Urho, reborn

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Basic Info
Name: Urho
Gender: Bull
Age: Approx. 170 years
Species: Unknown, built as a moose
Measurements: Size number 5
Voice: Skull mask, does not speak
Pictogram: 1HZl5 or Ecj7
Diet: Omnivore

- Still and quiet, dislikes speech, never answers with words
- Friendly, he will come to those who are lonely or sad
- Enjoys helping smaller critters around, sitting on his back
- Loyal, will follow anyone to the end who is in need
- Loves taking baths in the pond, smells awful afterwards
- Only fights if needed be, for protection and defense

In-game set: Brown real-deer/Brown +cream belly pelt, Kirin/ram antlers, Skull mask.
A Body of a moose, tail that of a troll, mane and skull those of a horse, tongue of a serpent, and beard and horns of a goat. In wintertimes the fur grows thicker and darker, almost black. In summertimes he sheds the thick, blackish fur and a smooth, milkchocolate colored pelt covers the muscular beast. No eyesight (having no eyes) but elevated hearing and smelling, and he mooes from his deep throat. Has a scent of wet pine and mud, the forest after a rain.

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What a sweet, noble fellow

What a sweet, noble fellow<3
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Thank you &hearts; I swore

Thank you ♥
I swore before not to remake his bio again, yet I did...

Nice css~ This guy is nice.

Nice css~

This guy is nice. Would like to meet him sometimes in the forest :3

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Currently I have no TEF

Currently I have no TEF installed actually ;_; I'm on a mac, and bootcamp doesn't work, but hopefully I'll get it fixed soon!

*cough* Tracking. C:

*cough* Tracking. C:

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:3 &hearts;

:3 ♥
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Ohai. &hearts;

Ohai. ♥
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Hai thur :3

Hai thur :3

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Beautiful design.

Oh! He's lovely! must track!

Oh! He's lovely! must track!

So..handsome. All of this,

All of this, wow.

♥ I wanna meet him.
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Ohh thank you all!! :'DD Made

Ohh thank you all!! :'DD Made me happy ^^

I miss the forest SO MUCH. Must buy a pc soon so I can play again ♥ Would love to meet you guys ((:
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-Track- Smiling
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Stalkity stalk stalk ;D

Stalkity stalk stalk ;D
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Yäääy I has stalkers!!! C;

Yäääy I has stalkers!!! C;