-Sektry- [-Blessed by Aries-]

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"Another like me, linked to the stars!"

Found Ravenflight in the forest, keeping another doe company who didn't seem to be feeling well. Sat with them until Ravenflight left, soon finding the other doe awake. Was lead to a tree, where she learned that the doe was called Sterre, and that the tree was very significant to her. The two ended up talking about their histories, with Sektry learning that Sterre is indeed very much like her - another associated with the stars. Was made very happy about this. The two ended up having a race for the fun, Sektry being quite surprised at how fast the starry doe was.

Psyche: 100%
• Pleased. Quite excited about finding another she can associate with.

Physical: 100%
• Fit and fine.


Basic Information

Name: Sektry
Blessed by Aries

Gender: Doe, Female
Age: Adult, exact age not verified.
Species: Arian deer. Exact species unknown.
Voice: Currently undecided.
Speaking text colour: Bright, reddish orange.
Loves: None

"Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live... at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin' to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM! ."

Endless Forest Set: Secretary Mask + Secretary Pelt + Argus (key) Antlers

• Is currently uninformed about just about everything and everyone in the forest
• Can sometimes be mistaken for a stag
• Thinks fawns are pretty neat.
• Has a bulky, strong build.
• Her mask is actually a helm. Though it lacks any sort of eyeholes, she is still able to see the world around her somehow.


Stubborn as a ram, and quite bold to boot, Sektry will more often than not take on any challenge presented to her. This also means never giving up in a fight against an adversary. And she has the right balance of speed, strength and smarts to prove a formiddable opponent. She doens't abuse this, though, and sees herself as a sort of enforcer or peacekeeper. She'll only fight if she really has to, such as when a friend or innocent deer is being threatened. This ties in with her philosophy of antlers first, ask questions later, a means by which she tends to try and solve most conflicts. This can sometimes end up going awry, though, and may end up in Sektry holding a grudge against another (something that comes fairly easy to her).

Sektry isn't all about aggression, though. She's fond of the peace of the forest, and if she's not in the company of other deer, she'll be sitting somewhere quietly, or having a spirited run through the forest. Despite her quickly flaring temper, she is easy-going most of the time and enjoys a romp or a bit of forest fun. she is not above a bit of joking around, either. She tries her best to be fair, and will give another the benefit of the doubt until they perhaps prove themselves to be untrustworthy. She has limited patience for troublemakers, though can be quite forgiving if she feels like it.

Having strong leadership instincts, Sektry would normally prefer to lead than be lead, though there are times when she feel it is indeed necessary to follow. Sektry will gladly lay down her life for loved ones.


(STORY WILL BE REWORKED AS I SEE FIT. I know, it's not the best I could come up with, but I needed a basic guideline-thinger for the basics of her history. Bear with me, I am a terrible writer. Other things are slated to change as I see fit, too.)

Born when the sun entered the Aries constellation, Sektry was one of a few who had been blessed by the spirit of the constellation. Her blessing? Great combat prowess, strength on par with that of the best of stags, and ram-like traits, signifying the spirit whose blessing she recieved. Upon reaching the age of 3 years, she was taken away, with others like her, for training, learning to harness her gift to the best of her ability. She would return in another 3 years, her training completed, to guard her herd.

However, Aries had other plans for her.

About 3 years after her full training, she one day found herself in a strange forest, away from anything and everything she knew. Confused, she began exploring, and came across more deer. These deer, however, were unlike anything she had seen before. They wore strange, but beautiful pelts. Antlers like she had never seen before adorned their heads, and they wore masks upon their flat faces. And as she walked, exploring this strange place, she came upon a large pond. She nearly jumped as she noticed the reflection in the pond. Her reflection.

She had changed drastically in appearance. And she had no doubt that it was Aries' doing. But she knew Aries put her in this strange forest for a reason. However, she is unsure what that reason may be.


Art things will come later. I'm lazy.


Friends and acquaintances

Ravenflight (acquaintance, growing friendship)

This doe was one of the first deer that Sektry found company with. She enjoys her company, and sees Ravenflight as very knowledgeable of the forest. Sektry is eager to learn more about her and the forest.

Ephire (acquaintance)

This quiet stag was another of the first deer that Sektry truly found company in. Though he doesn't say much, Sektry feels rather relaxed around him. Sektry is quite curious about him.

Darcy (acquaintance)

Darcy is another of Sektry's first acquaintances. She was highly amused with his playful antics around a nearby group of fawns when they first met. Sektry is also curious about him


Sektry was at first a little daunted by this stag, not because of his size, but because she thought that he was Ravenflight's mate, and thought they wanted some time alone (she still thinks this because no one has informed her about who is with who yet). She steadily got more relaxed around him, though, and would gladly like to know him better.

Herla (acquaintance)

Sektry met Herla through Gehirn one day, and is currently under the impression that they are siblings (silly derp). She is curious about Herla.

Ciel (acquaintance, adores)

Sektry met this adorable mini fawn when he was hanging around Herla and Gehirn. Dotes over how adorable and tiny he is, and though not her own, feels rather protective over him.

Trees (acquaintance)

Sektry does not know much about this doe at the moment.


None as of yet

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We are so sorry, hun. Herla and I. We would never have ignored her on purpose. Herla likes Sektry.

It's alright. I assume she

It's alright. I assume she isn't the most recognizable when wearing the Zombie set (which Sektry will probably add to her mental list of why-she-hates-wearing-the-zombie-set).

Hopefully the two can meet up again and resolve the little misunderstanding. It would make Sektry infinitely happy. c:
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Tracking <3 Ciel adores Sektry.

Sektry cannot help but dote

Sektry cannot help but dote over Ciel. He's so adorable. c:
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