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: 02/16/13 (Going to have to sit down with his relationship sections again soon. /broken record)

: Furious, protective, concerned -
: Battered and bruised, several puncture wounds to his chest and sides, bleeding

: I am so sorry, Kaoori. / This family is done with demons.
: Went for a jog to clear his mind of recent happenings, of Kaoori's wounds obtained from trying to retrieve a kidnapped fawn, of Takeshi attempting to sell his soul to a devil and the fight that he had with him thereafter.

Heard Kaoori scream and rushed to the source of the sound to find Osias digging a tine into her chest. Charged the Soul Dealer, causing him to lose his footing and grip on Kaoori in the process. Was soon informed of the nature of the encounter and that Osias had no intention of holding his end of their bargain for any longer now that his soul was no longer in his possession. Was permanently stripped of his enhanced strength, speed, and regenerative abilities. Once again charged the bull with every intention of killing him. A lengthy battle ensued until Osias was no longer able to hold onto a corporeal form. Told him that he never needed his "gifts" and watched as his body disintegrated before him.

Quickly turned his attention to Kaoori. Concerned and frustrated that he hadn't been there sooner, but Kaoori seemed more concerned about her friend Bartemius, whose soul she had also taken from Osias. Realized that he was likely suffering the same fate and left to find him. Soon found the black hart dying in a pool of his own blood. Left him with his mate before running off to find Noelle. Met the silver doe halfway, quickly informing her of the situation at hand. Was instructed to fill a bladder with water from the crying idol and meet her back at the ruins. Did as he was told and returned to Kaoori and Bartemius, remaining on guard as Noelle went to work.

~If you would like to roleplay with Wesker, you may do so here~

: Wesker
: Bull, male, ♂
: Adult
: TEF Deer | Elk (17)
: X
Official Color
: #E55B3C

Arrogant / Charismatic / Collected / Confident / Cunning / Dominant / Extraordinary / Father
Fiery / Honest / Intelligent / Intimidating / Murderer / Ominous / Possessive / Protective / Proud
Restored soul / Secretive / Selfish / Sensual / Stubborn / Unnerving / Vigilant / Vindictive


Wesker is a powerful individual and his frame speaks of his strength. In fact, his build is most similar to that of a bull elk. Well built and muscular, he is taller than most deer and is, in many ways, intimidating. His antlers, which are bleached as white as old bone, are large and elaborate, twisting with tines that are both intriguing and deadly. Much like these weapons, his hide is entirely monotone in appearance, brilliant white bones on an otherwise black canvas; his Deer of the Dead pelt lacks the blue and green markings that may be found on some of the forest's other inhabitants. It is also worth noting that his eyes, once a hazy green-gray, are now gold-red and cat-like. They are often visible through the sockets of the skull that he so often wears as a mask.

DotD pelt | Zombie mask | Real deer antlers


Wesker is very particular as to where he spends most of his time. He may often be found on the largest rock in the playground, as it has played an important role in his existence, coming to symbolize both life and death. He is also fond of the altar in the ruins, having claimed it as his own. He considers the area around the ruins and its rolling hills his home.

Immediate Family

Kaoori Mate, closest friend and confidant. May often be found in her company and would go to great lengths to ensure her safety. His starry sky, and the only individual in the forest that can tame his fire bright eyes. Mated since 10/09/09
Takeshi Son, born on 03/02/10. Butts heads with him on occasion, but is proud of the stag that he has become. Often trusts the family in his care
Ochiba Daughter-in-law, Takeshi's mate. Admires her determination, but only tolerates some of her more abrasive traits for his son's sake
Ichiro Grandson, Takeshi and Ochiba's firstborn. Sees a lot of his own son in the boy
Hoshiko Daughter, miscarried in the spring of 2010, but no less important than any of his other children. Frequently visits her grave marker in the ruins
Kari Daughter, born on 01/30/11. Respects her as one of the more independent members of his family, but still tries to be there for her should she need him
Seifer Youngest son, born on 05/13/12
Reira Youngest daughter, born on 05/13/12

Katsutoshi Father-in-law, disowned for his mistreatment of Kaoori. Fought with and defeated him in the mountains in Japan's Hokkaido
Sayako Mother-in-law, never met
Umi Sister-in-law, unknown to Kaoori and himself

Adopted Family

Noelle Sister. Trusted with secrets and occasional bouts of silliness. Respects and is protective of despite their time apart
Saosin Brother, another whose company he truly enjoys, be it in the form of spars or casual conversation. Respects as if they were bound by blood
Aleit Nephew through Kaoori, distant but respected. Remembers sparring with him in the past
Zorn Nephew, Fay and Chrona's son. Has yet to meet

Tilwith Daughter
Sinistral Daughter. Knows very little about the skittish doe
Amazon Daughter
Tatata Son
Ghost Son, Nightmare's son by blood
Revtheyr Son

Yorres Father-in-law
Mystress Mother-in-law
Fay Sister-in-law
Tally Sister-in-law
Amary Sister-in-law
Jettem Sister-in-law
Aurora Sister-in-law
Wyvern Sister-in-law
Esll Brother-in-law, Noelle's mate. Looks out for and respects, so long as he is good to Kaoori and Noelle
Vipin Brother-in-law
Quad Brother-in-law

Additional Relationships

Nine Friend, not unlike a son. Whereabouts unknown
Bylah Deeply respected acquaintance
Felicity Distant friend, better known as Rumba to the bull. Enjoyed her quiet company, but later struggled with her feelings for him. Currently out of touch with
Terrant ?, best friend before the highland gazelle's death. A work-in-progress once more
Tyerk Friend, taken by the Twin Gods. An early reminder of loss and conflict with the forest's deities
Asbjørn Friend, another doe that sought his heart at a time. Respected her independence and temperament. Whereabouts unknown
Lady Bones A work-in-progress

Ren Enemy
Akuji Wary of
Vasla Wary of
Osias Former client of. Sold his soul to the demon in exchange for enhanced strength, speed, and regenerative abilities; said soul was later returned to him by Kaoori. Wary of for his mate's sake
Azazel Enemy
Israfel Wary of
Walter Enemy, responsible for the death of his daughter and several attacks on his mate. Has taken the life of once and will not hesitate to do so again
The Priest Enemy
Darkweaver Nemesis, his murderer. Allowed the Irish Elk to kill him in order to fake his death and seal a deal with Osias. A rivalry that continues until this very day

Ferin Acquaintance, Ryuu's father
Ryuu Acquaintance
Lacie Acquaintance
Draak Acquaintance
Vivian Acquaintance
Phaios Acquaintance
Corvus Acquaintance
Toukan Acquaintance
Melinoe Acquaintance
Ourania Acquaintance
Archelius Acquaintance
Amadahy Acquaintance
Nightmare Brother figure
Leviathann Acquaintance
Mr.Sanguine Acquaintance
Zergarikiaka Acquaintance

Inspiration drawn from Resident Evil's Albert Wesker.
Character design by Scythe. Image by J!n. Coding by Sianna.
All actions are in-character. Wesker does not represent his player.
If you would like to speak with me for whatever reason, you may contact me privately via email or MSN. My Windows Live ID is delfincruzado@hotmail.com.

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tracking on this account and

tracking on this account and Kaoori's when i get back on there :B
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Totally tracking!

Totally tracking!
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totes trackin' *buttnuzzles*

totes trackin'


Definitely tracking! Love the

Definitely tracking!
Love the music~ ♥
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Daily entries? dfasdfas

Daily entries? dfasdfas
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♥ I've always

I've always wondered about him, you know.
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Track I like Wesker. Rarely


I like Wesker. Rarely get the chance to hang out with him though.



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New bio? Looks better then

New bio?
Looks better then the old one. Shame Felicity's not on it.
Oh well, doesn't really matter, she's dead anyway.
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Track. :3

Track. :3
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what is this I don't

what is this I don't even..
*stalks* <3
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Many thanks for all of the

Many thanks for all of the tracks. They are very much appreciated.

Kaoori: *umbrella noise, elk style* ...

Verycrazygirl: I believe that is due, at least in part, to our time zones. I live in the US, while you live in the UK, and work and other obligations prevent me from signing on any earlier than 8 pm on most days. Perhaps we can work on that, though.

Snail: I am glad that you approve of the new profile. I did not have a chance to finish it last night and I figured that I would forget some things. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I hope to receive additional feedback on this blog entry, as well as on individual profiles as I continue to (re)post them.

It is a shame that you keep killing off all of your characters, though. I rather liked Rumba/Felicity, as did Wesker and Seth.
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We'll see, it'd be nice.

We'll see, it'd be nice. ^^
We remember a lot about you, if I remember correctly, a very old friend used to call Wesker something along the lines of Jojo..? I'm not sure, it's been a very long time now. Maybe I'll ask them someday.

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True, true, but she was me in

True, true, but she was me in a way.
Well, in everything I guess. Here's her 'letter' to Wesker. o
Don't worry about it, she can just be a faded memory. Haha.
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Verycrazygirl: Jojo? That is

Verycrazygirl: Jojo? That is news to me. I am curious as to whether this person addressed him as such before or after I had revealed him on the community site. I am also wondering if I know this person. I have a feeling that I might.

Snail: I actually just read that. Thank you for sharing.

I will add her to his profile when I get home from work today. I may occasionally forget things as Wesker's player, but she will always be more than a memory.
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I'm not sure, I'll look into

I'm not sure, I'll look into it for ya.
I think you know them by deer not by player...

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Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the (enthusiastic and most entertaining) tracks.

Verycrazygirl: I think so, too, unless you count the few times that I may have spoken to them on deviantART... Haha, I just don't want to publically guess who this person is, to avoid sounding like a dork.
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Lawl, I'm just having too

Lawl, I'm just having too much fun being all ~mysterious~ hehe. xD *Silly*

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*sneaks* >> >

*sneaks* >> << >>
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It would seem I'm not the

It would seem I'm not the only one to 'floof' here... dear.

(I got bored |D)

(I got bored |D)
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And now I shall track

And now I shall track 8D


Edit - ROFL, I just saw Lacie listed under Wesker's relationships section. I'm so vain, pointing stuff like that out whenever I see it. And I keep smiling like a goof. ffffff
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I was wrong, he called

I was wrong, he called Wesker: Con.

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Pegasicorn: I see what you

Pegasicorn: I see what you did there.

Kaoori: Steal my lines now, won't you?

Renoir: I have, and he is in better shape than your tone would suggest. Tell me, Renoir. Are you proud of yourself? Picking on deer that are half your age? Does it satisfy your ego? After having lost to me, of course.

I will tell you what. Take out your temper on me next time, for if I find that you have hurt my family again, you will no longer have any teeth to smirk with.

OokamiAzura: There is no reason to feel vain. Her name is there for a reason. And smiling like a goof is always welcome here.

Verycrazygirl: Con... Probably because his pictogram looks something like prison bars, or so I've been told. This wouldn't happen to be Terrant's player that you're talking about, would it? Sorry, I guess that I will be the one to kill the suspense, or to sound like a dork. One or the other.
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Yep! And that's her exact

Yep! And that's her exact description. : D

Sorry for being a little daft with the suspense thing. x3

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Oh, but you've stolen so much

Oh, but you've stolen so much more from me~

"Of course I am. You make it

"Of course I am. You make it sound like it's a bad thing...It's just a little discipline. I'm putting them in their place for thinking that they can possibly stand a chance against me, that kid of yours should learn not to be a hero. There's also a feeling of gratification when you feel their bones crack and their flesh tear so easily. Especially when you know they're related to someone you despise. When you know it will bother them to see their loved ones in so much pain lying in a pool of their own blood....I find it rather satisfying....As for your win....you won't be so damn lucky next time."

"What's wrong? Am I making you upset by ripping the skin off your mate's back? Or crushing your son's ribcage in? All I'm doing is simply settling the score. Seems fair to me; you beat me, I go after them. You should have maybe reconsindered taking a mate, or you wouldn't be in this mess huh?"

"...Infact if I were you, I'd be careful with what you say and be rather thankful I haven't tried to turn your puny mate into a werewolf."

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"Sir, you are not alone - the

"Sir, you are not alone - the enemy is."

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*sneaks in* track *sneaks

*sneaks in* track *sneaks out* XDDD
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Kaoori: Oh, I have, have I?

Kaoori: Oh, I have, have I? Would you care to elaborate upon that? Dear?

Renoir: Round and round we go. You, my friend, are delusional. But I suppose that you would know about discipline. Now, if only I could teach an old dog a new trick. If you were any sort of proper...werewolf, was it? You'd come after me. Go on. Bite the hand that feeds you, for I know that you have never done such things to my family, nor will you ever have the chance to do so again. Besides, you must be starving. Let us put an end to this once and for all. Shall we?

Verycrazygirl: It is good to know that you and I share the same sentiments, Virgil.

Bayleen: Someone's being sneaky. XD Thank you for the track.
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I don't think I want to, in

I don't think I want to, in front of this audience~

Ahaha delusional? I just have

Ahaha delusional? I just have a different outlook on life compared to you lot of sticks in the mud.
Oh you'd like that wouldn't you Wesker? You want me to attack you. It's not that easy this time. And what makes you think I'd even take orders from you?
You must be so damn blind to not be able to see what I've done to your mate and kid. Are you in some stupid denial? Or do they have to be pegged up in some tree bleeding out before it registers in your mind?

(|D darn you Kaoori, taking the black background XD)
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Kaoori: This audience? That

Kaoori: This audience? That did not stop you last night.

Renoir: Just as I thought. Delusional. You have my warning, Renoir. It would be in your best interest to heed to it.
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*mutters something, curling

*mutters something, curling up and burying her flustered face in his fur*
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Very lovely layout you've got

Very lovely layout you've got going my dear <3 Love how it's all nice and Organized Laughing out loud

"Is mama doe going to be all right? I... haven't seen her in awhile papa..."

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"


AHAHAHAHAHA. And likewise...I'd be keeping an eye on certain deer if I were you...or else...they might have an accident...hahahahahahm.

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*fluffs the fur on his side,

*fluffs the fur on his side, curling up into a watermelon-ball for a nap*
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Graveyard: "Ah, Ghost. Your

Graveyard: "Ah, Ghost. Your mother will be just fine. I will see to that. It is just a matter of weeks now, and you will have a new sibling. I expect you to be on your best behavior, to set a good example."

Renoir: I believe that this is a good place to close their conversation for now, because I know that both of them are so very capable of continuing back and forth, back and forth. XD; It has been fun, though, and perhaps we can pick it up again some time either here or on MSN.

Kaoori: *smothers*

Veegamer: Thank you.

Hraeth: As long as she doesn't cast the peacock pelt and noh antlers again. Last night was hilarious. XD
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*smothered* Nnh~ ..think you

*smothered* Nnh~ ..think you have some cake on your mask.
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We are going to have to do

We are going to have to do something about this. *nod nod* Would you care to assist me?
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(ROFL oh God, these two.) I

(ROFL oh God, these two.)
I would. And I think I know how, too. Follow me?
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But the Noh and Peacock were

But the Noh and Peacock were the best, by far. ;u; xDD Last night was awesome.

Don't pop her, Wesker. :|
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"Mama doe going to bring me a

"Mama doe going to bring me a new brother or sister? I'll be good, very good! And teach them all the fun things like hopping and playing!"

[[ And he is obviously oblivious to certain things XD Too cute ]]

"Your efforts are insignificant! I carry you to your deaths!"
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Happy Birthday