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To be very clear you do not need to ask permission to interact with any of my characters in anyway. Friendly hellos or predatory attacks. All I ask is if the interaction is out of aggression make sure it's 100% in character and has no drama-lama out-of-character resentment behind it nor any intentions to manipulate me and those around me in some OOC manner, that's just rude people. If it's all in good humor and fun (no matter how dark rip) then that's a greenlight. With that said I think I may start playing the old way I use to since I can't keep up with everyone anymore anyway. If my characters, Gustiro in particular, become too much for you then you will have to contact me directly and I will put in more effort to avoid bugging you and your characters. Otherwise, Gustiro is going to be Gustiro and a pain in people's butts again. Well, maybe not as bad as he use to be, he is getting up there in age after all.

This loser just needs a overhaul. RIP

He seems to be having a bit of trouble remembering things. Hesitant when approached by someone he hasn't seen in a while because of it. Has fallen back into some old habits when Dinah Moon or his children aren't around.

Name: Gustiro

Alias: Gus

Pictogram: @

Sex: Bull / Masculine

Sexuality: Pansexual / Polygamous

Species: TEF deer / Alaskan Moose.

Size: #5 on Apeldille's Size Chart.

Favorite Spot: Fern Tree on the hill.

Biological family: Idelle (Daughter), Laurel (Daughter), Deus (Son)

Mate: Dinah Moon
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AliceV, Just want you to know

Just want you to know I have not forgotten about you. I am just too tired to make a sensible role play post right now. XD Will do so soon.

Those are very beautiful. I really like the affects the lighting seems to give. :3 Though I am having trouble seeing the third one?

Aw, well I guess it was a good thing then to have Gustiro rabbit to get stuck. XD

Yes. XD I guess not too long after. They napped some more then Sianna playing with Dinah Moon wound up close to them. Gustiro taunted at them and charged Sianna a couple of times before the fawn suddenly bunny-fide Gustiro. I was rather shocked to tell you the truth. I did not expect that at all!

Serendipity is another deer Gustiro has not seen in a while. :3 Gustiro was glad to see him but it is hard to express in rabbit form. lol I thought he would have followed. XD
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Seren was most pleased to see

Seren was most pleased to see Gustiro as well, fluffy and lapine though he was ( x
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Serendipity, lol Yes, I saw

lol Yes, I saw you looking around. I thought Serendipity might have been looking for Gustiro but was having trouble with him being small and sat on. lol So he had to go say hi even though he was still in hiding. ^~

Kheiron hesitated, wondering

Kheiron hesitated, wondering if he should even bother to answer if his words didn't get him anywhere. It felt like he was talking to a wall.
"I don't like you, dammit."
He shook his head. "See, you have plenty of does, while I don't even have guts nor strength to defend myself."
He sighed, "Unless it's my anger speaking... I'm sorry for that. My point is, I need her."

It's okay, take as much time

It's okay, take as much time as you want ;D

... i was in bed at that time anyways. yey, timezones 8D
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AliceV, Gustiro’s ears perked

Gustiro’s ears perked up once more as Jack began speaking again then his right gave a quick flick. He seemed uncertain exactly what Jack meant, what he wanted, how he should react.
Both ears flunk back then perked forward again. "No games?" It was a question born of uncertainy. Jack had not made it clear enough for him. His short answers, his simple words. Gustiro was not an idiot but there was certainly something missing within his eyes. Verbally his communication lacking.

Again Gustiro stared for a moment one ear folded back the other pointed towards Kheiron to catch his words. He was silent for a while, a considering look peeking through the eyes and mouth of the skull mask. Then suddenly his voice broke through.
He flicked the chin of the skull at Kheiron.
"You need…"
He trailed off as if thinking. Then soke simple, clipped words.
"Home. Safe. Family."
He then spoke as if Kheiron and he had an understanding though the other smaller stag may have been rather confused.
"Better large. Yes? Better never alone. Yes?"
Suddenly a heavy hoof hit the ground.
"You will come home."
And he turned leaving a conversation that was perhaps the most he spoke in one standing. He was off somewhere giving Kheiron but a single look back as if expecting him to follow.

hehe sorry, i just like

hehe sorry, i just like reading roleplays between people. o u o yesterday ming was trying to comfort gustiro since he had the zombie pelt on, i don't think i was translating that very well since gust kept running away hahaha.

-stalks tracks- c: Dunno why

-stalks tracks- c: Dunno why I wasn't stalking tracking this already. :'D


"T-Thank you for letting me sit with you and that other deer." Selruil murmured, her eyes downcast. "I'm sorry if I'm causing trouble for you."
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Parler, Oh, I do not mind. I

Oh, I do not mind. I was just trying to be funny.
Gustiro would not have been running from Ming. He was probably either still trying to get away from some deer or looking to go to a specific place to rest. He would have been more responsive if he had gotten where he was going or got away or such. Or I may have been being dense. lol
Also… who is the odd little fawn thing that does not like Gustiro near Ming? lol


The red bull simply looked down at the young fawn. His eyes and body quiet, relaxed while it was just the two of them and a sleeping Vodun. Gustiro could not fathom why the fawn assumed she was causing trouble. He drew comfort in any fawn’s company as he did with his companions. Though he did not question her and simply enjoyed the warmth by the other stag’s and the small fawn‘s sides.

hahaha yeah, i think a couple

hahaha yeah, i think a couple of deer were chasing him. i'm not sure though. oh, and that was deion. he's also kinda possessive over ming, who was trying to stop dei from fighting gustiro off. (x

@ Gustiro, :'D

@ Gustiro, :'D <3


Selruil pushed against the silent stag's side, watching him with mild interest from the corner of her eye. He was nothing like she'd be led to believe by Cadaver, and in all honesty his quiet comforting actions towards her were a relief. Illrose had assured her that none of the fighting between her adoptive father and Gustiro was her fault, but she needed to confirm that with another stag. Gustiro was the said stag. Yawning quietly, she rested her head on the stags legs, gently shoving her body between the sleeping Vodun and the red bull.
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Parler, lol Well, in fawn

lol Well, in fawn form Deion only confused Gustiro. Had he been an adult there would have been issues. That should be interesting in the future. XD

Aww, she looks so cute snug between Vodun and Gustiro. <3

c: I knoww.

c: I knoww. <3 So cute.

haha! deion likes to be in

haha! deion likes to be in his fawn form when ming's around, since he's a fawn. i think when ming grows into a buck things might get out of hand a few times.
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Parler, Oh heavens... When

Oh heavens... When Ming grows up Gustiro is likely to become possessive of him. At that point when Deion tries something in adult form all hell will break loose. lmbo That should be interesting. Hm... Has not Gustiro warned an adult Deion off before? I might be mistaken.

oh loooordy, that'll be

oh loooordy, that'll be hilarious. i don't think he has!

Jack tilted his head again,

Jack tilted his head again, the corners of his mout twitching up and down, as if he was fighting against another smile.
"oh... games... games are good... yes, yes.. I love playing games... heheh..." he nodded and giggled.

He already got that this stag in front of him was quite not... well... 'normal' in the common sense... probably a little dull?
... would explain a lot, actually... oh yes...
Thought... Jack did not really care about the possibly mental state of that skullhead, certainly not... he treated him like he would traet any other in this situation.

He started to smile again "Playing gamesis all fine, fine fine... oh yes, yes...." suddenly the smile vanished his voice darkened a bit "Just don't try to keep me away from others... or trea me like your property..." ...and there it was again, the smile and the friendlyness "For... example, yes...?"
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Strange. shows up perfectly

Strange. shows up perfectly for me...
I re-uploaded it..?
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I was sorry that I could not

I was sorry that I could not stay longer, t'was nice to see you again though.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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AliceV, Gustiro's ears

Gustiro's ears twitched as Jack corrected him, his eyes hard in consideration. Finally though he came to a conclusion. Whether it was the point that Jack wanted him to understand or not could not be determined, at least for today.
"Yes," he answered simply.

Now it works. It is lovely. Thank you. Your fawn is beautiful. : )

Gustiro answered with lightly pressing the muzzle of his skull against her shoulder affectionately.

((concerning recent events:

((concerning recent events: (bad language ahead)

"That was nothing to crow about, yes? I just wanted to kick somebodies ass... hehe and that moron came just at the right time... understand, dullhead?"

He would of coure never admit anything else... though he knew that this wasn't the entire truth. Of course, his mood was bad, and he was searching for trouble anyways...
... but he also didn't want to watch somebody else braking his newly descovered 'toy'.

of course, fff |D helping somebody does really not fit him.. but for some resons me and him felt like...

edit: okay i think i should speak the reasons clearly: i don't like unfair fights, and kicking when one is on the ground already*. I saw you playing the injuries but tieff not caring one bit.... that's not fair i think. (correct me if i am wrong)

...(*except it is something planned, right Jergy and ginger? 8D) ))

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The stags ears sagged more

The stags ears sagged more then anything at the side of his head, eyes barely held open behind the sockets of the skull around his face. Panting wafted from the openings in said skull. He was exhausted and his normally strong body trembled with the pain. Despite Jack's harsh words he moved close to the white stag and stuck to him like the fur stuck to his bloody hide.

( He has been getting saved by unlikely deer lately. So right now nothing surprises me. XD
Though Jack will have one hell of a time getting rid of Gustiro after this 'rescue' rather it was one or not. : 3
Of course, Tieff could just hate Gustiro that much? >>; )
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"Attacked in his sleep by

"Attacked in his sleep by Tieff."
Is that what happened? D: I looked away for two seconds and Gust was gone. I have such bad timing.

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Shaku, Yes. Very bad timing.

Yes. Very bad timing. lol We are still in the forest. Gustiro wont be moving around too much for a while. I wonder if I should keep him out of the forest for a few days. Just to give him time to heal up unless I want a dead character. :/

Ryff and I found him in the

Ryff and I found him in the forest, and since he was wearing the zombie pelt I said, "What did he do THIS time?" lol, I came here for answers and got them. *pets Gustiro and scolds Tieff*

edit; unlikely deer heroes are common around here. lol

Jack snorted, giving out a

Jack snorted, giving out a growling noise. "I slowly get the...the feeling you are really.. stupid, kno that...?" He slightly bumped the flank of the strongly wounded stag... obviously not caring if that could cause pain or not...
... well probably he was caring... in th eway that it certainly would cause pain.

That was his way of dealing with situations like this...
... unless it would be his sister that was wounded.

(in my opinion you could have stopped th ewhole thing at a certain poitn and go OT.
Fights till death ar someting that are only 'allowed' in agreemend between the two player... yes... =/

But it honors you to be such a fair player. srsly, can't tel lyou how much i value behaviour like yours.

edit: damn.. i wrote 'srsly' agan |D do that all the time recently.eew.

edit2: have to go to bed now.. evil work tomorrow... cya and take care ,o/

edit3: (yes i amdone now) and it thought that gustro would be a little... sticky the next days xD.. don't be offended when jack won't approve anymore very soon xD)
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Vo would come after Gust, but

Vo would come after Gust, but we're about to go eat Thai food and cake! If you're still on later, I'll track you down~

Vodun would be a sad stag if you did, but I would totally understand.

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Thank you. I'm glad you like

Thank you. I'm glad you like it. :]

comment for trackage edit:

comment for trackage

edit: HEY!!! that drawing is so terrible and old :b i had no clue you put it up xD
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Tieff is a very unfair

Tieff is a very unfair fighter. Sometimes it gets so ridiculous I just stop taking him seriously. The player doesn't know when to call it quits. I don't think it's because he hates Gustiro. Tieff just likes to harass people when he feels like it, which happens to be more frequently than should be allowed. :|

I agree with Fincayra, Gust.

I agree with Fincayra, Gust. :| Attacking someone in their sleep is extremely unfair, and I feel for Gustiro. D: I admire you for lowering his stats so much, but maybe its time to ignore him if he isn't going to let Gustie fight back.

Props to Jack and the unknown savior's players though. Major, major props.

Either way, I have a deer [Casstiel: noh pelt, antlers and real deer mask] with Gustiro and... Joro? right now to keep an eye on things. Please let him hang around if Gustiro is going to be in the forest. Selruil would hate to see him dead, as would I. D: I'm attached. <3
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Ryff, Oh, the usual. Getting

Oh, the usual. Getting his butt kicked for being an idiot.

Gustiro echoed the snort as Jack spoke which turned into a grunt as Jack bumped him. He flinched at the pain of it but did not draw away. Instead he sunk against the ground and dropped his chin to the drip.

( Oh, I know. Though with a character like Gustiro who not only fights all the time but practically starts them though he realizes he is the one in the wrong or not there should be a little risk I think. And technically if I allow my character to be killed by my word on that day that is sort of permission, right? He can not make Gustiro die forcefully but I may allow him to die if I feel he has been hurt enough without any heal time. Though I much rather not let him die just yet.

And I do not expect any deer to accept Gustiro all the time or at all, really. However Gustiro may think he should have the right to and does try his best to get near some deer. lol It is hard to get rid of Gustiro once he likes you. Ask Fincayra’s Eli character. He has been trying to get rid of Gustiro for a long time now. lol

Thank you very much, AliceV. Sleep good. ( : )

No problem. Enjoy your food. : )
And I do not think it will come down to that. At the very least not any time soon.

I have played with Tieff and I knew he started out very poorly. Gustiro and I even attepted to help learn him a bit. I had thought he was getting better recently? I could be wrong though. I figured this attack may have had something to do with Sianna since he gets along with Sianna and Gustiro attacked her last time. Again I could be completely wrong. XD

I do not mind the attacking in his sleep and unfairness as long as it is in character and others understand I will not take damage unless I see it for my own eyes. If I am away from the computer it just out of characterly is not fair and wont count in my book.
Also, is yours the white mini or the orange one? The big white one laying with Gustiro is Dinah Moon. : )
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She returned the nuzzle

She returned the nuzzle affectionately as well. The skull mask was curious. Bones were such a strange thing to touch, she felt. Perhaps because no one really touches bones that often.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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Oh, it's been a major

Oh, it's been a major improvement. I remember when he ran around harassing other players in the typical RD style some months back. There are still some issues that need to be worked on with him, but I hope they can be resolved to make Tieff a more enjoyable character. :3

I have my characters interact with Tieff like any normal deer, but when he starts attacking and doesn't stop, I don't take him seriously anymore.
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Selruil, …Oh. You told me

…Oh. You told me which you were. XD I need to get more catch up sleep after that week of work. :/

A low rumble escapes the bull’s throat as he lays his head across her back. He does not rest his full weight upon her but it was enough to make him content.

Oh, I remember. Gustiro ended up befriending him just to keep him occupied. The whole aggressive affection thing started that way. Gustiro allowed him to fight with him and we tried to show him when enough was enough. That was the hard part. I do not think he understands how to step back and judge if you should pull back on account of a character's behavior. There are some small hints you can pick up on that is more the player behind the deer.
Then again I must admit I think I over do it at times as well. Problem with me is I enjoy long fights and I have to figure out who does and who does not enjoy it along with me. Having people airsitting when they had enough has worked wonders I think. It does not happen often but when it does I know when to pull Gustiro off. Come to think of it I probably should move that detail from the behavioral / original thread onto the biography in plain sight. Just in case. :3
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She shifts her back a little

She shifts her back a little to allow him to lay his head there more comfortably. "Are you tired?" She asks.

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO

@ Gustiro, :'D

@ Gustiro, :'D <3 No worries, petal. Catch some z's, alright?

And either way, Casstiel still has his eyes peeled for Gustiro. (:
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The fawn leans her head

The fawn leans her head against Gustiro's shoulder gently. "It's okay, Big Brother. I'll wake you up if he comes back. Rest!"
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Now Illrose will feel really

Now Illrose will feel really bad she wasn't there to protect him when he was attacked. D: *hate on the timezones*
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ShadowsofLight, He layed his

He layed his head down a little more heavily, eyes sliding shut. "Tired," came a rustic, murmured answer.

The bull breathed raggedly as he sat in the long grass of the birch his body soaked in sweat and smears of blood. He was still tense from the most recent attack but it was not long before his weary head sagged and soon rested upon the ground propped at an angle by one hefty antler. Constantly on the alert even with a few deer to stand guard for the long, painful day he finally found himself unable to keep his eyes open. At least finding a little security within the watchful eyes of his young companion and the blue stag that stood watch not far off. Though Phaios body was small her warmth and quiet voice lulled him further into slumber.

Aw, Illrose. XD

Heading to bed finally. Thank you all for an interesting day. From dress up funny business town to drama city. X3
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Fff, I shouldn't play games

Fff, I shouldn't play games at the same time I play TEF. I missed his goodbye ;u;
G'night, then ♥

Hrm. Thought I was tracking

Hrm. Thought I was tracking this.
Ah well, now I am. (:

Hm yes you are right.. in the

Hm yes you are right.. in the end you have the last word on your character....yes...
...though.. please... if you ever decide to let him die... please don't let be tieff the one... =/ *personal opinion yes*

Hm well i guess jack would it just accept then and gladly use him as a punching bag than at times... |D ...like his sister....
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Very well. It wont be Tieff.

Very well. It wont be Tieff. I am beginning to think a lot of people would be angry with me if I let Tieff kill Gustiro. XD

And Gustiro probably would not mind. For a short while Jack was teetering on a fine line between what Gustiro would end up perceiving him as. But after the whole Tieff thing, whether it was a more out of character thing for Jack or not, Gustiro will be attached to him enough for Jack to be able to do a lot to him. I mean look at what Sianna has done to him and Gustiro still has not fully broke ties with her. XD
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Gustiro wrote:Very well. It

Gustiro wrote:
Very well. It wont be Tieff. I am beginning to think a lot of people would be angry with me if I let Tieff kill Gustiro. XD

I know I would. :U
Heck.. I'd be PO'd if you killed him off no matter who is responsible.
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Fincayra, Hey, I am not

Hey, I am not planning on it any time soon. It could be a few years. D: I am just saying that if it seems no way around it I am likely to let that be that. But I am having a lot of fun with Gustiro and hope he is around for a long time. : )
I am being good right now and not putting an injured Gustiro into the forest. See?! Though if I let him fully heal by the way I been doing it it would take over a week. XD I have been having him heal one notch at a time a day unless he was resting undisturbed in the forest for a long time then I have him heal two notches. So...
It has been crazy hard not flinging Gustiro into the fights though. I am sure it drives Gustiro mad not being able to help out too. lol
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I understand you don't wanna

I understand you don't wanna bring him in-game right now, but Illrose would have protected him, you know. :')
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I'm not even going to say how

I'm not even going to say how upset Vo and I would be if Gustiro died XD So I'm glad that isn't going to happen for a long time~

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SnowSauria, Well, if you

Well, if you want him in I will bring him in. : )

Aw <3
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