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*28/06/2012 - Updated age. Now a young adult, or very late adolescent.

Hover here for Disclaimers. This bio may contain:
- Strong language / cussing, violence / mild literary gore, very mild sexual implications in a tasteful and discreet manner.

Track / read at your own discretion.

"Hey there.. it's good to have some company."
P - llllllllllllllllllll | llllllllllllllllllll - M
Feeling lethargic, a little distracted. More at ease, still cold.

Recently: Noticed Ravus and Geisha by the playground with Oura and went over; met Oura with nuzzles and a pelt spell to the face. That'll teach her. B) Noticed Idelle off in the distance alone and decided to give her some company. Played around with her briefly, dozed off for a bit after and woke up again in a peacock pelt. More goofing, and more sleeping. Woke up to Isiel and Johan, greeted Isiel and snuggled up close to Jo to keep him warm. Got up again and invited Charlie over when she too joined. Comfortably resting with the three does and fawn.

Name . Daikon
Nicknames . Prince | Brat | Squirt | Little-Wig
Sex . Buck, male
Age . Late adolescence, early adulthood (Born 12/06/2011)
Species . Red Deer (25%) x Whitetail (25%) x Marsh Deer (50%)
Size Ref . [ #6 ]
Status . Single, no offspring
Orientation . Hetero
Scent . Undecided
Speech . "Talks like this."
Voice . Max
Set . Beluga pelt - Deer mask - Default antlers (growing)
Personality . Cocky, risk-taker, inherently good in nature but often finds himself in trouble. A show off for the ladies. Egotistical, minor Napoleon complex. Extreme dislike and distrust for felines, canines, or predatory-types. Secretly clingy.

Lucian Father, adored. | Dajhi Mother, adored.
Kusakage Aunt, distant. | Zacharias Adopted Uncle, adored. | Ephire Adopted Uncle, adored.
Krystal Adopted Aunt, adored. Missing? | Lady Bones Grandmother; gone. | Virgil Grandfather; deceased.

Corell Best friend, adored. | Ryuu Partner in crime ages ago. | Angeal New acquaintance, curiosity. | Kaoori New acquaintance, curiousity. | Ciel A friend; playmate, source of comfort, unspoken guidance.
Gehirn Allied to his late grandfather; Uncle-figure, looks up to. Growing respect as Daikon matures. | Herla Mated to Gehirn. Aunt-figure, will protect at all costs. | Johan Son of Gehirn and Herla, and brother to Leto; a cousin-figure and charge, will protect at all costs. | Leto Son of Gehirn and Herla, and brother to Johan; a cousin-figure and charge, will protect at all costs. | Cian A friend; enjoys sitting on.
Djinn Once his adopted sister. Has grown close to again in his father's absence, which he remains slightly guilty about. Currently unaware of her pregnancy. | Lucamo A friend; play mate and cuddle buddy. | Charlie A new friend; casual, warm company. | Fawn A little unsure of, but seems to like. Curious about.
Isiel A new friend; a relaxing and friendly presence. | Idelle A new friend; a source of play and open-mindeness. | Six | Haru | Urho
Ravus | Geisha | Phaios

North Feared, avoids.
Misako: [x]
Dajhi: [x]
Apeldille: [x]
Schutzgeist: [x]
Sighthoundlady: [x]
Veegamer: [x]
Jala Whey: [x]
Anjali: [x]

Daikon is a character and his thoughts / actions do not represent those of his player.

Top art by Jala Whey.
Bottom art by Sighthoundlady.
Art belongs to all its repected owners.
Original CSS by Unplugged, Shamiya, and Iskalo.
Size chart by Apeldille. Thank you all very much! <3

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/plops butt down right here

/plops butt down right here
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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*Rolls all over*

*Rolls all over*

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Trackity! 8D

Trackity! 8D
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*rubs all over this like a

*rubs all over this like a cat* Cool
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The link to his birth blog is

The link to his birth blog is broken D8
But eee, track!

By Leuvr
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Hello there!

Hello there!
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Thank you for the tracks guys

Thank you for the tracks guys <33
Appa: It is? ;___; aahhh howcanthatbe I checked it and everything
But okay, I'll take a look into it and try and fix it up ♥ ty!

edit: whoops, ninja'd by parrots xD helloo <3
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I'm likin these colors! Very

I'm likin these colors! Very earthy and natural.
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omnomnomnom &hearts;

omnomnomnom ♥
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Mis: mhm

Mis: mhm <3 it feels very calming and cozy to me.
Ooky: nomnomnomnom~ <3
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Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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So good to see Diakon back in

So good to see Diakon back in forest again. Tracking this of course. ^^
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GB: Thanks for the track

GB: Thanks for the track ^^
Sight: Yeah, I'm very, very excited to be on him in-forest haha <3 thank you ♥
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Ryuu met him once a while

Ryuu met him once a while back. They caused quite some mischief |D
I suppose this is just for future reference if they happen to meet again?
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oouu, sure XD as in,

oouu, sure XD as in, together, or versus one another? LOL who knows with these two.
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Together lolololol I forgot

Together lolololol I forgot who they were messing with but it was some older stag :'D
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Ohhh LOL yeah that sounds

Ohhh LOL yeah that sounds like him alright
Maybe they'll run into each other again |D <3
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Tracking <3
Daikon is Corell's best friend, btw (i feel weird saying that haha)
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:'D Poor Daikon. Rough night

:'D Poor Daikon. Rough night indeed.
He's met Eph a couple of times, btw. I think Eph would be his... something like an non-biological great uncle? I think.

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Hello Sir. :B

Hello Sir. :B
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Corell: Oh yes, of course ;;

Corell: Oh yes, of course ;; I can't believe I forgot her. Thank you <3
Apel: Ooh XD big uncle Eph. Sure, I'll put him in as an adopted uncle ^^ thanks!
Kimi: Haidere <3

I'll add those relations in next update.
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'a good luck around the

'a good luck around the area'.

... *giggle*
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asfhjkd you saw nothing

you saw nothing

Hikari should be in his

Hikari should be in his relations, but only if you want to add her
Tracking this as well
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okay &hearts; thanks for the

okay ♥ thanks for the track
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-sit- 83

-sit- 83
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This is a track to make sure

This is a track to make sure that his uncle can keep a close eye on his favourite nephew. ;D
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Aahh thanks guys ;___;

Aahh thanks guys ;___; <3
I have no idea what I'm doing and it's painfully obvious >___________>

Track c: - Can you give

Track c:


Can you give DotD pelt? I need it...
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Thanks for the track

Thanks for the track <3
Unfortunately I can't, I don't have the right viewer for it. ;;
I think Kirness and Snowsauria do though. You may be able to ask them for help. <3

ROFL..I feel so bad but

ROFL..I feel so bad but in-game I mistook him as a doe. ;w; /shame
Anyways, I'm so glad to see you have him now! Perfect chance to get to know him. c':
Trackalackin~ Digging this layout too. ♥
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LOL. Haha, that's okay xD and

LOL. Haha, that's okay xD and thank you <3
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Oh, haithere! |D

Oh, haithere! |D <3
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-butt scoots-

-butt scoots-
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-grabs onto and scoots with,

-grabs onto and scoots with, starts a buttscoot train- 8D
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Hehe awwww poor

Hehe awwww poor Dai...

*joins the train* >_>
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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Haha yes XD he's going to

Haha yes XD he's going to have a handful with these two, especially when he gets to start babysitting them when they're older. ^^
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Hello,Daikon! Tracking of

Hello,Daikon! Smiling

Tracking of this bio <3
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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Oh, hello ^^ Your fawn is

Oh, hello ^^ Your fawn is adorable, and very polite <3 it was a pleasure to meet both of you.

Ooooh his voice owo I used to

Ooooh his voice owo I used to watch that movie religiously when I was little xD
Track~ C:
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XD I regret to say..

XD I regret to say.. shamefully... ;---; that I've never seen that movie.
It's on my to do list, I promise! But Vee gave him that voice and I thought it suited him, so I kept it. ^^

Thank yoouu~ :'D <3
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Bwhaha that little peacocking

Bwhaha that little peacocking session was fun xD I wished I could have stayed longer but another player was expecting me.
And you were the only one I recgonized in the whole thing,besides Ozzie xD

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Yesss that was fun 8D And

Yesss that was fun 8D
And that's okay ^^ It was good to have you there while it lasted.
Herla, Gehirn, Sterre, Saanra's OOC, and Kagami were there too.
Then you and Ozzie of course XD and one of Apeldille's deer.

Apeldille's deer was

Apeldille's deer was Apeldeer. Her OOC.
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ooh okay xD Well that's easy

ooh okay xD
Well that's easy to remember at least |D
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No problem!

No problem!