplaats. Cleaned the best he could before deciding to check on Vae this time. Spoke briefly with the vampiress, was told of a way she could help him heal but had to turn the offer down. Winced his way back home after that.

In a sour mood thanks to some past situations involving other people but kept to himself most of the time, avoided others on purpose.
Was surprised by Vae's visit earlier in the morning, remained silent while sheltering her as if it was a duty, then next was coaxed to a chase through the whole forest by the vampiress; impatience grew as he got concerned with her exposition to the sun. When he caught her though, despite his mood improving a lot by all the running around, was none too gentle to make her stay still aka sat on her. She squirmed and wiggled under him and he pretended he wasn't having fun with that.

Later sat in Argus' company and for the first time actually talked with the blue stag. Unaware the conversation with him would lead to some less friendly subjects, even if it was meant to be a joke, but because Sadiki has been in a bad mood lately basically challenged the Argus to take his soul, also scarying the blue stag a bit in the process. Realized Argus probably saw something in Sadiki that even Sadiki wasn't in control of. Learned something about Argus that, had they been in a different place - namely the desert the blond comes from, they would be sworn enemies then.
But so far, as long as Argus was in the forest and not there, all was good between them. And then then conversation kept that tone, of joking but not quite so, Sadiki enjoying it so far until he had to return home, hoping to postpone the challenge against his tasty soul.

Wandered through forest aimlessly, until caught a familiar scent somewhere close by. Approached to find out Ptashka sitting with the very being he had warned her to stay away from. Oddly enough, instead of going berserk on the creature, or to lashing out any unpleasant commentary, Sadiki stayed away, observing. He was about to turn his back and leave when the child saw him and ran, stopping in front of the desert stag, her expression telling him everything he wanted to know.

He could have let her explain or consolate her on her mistakes. Or accept? Or be sympathetic? Somehow? But not on account that he had to fend the creature off Kaoori in a not so distant past. Let Ptashka know she chose her protection and he would step away, with a warning that if the beast ever attacked one of Sadiki's friend, even if Ptashka liked the predator, he would stop at nothing.

Felt detached of his own words as if it was being said by someone else, aware of the weight of it on a kid her age, then bowing and leaving her behind

Very quiet day, but the night was a different story.
Sat in Kaoori's company for a little while and enjoyed whatever peace he had, until someone have decided she looked better as their food. Fast to realize it was the same predator [Jericho] of few days ago and that he had baited Sadiki away from her the first time they met. This time he would not let him have any of it as Sadiki stubbornly kept throwing himself in between them and relentlessly attacked the creature for as long as they came closer, despite Sadiki not being in his best condition due to past fights kept his ground.

Extremely annoyed when another deer [Crescent] came too close of them and in a blind rage almost attacked the stranger too, but then realized he was trying to protect Kaoori as well. Thanked the other for his help pushing the predator away and went to check on Kaoori, but never truly rested as the predator were still lurking around. Watched as (somehow) the beast picked a fight with Sabbath and took the opportunity to lead Kaoori away from their view. When everything was peace and quiet again, collapsed into deep sleep.

Had piece and quiet by Kaoori's side more than once, quite enjoying visiting her, but then saw his soul leave his body when she disappeared to watch a fight going on near the gods' statues and when he decided to see where she went to, found her with the predator of said fight lunging at her instead. @_@

Had a mini heart attack while helping fending off said predator, resuming his rest on the hill that overlooks the ruins with her. Went to hibernate sleep afterwards.

Forest was quiet earlier today, did a lot of nothing sitting and resting, then scented Sabbath (still hate u) with her friend [Honeythorn] behind her. AND then someone else that wanted to stay too close and was clearly distressing the black doe. Rolled his eyes at Sabbath and tried to rescue the doe by drawing the strangers attention, did seem to work. Then when the strange lost interest Sadiki finally went his way. Rested well on a grassy path near the ruins, joined by the black doe in companionable silence. Didn't mind, actually liked it. Scented Ptashka somewhere not so far... and then some odd bloody scent as well. Followed the trail and found her with the predator that attacked Kaoori and just 8')))) at the situation. He was already seeing red like what were you thinkin. Called her out and checked on her, glad she was not missing any limbs. Looked at where predator was laying and realized they were gone. Good! Took her back to where he was resting with the doe, spoke to her a little about these dangers and fell asleep.

Keeping to himself, mostly recovering from a service done in his country, meanwhile being spectator to a few quarrels that happened in the forest today. Then had a verbal spar with Sabbath. First, watched as she got involved in a fight with three other deer, at same time. Then the desert warrior had to step in (quite literally) and prevent her friend [Honeythorn] to get in harms way to defend the black doe against te three. After the fight was over approached the pair only to snap at Sabbath, to let her know (in a very rude way) that if the Vixen is so keen on finding her demise, to at least be sure its only hers.

Retrieved the item (a black dagger) in a mission that took longer than the desert warrior assumed would normally take. The party almost made a safe return, wasn't by Lardha's mercenaries also looking for same item, but the crew was able to avoid detection in time. Item was delivered, his Majesty satisfied with their work, it was time to rest in forest before next assignment.

Sat comfortably near the ruins then noticed a small feathered girl by herself, decided to approach her. With all the predators lately, at least his presence would ward them off. He didn't, though, expect conversation from her. Her quiet voice almost didn't draw his attention, but in the end sat in her company and was able to get to know Ptashka a bit better. Realized she doesn't remember much of her past, but is as easily frightened as it seems. Felt protective of her when some fight broke nearby the ruins. Brought her to the hill that overlooks the ruins and helped her feel comfortable enough to sleep.

At same time was approached by Lalitha, surprised to see the doe around as its been a while and spoke briefly with her. Learned a few, important things that happened while he was away. Tried in his own way to comfort her, but didn't ask for any details, sensing he could hurt her feelings somehow.

And then he was sat on. DDD8<

The ex soldier received a missive from his King, ordering him to gather with his party and retrieve an item that was buried west of Jarehev, south of Lardha. Because His Majesty has reasons to be believe the item originates from Orave, there is the possibility of it being magical, so of course the King won't be happy to have it be found by Lardha first.


(From an ongoing rp)
It was the morning of the first day of autumn and despite the season, the white sands of the desert always felt the same hot and unbearable at day and cold and unforgiving at night. Sadiki left his house for the market alleys, as he was to meet with one of the king's undercover soldier while browsing goods.

While they spoke to each other, Sadiki was aware there were other men on top of the houses surveilling them, ready to kill if their meeting was compromised. After their deal was done though Sadiki remained in the market by himself, his face hidden by his turban veil. Despite knowing merchants approach and try to coax buyers, he wasn't expecting being approached by someone who clearly was foreign [Karolina], coming to his side to interest him with her wares. He stiffened slightly, his hand brushing the handle of the dagger concealed in his kaftan. He feigned curiosity despite the warning signs that she could be a spy after the note he just delivered to the king's soldier, but decided to follow her to her stall where another merchant [Sjaak] waited with clear disinterest.

The woman on the other hand was excited for them three.

At first, she eagerly showed him some random trinkets and wares which didn't interest him in the least, but then he saw gunpowder being sold and inquired about weapons instead, which now he was sure they had. With a glance to the other trader, she took him to the back of their tent in a second covered part where they kept their horses. From the saddlebag of one of them she took many weapons and at last a larger knife in a golden cover and unsheated it. Its blade was obsidian-black, its handle gold with divets that fit to the holder's hand. The guard curved and encrusted with rubies. Then she handled it to him and he was mesmerized, curious about its story and took the opportunity to pry about how they came around this desert, clearly with foreign weapons.

With what he heard, decided they weren't spies and made a counter offer to pay them much more than the knife's price (which she already had overpriced), if they came to him whenever they find rare weapons such as those. Realized he probably scared them off, but in the end came with some sort of compromise with her that he was sure it wouldn't be the last time he was going to hear from them.


I bet something is going to happen in this blindly white foggy forest.


Decided he had rested enough, but in truth the desert warrior is very aware the rut season is, or should be, happening in the forest, so naturally his eyes glowed ('cause new challenges), so naturally he hated to be told (by two doctors, no less) that he shouldn't exert his body, that he needed to rest and let it fully heal before thinking of fighting again. He agreed actually, all while getting dressed to be out, ignoring the looks he was receiving from both of them. "Just going for a walk." Said Sadiki, as he

grabbed his coat,

mounted his horse,

and rode to the oasis where awaited the portal to the forest.


Battled to exhaustion, bruised and wounded, hard to keep awake, let alone walk or talk. Owes the remain of his health (and consciousness) to two beings [Greitai, Fari] that got in between his last altercation with Sabbath, after he had already got in between a previous quarrel [between Altijd and Oleander]. Saw red once the latter attacked someone who had been beaten up previously, even if by mutual agreement, by the desert stag himself.
Tired, thanked the others for their aid, took some distance from the fights to lean over a tree. Still pretending he is alright and fit despite the ragged breathing, even if his vision is blurred by his own blood, but as soon as everyone leaves, intends to use the last of his power to open a portal to his homeland. Although... might not be able to reach his residence before oblivion reaches him.


Mostly at his home in Jarehev, being assigned to various works a lot more than he had been in the past. Had some suspicious why the new queen wanted to assign him to specially dangerous jobs but succeeded in all but one, the last one where they were ambushed.

He was recovering from that job in his house when one night someone showed up in his door. A tall weird looking one [Yakov] that for sure wasn't from this world. Demanded to know who he was and by his answers (or the lack of) could only assume he was part of the queen's plan to bring Sadiki down. Seeing the demon was already entering his house using some sort of weird magic, attacked him, which didn't stop the tall being from doing it again on other nights as well, only increasing the desert stag's hatred for them, at some point having very heated arguments during their fights, even if Yakov didn't fight back for most of them, didn't stop Sadiki from shoving him away from his house. The last fight though, from what Yakov have told him, got Sadiki so angry it made him lose it, pinning the demon to the ground and punching him repeatedly, everything blurring as he was losing control. The blonde then realized a maid still was in the house when he noticed the black garment silhouette not far from them watching him, out of control, beating a creature that wasn't from that world. She ran away and so did he, after her.

It was the last time he saw the demon.


While wandering, saw a Jae seemingly resting, thought the jagged mouth wouldn't be paying attention and wanted to get him on his own game. Got found out way faster than he thought, ended up in another brawl with him. Left, but will get him some time, shouldn't be but is pissed off yet again.


Returned the forest bruised and thinner than before due to a long month of stressful work in the main city of the desert. Found the forest covered in snow, glad its been quiet and silent as he just want to recover in peace.


Lonely most of the afternoon, until a black cat surged out of nowhere. Sadiki was surprised to see Isetore as it has been quite a while, so had some fun time rough-playing with him. Eventually met with his friend [Hautakumpu's] and rested with them.


Had Janci stay in his home in Jarehev for one day. Had a little adventure going to the market to get a gift for Ciar, ended getting her a gift too. Then the soldier showed her the hanging gardens, went home for dinner, but afterwards went back to the gardens at night because she seemed really interested in the place. Was promised to be taken to her own world, Sadiki looking forward to that. When he noticed it was too late, took her back home for some good rest. He didn't sleep that much though.

Woke up very early and had a moroccan-style breakfast with the lady and when they finished it, took her back to the forest.


And then the day before met Janci and Ciar, brought a basket with date sweets to repay for the peaches Janci gave him many days ago, also was climbed like a mountain by Ciar.


Sat somewhere close by the twin gods and soon enough was approached by Janci and Ciar. Greeted them and invited both to sit with him, though right away noticed movement from the twin gods' hill. Easily recognized the stag [Jae] watching and smirking from far away. While doe and fawn sat down, Sadiki stood still, alert and watching the silver beast from afar. Their distance shortened quickly once the desert stag realized he wasn't going to leave them like that, and began chasing and bashing his antlers in Jae's way whenever the other came close, which meant very often.

Chased the other half of the forest, until the Jagged Mouth seemed to lose interest in that game, disappearing through the tall grass. Sadiki quickly returned to check on the doe and the fawn, following them to their den, somewhat safer than in the open area where they were.

Talked to Janci, made a mention of leaving them be because the other was after him, not them, and in case it returned, didn't want them to feel threatned, but instead was asked to stay and calm down, which he agreed to do, for now.


Draw back to forest while arrangements are made for his upcoming mission in the desert city. Took notice of a difference in his senses compared with last time hes been around. Alert, maybe more than usual. Looking for others to stay close to, observant of his surrounds for now.

Noticed a doe [Janci] sitting by herself. Unaware if they met before, but somehow familiar. Decided to not bother them and went to sit somewhere else, approached by a friendly stranger [Morrow]. After resting with his company, saw the doe get up and invite the other doe to join them. Was offered a peach from Janci, which he took and ate gratefully.

Sadiki and Janci spoke for a bit after Morrow's leave. At first about Isetore, and then about a bit of his human life. Couldn't tell much more, but the little he spoke was able to amaze the doe, now aware she isn't human like a lot of beings in the forest. Will try and explain to her a bit more whenever the time allows it, hoping to know more about her too.


Visiting the forest briefly. Joined by Argus and a small being [Airut], spent the day in their company before tef crashed many times returning to his home.


Sadiki returned to his city the day before and found an envelope addressed to him adorned with the Royal House Seal. It was resting over the coffee table, probably one of the maids placed it there before leaving. He took the envelope and glanced over it but didn't open it right away. An odd feeling about it. After a sigh, he ripped the beige paper, his ambar eyes scanning over the main contents of the letter:

"A summoning...
... special item buried in the desert
A scort mission."

He placed the letter back. He knew when and where he should be in few days for his new task, but for some reason, he felt unease about it.


Entered the forest after resting from the long trip from Jarehev and went to find one of his favorite spots to rest, when he caught a very familiar scent in the air. It was hers. Sadiki followed the scent, which led him nearby the old oak, laying nearby the giant tree there was Sabel. At first, because there was a fawn resting nearby, he didn't approach, only watching the sleeping doe from afar. As if everything seemed okay with her, he decided to give her space and walked away. Few minutes passed and he noticed her scent getting stronger, and the doe finally appeared in the horizon. Invited the raven doe to stay in his company and spoke to her for a bit, remembering few things, glad that she had been safe and sound at Jovan's place.


Sadiki brought back the basket Llyr once offered to him, this time full of home-gathered goods/pastries. He actually had to consult people in his city to give him an idea of what would be a good gift, one that would make someone long for a city they've never been to. With that help he was able to bring back edibles made of dates, honey, cinnamon, figs and roses, which she seemed to appreciate.
He remained at her side for a little longer before resuming his rest at his forest home.

03.06.2018 Been in company of few visitors recently [Argus, Bayleen], quietly enjoying their visit in silence under the sun's light. Curious about both of them: the tall dark haired deer, as well the warm feathered female. The desert stag was also approached by Llyr a day before with a basket of edibles from her town in the human world. Surprised by her act, wouldn't turn down her gifts but didn't think he deserved such thoughtful gesture from the crimson doe. Heard her explanation about what each of those edible were and which ones she seemed to like most. After that remained in her company for the rest of the day.

At night, Sadiki would return to his hometown to assemble a basket with the things he like the most from both the main city and his tribe culture with help of one of his maids. To make it pretty. Because he doesn't know the concept of pretty. I keed, but the maid will know 'pretty' better anyway


I am adding stuff as I remember it, so so sorry for bumping this so much on your track list ):


Been looking for company, mostly seeking familiar ones.
Found by Llyr on some occasions, and on others sought her out, unless she already had company.
Vae approached a few times, whom he gave a parcel of his blood to, concerned she could get hurt, or hurt someone else instead.
Isetore recently showed up, haven't talked to yet, but appreciative of his company nevertheless.


Couldn't but sense the season had finally started, and there he was, sitting by himself wishing to stay away from the ruckus. He learned how to control his temper, but just to make sure he preferred watching from afar for now. Didn't take long for the pale doe to show up. Remained silent by Vae's side, took notice of something and spoke to the doe about it, realizing it was something she had a hard time opening up about, but was finally told something he didn't expect to hear. With what she had said, before thinking too much asked her to follow him somewhere else, somewhere less crowded. Had to cover her from the strong sun until reaching the birch trees though. When they arrived, bluntly offered his help and watched as she looked very cautious and doubtful at first, but accepted it in the end. At the end, sat in silence with her, feel things linking to what he had heard from someone else about beings like Vae in the forest.


Sat by himself somewhere in the birch forest, didn't feel like doing anything else, only felt the surprise to be approached by Nhoz at some point. Glanced at her, exchanged sniffs, then invited her closer, taking notice of her bruised body. Would ask about that but felt like he shouldn't know the answer, or she would have told him first. Proceeded to clean her bruised skin, satisfied by that small contact. Later she left and feeling like he should've followed her, did, but only after some time. Found her in a group [Fletcher, Jude, L'ubomír & fawns?], taking a seat around after being invited so. Remained there for some time, later wandering away, ending near Llyr and again sat beside her, quite fond of the crimson's quiet company.

Felt unease at the battle noises coming from elsewhere suddenly and while he would have gone its way to see what was going on as he did in past events didn't feel like leaving Llyr alone. Soon enough the fight went their way and for the first time ran away from the scene, taking the crimson doe with him. Found peace at one of the hills of the birch and remained there until falling asleep.


Sadiki is a character and his actions are to be considered IC unless stated otherwise. His views aren't mine, but I am responsible for his actions. That being said..

This is not a nice character.

If you ever need to get in contact with me, please feel free to add me on discord! luanadajhi#8774

This bio might contain some level of violence and gore, so viewer discretion is advised. Other than that, just bad writting.



CreditsThis amazing CSS was made by Mis with codes from Unplugged, AlisonRobin, Uitleger.
And this bio's amazing design was made by Apeldille.

Original concept by Tuhka,
Bust by me, Full body by Elaz ♥.

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Anytime! I am still learning about his personality and behavior, a rp could be nice!
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Ah he sounds really interesting, love his design. Glad you got him. <3
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Thanks ^^ and I hope so too!!
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Thanks! And sorry for the staring!
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I am totally tracking this! This character is extraordinary and a gorgeous fellow!
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Pffft no sorries. He just caught her off guard up there, she was paying respect to her deceased friends.
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Ah I see! I imagine he would feel the same way, glad she reacted the way she did and didn't kick him from the top of that hill! xD
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The new art looks amazing! He is such a beautiful character ♥
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Ohhh I love the new art. He looks sooo gorgeous in your style!
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I'm in love with the new art. He's looking as beautiful as ever.

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oh my goodness I love him.
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Very beautiful character ! Track (:
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Same for him ! ^^
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Thank you! <3
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I'm sorry for bumping such an old blog but this boy ;___;

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Gorgeous bio ...
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