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Here at iCSS Commissions, I'm going to try to help you come up with some nifty layouts for your characters. I will only be able to provide coding and basic graphics, but if that's all you need I'm here for you! So take a look below at the coding packages and pick one that suits your needs.

If you'd like an entire layout made for you including artwork, visit Shi and I at Ireshi Productions
If you're just interested in some epic arts, visit Shi at Shi's Commissions

Coding Packages
Simplistic CSS - $5-10
  • Basic customized frame including unlimited expanding boxes of your choice (updates, bio, etc), with hidden scrollbar boxes (max 2), text-based headers
  • Can include customized simple bullets and buttons
  • Can include text-based hovers (max. 3)
  • Examples: one
Medium customization - $10-15
  • All of the above plus the following...
  • Unlimited hidden scrollbar boxes, graphic-based headers/dividers
  • Can include a customized nameplate of your deer (Examples: one, two, three)
  • Can include unlimited text-based hovers (within reason) OR customized hovers (max. 3)
  • Examples: one, two, three
Complex customization - $15-20+
  • All of the above plus the following...
  • Customized pages including full background art, and/or other unique options we can discuss!
  • Can include customized comment backgrounds
  • Can include unlimited customized hovers (within reason)
  • Can include customized 'sidebar' for TEF links
  • Examples: one, two
Minimalistic - $5
  • A clean, minimalistic layout for your character
  • Will likely involve only one table or div with one or two defining features
  • Examples:

Templates - $10-15+
  • A reusable template that you can use on multiple characters
  • Will likely be more simplistic, though this depends largely on the customer's level of coding knowledge
  • Price will again, depend largely on how complex you want the layout to be
  • Examples: iCSS Productions, two

Custom Build - $?
  • If you don't see anything you'd like on this page, feel free to email me with your idea and we can come up with something
  • I'm willing to work with you to create whatever visionary and creative piece you've got in mind! Whether it involves something completely unlike any layout ever seen or it's a commission for something other than a character biography, just shoot me your ideas. I'm always up for a coding challenge!

+$2-5: Filling in; if you want me to transfer all your character info to your new bio so you don't have to do the tedious work / format it yourself I can do so for you!

$2-5: Edits; any edits you would like after I've already finished a layout, includes editing templates for you as well as switching out images for 'fitted' layouts (like this)

How to order
  • If you’re interested in ordering, please email me with your details at toeboeookami[at]gmail.com and let me know which coding package you're interested in.
  • From here we can discuss what you want to see (colour scheme, layout, CSS goody extras) and a rough sketch will be produced.
  • After you approve of the rough sketch, I will wait for payment.
  • After payment is received I will work through the layout. It would be extremely helpful if you provided a messenger contact as I tend to ask questions about the 'little things' and it goes a lot faster if I can contact you through IM!
  • When I'm done the layout all the coding will be emailed to you in a text file that you can then copy and paste into your character's bio.

1. Baal [Benedict] custom build

NOTE: Currently closed as I am away in Russia for a week. :B

Johan - Custom build [med-complex] Dinamo - Custom build [complex+] Jaw Boy - Medium customization
Benedict - Custom build [med-complex]

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Cheeky bump. :B

Cheeky bump. :B
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Stalking. :3c

Stalking. :3c
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Wahoo, done with Dinamo's

Wahoo, done with Dinamo's quick request. Slot 2 is open for business!

Tracking this for dah future.

Tracking this for dah future.
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Thanks for the tracks guyz.

Thanks for the tracks guyz. :B

And yet another commish done, slot two is up for grabbies!
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Could I make a grab at slot

Could I make a grab at slot two? :]
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Yeshums, shoot me an email!

Yeshums, shoot me an email! :B
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Email sent. :3

Email sent. :3
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Just a whee ol' bump for slot

Just a whee ol' bump for slot 2's sake. :B



a track: for any spots that

a track: for any spots that open
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Tracking for future

Tracking for future commission <3
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Definitely Tracking.
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I welcome you with open arms to stay away from me