dances with daffodils ( Cassiopeia )

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Biography of Cassiopeia.

Current herd: --
Interests: Brent, Raavus

This gal is a Judge this year! She'll be looking to socialize and watch those sweet, sweet fisticuffs.
She loves the sport of it and generally keeps it all in good fun with others. Treating it almost like a
sporting event and social party atmosphere.


Cass, Cassie, the flower strong hind*Given by Kerosene, the Sunback*Given by Beithe

Adult (11/18/2009)
Size #10
Smells faintly of apple cider
Voice; speaks in #A1C9E6
Predominantly homosexual

PHealthy; winter coat beginning to grow in · MA-okay · EProud, joyful; wistful
Has been wandering around the Forest and doing her best to approach other Rut participants despite the lack of familiar faces. Making friends with random strangers has always been her forte, though, and quickly found herself good company. Caught the tail-end of a fight between two strangers, afterwards approaching a dark stag (Brent) to offer compliments for his tactics and prowess. Kept his company until the evening drew to a close and nodded off for the night.

The next morning, sought out some Rut action happening near the Ruins. Spectated a fight between a large moose-like stag (Raavus) and another competitor (didn't catch their name asdfgjh), flocking to Raavus's side after the brawl ended. Settled down with his herd in a hyacinth patch and was pleasantly surprised by his doting nature. What an attentive fellow!

After a bit of lazing in the flower patch, a new challenger approached (Braith). The young buck's agility and wiles endeared Cass, so she was swayed to his side.

Not long after, however, was approached by Brent and politely left Braith's group to say hello to the stag. Ended up spending time with him and, surprisingly, had a great time! Romped around near the Ruins, trading antler spells and rough housing. Despite his dark appearance, found him to be rather bright company. Stuck with him for most of the day, napping and playing, while strangers came and went in their company (Sabbath D'elia, Doitsu). Flopped down in the Poppy Bowl with both Brent and Doitsu and sparked some conversation among them.

Got to know Brent a little more, but before long the conversation took a turn and the stag departed to seek out some action in the Rut. Doitsu left as well and the hind found herself wandering. Although the Forest was seemingly overflowing with people, Cass found herself missing familiar faces and wistful for family. Lost in thought, her footsteps eventually found her at the stone pillars where the twins were born. Sat amidst them and missed her family.

Then!! perfect timing! Caught Geneva's scent and rushed over to greet her daughter. Shocked to see her quite a bit bigger than when they had last spoke, but was overwhelmed with pride and fondness for her gentle gem. Romped about for a moment before leading her over to the Playground rocks to rest and catch up.

Was rejoined by Brent and moved towards the Ruins where Geneva faced off against Stria. Felt a swell of pride for Genny watching her participate and make friends, but kept her distance so as to not overcrowd her. Romped a bit with Brent again before settling in a hyacinth patch to watch the commotion from afar. Soon after was joined by Jasper and showered him in nuzzles + hyacinths, excited to spend a moment with him. Noticed he, too, was notably larger than she remembered and felt simultaneously proud, joyful, and wistful for their childhoods.

Ended the day resting with two of her kiddos. A great day in Cassie's book!!

Warmhearted · Easygoing · Fun-loving · Sociable · Spirited
Stalwart · Thick-skinned · Forthright · Motherly
Untidy · Artless · Protective · Uneducated

Reference · Face claim
Cassiopeia's build is similar to an elk, tall and stocky. The fur on her neck is thicker and longer than the rest of her coat, giving it a fluffy appearance. The colors of Cassie's fur consists of soft golds and rich browns as well as cream-white accents in an elk-like pattern. Small, dull horns sit atop her head which are ill-suited for combat. They do not shed, but will grow slightly longer as she ages. Cassie often carries various adornments behind her ears and in her neck fur, including feathers, flowers, and pretty leaves. Her eyes are a bright, cornflower blue. Her hooves and horns are a duller shade of the same blue. A reluctant groomer, it is quite common to find mud, dirt, or debris littering her pelt


Adopted daughter; a gift; treasured.

Daughter; a source of pride; treasured.

Daughter; a gentle gem; a source of pride and joy; loves and adores.

Son with Kerosene; doesn't always understand his magical ties, but does her best; loves.

Son; strong-willed; a source of pride and joy; loves and adores.

Daughter with Kerosene; doesn't always understand her magical ties, but does her best; loves.

"Hearth(stone); Fireside" | Significant other; loves, adores, partial to.


Appreciated and enjoyable company; scarce, but always welcome.

Otherwordly youth; Kerosene's charge; adores, watchful for.

Old flame, good friend; adores, looks up to; great appreciation and respect for.

Excellent pillow and great romping buddy; scarce, but cherished.

Familiar figure; pleasant company, quiet understanding; curious of.

Babysat often as a fawn; cares for, respects, welcomes.

First friend; kindred spirit; adored, missed.

Babysat often as a fawn; cares for, respects, welcomes.

Charming little fellow; outstanding rollicking buddy; scarce, but treasured.


Amadeus, Kshanti, Xiao Yu, Dia
Shahla and Kio's children; recognizes, keeps a respectful distance.

Peculiar newborn; a little wary of, but sympathetic; hesitant.

Great first impression; respectable, pleasant; would like to get to know.

Strange, but endearing; curious of, watchful for.

Impressive fighter, pleasant company; curious about; welcomes.

Gentlemanly stag; respects highly, thinks well of.

Dainty little thing; hits a soft spot; curious of, watchful for.

Lekhasa, Shikha
Nikhil and Shardul's daughters; curious of, bewildered by.

Strong and respectable; curious of. Kerosene's friend.

Often seen in the company of the Drais family; seems nice.

Segin, Lesath
Drais's kids; knows of, but remains a respectful distance.

Agreeable company; Kerosene's friend; thinks well of.

Very kind fellow; admires his various adornments.

Tsabi, Circe, Jyoti
Shahla's children; recognizes; friendly towards.

Reoccurring stranger; recognizes.


Rocky history. Uncertain, distant. Misses at times.


Despicable; attacked her pregnant mate; avoids.

Annoyance; antagonistic, melodramatic, obnoxious; intolerable.

Villian; vile, malicious, vacuous; unconditionally avoids.

"Carrion"; word gets around.


Old friend; left on rocky terms; gone.

Mother; a somewhat distant relationship; loved; deceased.

Old friend. Genuinely kind and friendly, fun company; appreciative towards.

Father; a source of wisdom and admiration; loved; presumed deceased.

Daughter; devil-may-care; loves, misses. Left the Forest to strike out on her own; proud of her courageous and independent spirit.

The Red
Admirable, good-natured, and homely; grateful to have known; deceased.

Sister; best childhood friend, often overshadowed by; loved; deceased.

more later

Disclaimer & Contact

SCREAMS and flings myself at

SCREAMS and flings myself at her <3

Traaack! c8

Traaack! c8

Track &hearts;

Track ♥

Sig: Aihnna



Teeny Requite by Dapper.
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love track ? (did you get to

love track ?
(did you get to read the message I wrote in your old Cassopeia's blog?)
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You know how much I love this

You know how much I love this (:
Track ♥
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Track ^^

Track ^^
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(No subject)

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&hearts; HolyMaria: Hmm, I

HolyMaria: Hmm, I don't think so. Sad What was it?
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Yaaay! Track!! : DD

Yaaay! Track!! : DD
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Sweet Cassiopeia thank you

Sweet Cassiopeia thank you for help me getting my look back to normal.
I always enjoy our encounters,had a great time playing with you all day, although I was injured in the afternoon and hurt me when I tried to jump around and play, I'm feeling much better now. thank you also for sharing with me your strong healing joyful energy.
I'm strongly interested in you. I like you. you have a familiar scent that makes me feel warm and soft, that relaxes me and makes me wanna rest and meditate at your side for days; but at the same time, I want to jump and run with you miles away
I want to get to know you more
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@HolyMaria: Aww, what a

@HolyMaria: Aww, what a sweetie. ♥ Thank you, Kío. Cassie would love to get to know Kío more, too! He's a great playmate and cuddle buddy. (: She enjoys the time they have spent together and hopes there are more meetings to come!
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I've always admired stalked

I've always admired stalked this character from afar so its about time I tracked her bio. ;;

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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Track~ ;3

Track~ ;3
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And ....Track...

And ....Track...<33
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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I'm glad to hear Cassie likes

I'm glad to hear Cassie likes Kío too, hope they'll meet each other soon again

ps. Kío is a a girl though Redface
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Diwkdnforf ♥

HolyMaria: Oh dear, my bad! She is a lovely doe. (:
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;;;;; this bio is beautiful

;;;;; this bio is beautiful <3<3<3<3 traaaack (:

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Double .-.

Double .-.

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TRACK I think that your bio


I think that your bio escapes.
gif by Hautakumpu
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Retrack! I so much like


I so much like this new CSS. <3
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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eeeeeeeeeee <3
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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Tornpaw did a wonderful job

Tornpaw did a wonderful job on it! ♥ And thank you kindly. c:
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Hi your CSS codes are leaking

Hi your CSS codes are leaking onto the biographies page and making it inaccessible, please make sure you have all CSS codes under a cut. If you do not know how to do that, you can see a tutorial that shows you how here.
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Uh oh! So sorry about that. I

Uh oh! So sorry about that. I should've known better, I've been around for some time! Heh. ;;
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No worries it's an easy

No worries it's an easy mistake; thanks so much for fixing it so quick!
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No problem. Thanks for

No problem. Thanks for letting me know! :3
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gosh cassie what a cow B)

gosh cassie what a cow B)
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omfg cradle you crybaby GO

omfg cradle you crybaby GO AWAY

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add me on discord: Krisaur#9391

Retracking as well.

Retracking as well. <3
Love the CSS by the way, Torn can do really awesome CSS's! ^^
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I think Kío has a little

I think Kío has a little crush on Cassie
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@Jennie: ♥

@HolyMaria: Aww! n_n
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She seems so cute! A lovely

She seems so cute!
A lovely gal C:
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Thank you, RoktDog! &hearts;

Thank you, RoktDog! ♥ Feel free to hang with her in the forest should you happen to see her. B)
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Plopping this here for you

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Soliloquy: You
thank you so much it is gorgeous! ;A; ♥
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xD You're welcome!

xD You're welcome!



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I love her!

I love her! <3 Redface
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Aw thank you Zakuro! &hearts;

Aw thank you Zakuro! ♥
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Hey! Thanks for giving my doe

Hey! Thanks for giving my doe Sail some company! ♥ tracking! c;
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Aw no, thank you! &hearts;

Aw no, thank you! ♥ Cassie's been itching to play all morning. c:
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congrats for the new baby!

congrats for the new baby! <3 <3 and don't be so worried, just take good care of the little fawn and give her a lot of love and everything will be perfect


(edit::I think yesterday I pressed save before I finished writing)

I'm so sorry for your sister, if you need help with the little fawn or some company during this time just let me know. You can count on Kío for anything. <3
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I'd love to have my sophia

I'd love to have my sophia meet her sometime ^^
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@HolyMaria: Aw, thanks!

@HolyMaria: Aw, thanks! ♥ Cassie just needs some time to settle, but resting with her friends always helps. Kio is very sweet! :3

@OrinocoFlow: Sophia seems cool! I absolutely love her design. ♥ I'd love for Cassie to meet her sometime. c:
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I know how much you love

I know how much you love romping around
I'll watch nunki while you play


[edit] oh I'm sorry, I didn't want to get too close to you both, I was having keyboard issues hehe.

ps. I stood with nunki after you all went, I didn't wanted to left her alone :3 she's so little
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Thankies for the funnnnn

Thankies for the funnnnn today Eye
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