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To be very clear you do not need to ask permission to interact with any of my characters in anyway. Friendly hellos or predatory attacks. All I ask is if the interaction is out of aggression make sure it's 100% in character and has no drama-lama out-of-character resentment behind it nor any intentions to manipulate me and those around me in some OOC manner, that's just rude people. If it's all in good humor and fun (no matter how dark rip) then that's a greenlight. With that said I think I may start playing the old way I use to since I can't keep up with everyone anymore anyway. If my characters, Gustiro in particular, become too much for you then you will have to contact me directly and I will put in more effort to avoid bugging you and your characters. Otherwise, Gustiro is going to be Gustiro and a pain in people's butts again. Well, maybe not as bad as he use to be, he is getting up there in age after all.

This loser just needs a overhaul. RIP

He seems to be having a bit of trouble remembering things. Hesitant when approached by someone he hasn't seen in a while because of it. Has fallen back into some old habits when Dinah Moon or his children aren't around.

Name: Gustiro

Alias: Gus

Pictogram: @

Sex: Bull / Masculine

Sexuality: Pansexual / Polygamous

Species: TEF deer / Alaskan Moose.

Size: #5 on Apeldille's Size Chart.

Favorite Spot: Fern Tree on the hill.

Biological family: Idelle (Daughter), Laurel (Daughter), Deus (Son)

Mate: Dinah Moon
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Pagge 3 is mine..

Pagge 3 is mine..

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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lol, you two.

lol, you two.
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Claiming ownership of pages

Claiming ownership of pages is serious business *nods with srs face*

Mick Kreiger: You Know You Love Me XOXO
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Arghhh, good musiccc ;n;

Arghhh, good musiccc ;n; ♥

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Shaku, I just put that there.

Shaku, I just put that there. Stalker! ♥ ♥ ♥ And thank you. :3
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Lmaooo~ Still trying to

Still trying to figure out what the updates before that one were about! XD ♥

Just a quick question, did

Just a quick question, did Gustiro take any damage at all in the little spar he had with Ryff? Just wondering, because I know for sure that Ryff did what with epic Gustiro antlers hitting her in the chest xD
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Shaku, Updates? What updates?

Shaku, Updates? What updates? ::Plays innocent.::

Ryff, So she was trying to actually fight with him? If so I can update his health. I actually thought she may have just been trying to play with him. It has happened a few times. lol Gustiro on the other hand would have been more trying to push her with his antlers rather then trying to do any serious damage. If I remember my characters intentions the other day correctly.

...oh. I'm terribly confused

...oh. I'm terribly confused now. lol.

I thought when he started lowering his antlers at her he was trying to fight her away, heheh. she got defensive and started grappling with her lady antlers. x.x

Well, I've already given her some damage and she's limping around the forest like an invalid. I can make the amount of damage less, considering he was just pushing, and Gustiro probably wouldn't have taken much damage from her. She's so pathetic. xD

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Ryff, Sorry. I did not mean

Ryff, Sorry. I did not mean to confuse you. XD I will update it.

that's alright, and thank

that's alright, and thank you. ;3 I enjoy my characters getting a little beat up sometimes lol. She'll probably be back to make amends for annoying him yesterday. Assuming Saosin doesn't take a preemptive approach. >>
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Gustiro always makes me

Gustiro always makes me giggle when he tries to dance. x')
Jack and Illrose bad influence?...pfft. <3

Hah. We got him. xD

Hah. We got him. xD
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SnowSauria, lol Yes, seems

SnowSauria, lol Yes, seems that is a favorite trait amongst a few. XD

AliceV, Well, I did not think you all would actually try. Sticking out tongue I just figured Gustio would cuddle the high Illrose and Jack. Now Illrose and Jack left confused Gustiro with his other companions who are now confused. : / Thanks. lol
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LOL. Is that what he was

LOL. Is that what he was trying to do? Dance? XD I knew he was a bad dancer, but I'd never seen it in action. We were, indeed, rather confused XD

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Shaku, If you saw a naked

Shaku, If you saw a naked Illrose dancing in front of him then yes. That was Gustiro's poor dancing. lol Dinah Moon has been trying to teach him to dance for ages.

Gustiro being high while some deer are still mad at him and others are unsure of him is bad timing. Supposed to be serious time. : o
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He is high? I just now seen

He is high? I just now seen it in his updates after you mentioned it. Lol! I was wondering why he was doing all the listen emotes over and over, and not being all pissy with Sianna.
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Shamiya, Yup. I guess I am

Shamiya, Yup. I guess I am not as good at portraying it as Illrose and Jack. ^~ lol
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Nah, I don't think it has to

Nah, I don't think it has to do with not portraying it right, but more so it's just not something you hear about with characters here, haha. I find it funny, he needs it with all the crap he puts up with day to day.

Gustiro? High? In the

Gustiro? High? In the forest?! And I missed it! D:
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Was Gustiro eating the

Was Gustiro eating the "magic" mushrooms? Dinah has done that before. Also, this song made me LOL Eye
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Dinah Moon, Yes. Gustiro

Dinah Moon, Yes. Gustiro normally only eats them when he is playing spell games. Sticking out tongue
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AliceV; We did.

We did. xD

Sorry Illrose left a high Gustiro, but it was really late here, and I had to go to bed. >.<
But it was fun as long as it lasted, lol.
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Tracking now.

Tracking now.
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Ravynn, Thank you. : )

Ravynn, Thank you. : )
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A coughing bundle of white

A coughing bundle of white fur and feathers over his slender neck, shivering as if laying in snow, though he is too-hot to the touch.
His breath rattles up from his chest, like the clicking together of a skull's teeth


a sound like a deflating balloon as he looks up at the red stag.


Thank you for keeping Serendipity so much company ♥
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Tired dark brown eyes peer

Tired dark brown eyes peer down at the feathered deer through deep hallow sockets of the skull the red stag wore. Though soft with quiet affection something about those eyes were odd. There seemed to be something missing, an absent light, their expressiveness dull. Still they could be read if one attempted it.
The red bull's ears pull back along his head at the strange sound his companion made but soon are erect again. A hint of curiosity and worry crept to those usually dull eyes. A breath escapes him in a rustic voice offering but a couple of clipped words.
"Is sick?"
Lowering his large head Gustiro nudges the bird deer's neck surprisingly gently with the tip of the skull‘s muzzle. An affectionate touch.

(( My pleasure. :3 Sorry Gustiro always seems to be moving around. Heh. ))
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((haha, don't apologize, it

((haha, don't apologize, it gives me something to do ♥))

A shallow nod, flick of a long tail.
He doesn't like seeing the red stag so constantly injured, tired, melancholy.
His head rises, turns to return the touch, affectionate resting of lips against the other's bone mask before allowing his head to lay against the cool grass, humming under his breath for his companion.
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The returned affection

The returned affection received a deep rumble of pleasure form the stag's thick throat before he lay his head close to Serendipity's own. A single ear twitched as the small white deer began to hum, Gustiro’s eyes already beginning to droop more. The soft, melodious sound stirred something within him. Something quiet and distant.
He had trouble sleeping today. On edge, restless from all that had happened. Now the bird deer's tune and the warmth of a companion so close lulled him. It was not long before his mind drifted into a deep sleep.
(( Speaking of sleep. I better be doing that here soon. ))
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((haha, okay~ and sorry about

((haha, okay~ and sorry about the sad+sad thing, my hotkeys died.))

Content now with the other stag asleep, curling close, leaning into the red of his fur.
He would groom him.
And then sleep.
He already felt much better.



Sorry for the late reply, but

Sorry for the late reply, but it's working now :3 I like what you did with the traits, stating some and then contradicting them. Awsome bio overall!

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"Thank you."

"Thank you."

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Brown eyes peer from behind

Brown eyes peer from behind the hollow skull socket. He offers a single stomp of a hoof, a single toss of the head. A snorted reply. “Protect, yes.”

( Short reply. I have to log. <3 )
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A little Christmas gift. :'D

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SnowSauria, Thank you so

SnowSauria, Thank you so much. He looks awesome. You have a different style then most that I like. :3
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I have? :b Well, thank you,

I have? :b Well, thank you, I'm glad you like it. :'D
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Nice to meet Gus~ Lol I was

Nice to meet Gus~
Lol I was pretty sure that picto was his, even if I haven't stalked this bio SO many times BI
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HellsBells, Oh good. I was

HellsBells, Oh good. I was wondering who's deer that was. The map was not showing it. Thanks for stopping by. : )
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heh no problem c:

heh no problem c:

The grey antlered doe

The grey antlered doe cautiously stood in a patch of exposed grass, a bit of a distance away from the red stag. Ryff wanted to approach him yet felt nervous about doing so since their scuffle. Besides, what would I say?

So instead she watched on and off, pawing at the snow idly.
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Ryff, The red bull had not

The red bull had not noticed the doe at first until a slight shift of the wind that brought her scent to him. A snort echoed through the skull mask that he wore but as he lifted his head to peer out in the direction that Ryff stood there was mere curiosity and mild caution in his posture. Alone and more or less healthy he seemed less ready to jump into a fight with the antlered stranger. Dark brown eyes simply stared. Silent and alert.
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Sianna would snort, Gustiro

Sianna would snort, Gustiro defending another over her giving an innocent nuzzle? Uncalled for. "I don't deserve to be treated like a piece of property and then... then you get jealous over me nuzzling a butch doe". She was flustered, though all of the stuff she put him through something so minor shouldn't have boiled her temper so rapidly, she also should have seen it coming. "Me aside, you now have more time for deer of higher priority, clearly, I hope you die". Immaturity at its finest, she was raging alright.
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"I admit it. You aren't that

"I admit it. You aren't that bad after all." Illrose said with a slight chuckle, resting her head on the red stag's back. It was weird, how her dislike towards him had turned
into something else - something that made it worth attempting to fight off other does to have Gustiro's attention all by herself.

Very nice css :3

Very nice css :3

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Shamiya, Gustiro simply

Gustiro simply stared at Sianna with a blank expression mostly hidden behind the grinning skull. He seemed unworried, unmoved by her accusations. In fact it seemed he did not fully understand all that flustered her. To Gustiro all his actions were appropriate for each situation however against the normal way of thinking it was. Gustiro was an animal burdened by a human’s complex emotions. Whether this made him more simple or more complex in nature is left to speculation
As she 'wished his death' a single ear flicked back in slight confusion. The red bull pondered if her words were meant as a threat. Though to him to think one of his 'officially claimed', those that allowed him close, to touch, would harm him intentionally seemed beyond impossible. Naivety, perhaps?
The large bull hesitated a moment, studying Sianna with a curious expression that slowly took over his otherwise blank face. He took a few steps closer towards her then paused again. He took a few more and another pause. Slowly he made his way closer.

The fur along the back of his neck bristled as he felt the weight of Illrose's head along his back, a rumbling sound made deep in his throat. Nothing aggressive but more an affectionate, content sound. Behind the hollow sockets of his skull mask his eyelids drooped to leave his eyes mere slits.
"Is good," came a rustic murmured reply to her announcement.

Thank you. : )
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Her ears perked at the

Her ears perked at the rumbling sound that could be heard in the stag's throat. She replied with a low growl, as if the dragon was lurking underneath her skin. But also her
sound was one of affection, not a threat as it would have been back in 'the old days.' She felt content and relaxed, and showed this with a small sigh.
"Yes." She replied, merely a whisper, as if she could feel he was about to fall asleep. She closed her eyes, but still her other senses were alert. Always alert, sleeping or not.
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She always burned bridges, it

She always burned bridges, it was her nature, never an intentional thing but she had an extremely hard time coping with certain situations and deer. Some of the smallest things she could warp and exaggerate in her mind, ultimately leading to angry outbursts. Sianna was the victim, everyone else was always the enemy despite her being the one creating and stimulating most of the drama.

She would study the red stags body language and as he began to grow closer, pause, and repeat she would back up, her facial expressions harboring nothing but angst, as well hidden beneath her mask. Her body ached with a feeling of betrayal. "No Gustiro", she says, "I'm done with you". - Bridge burned, however was always relatively short lived provided the deer she was verbally bashing accepted her again in the future. While in the heat of the moment Sianna was known to say and do things that she would potentially regret, later wallowing back to apologize.
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He paused once again as

He paused once again as Sianna spoke. Then with a raucous, forceful snort that burst from the jaws of the skull he wore he brought down a hoof hard to stomp the ground with a loud thud. He was annoyed though not exactly hostile. He began to advance on her again though this time at a steady forward pace.
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Late reply, not sure if you

Late reply, not sure if you want to continue now since what has happened recently?

As for the newest thing added to your updates, since I've joined the forest I've ran into jealous and protective deer, I actually ranted about it once because I was new and not used to such interactive roleplay, all my RP had always been done in text. Once I started catching on it didn't become such a big deal anymore. - I think Gustiro being a strong jealous deer with a lot of 'claimed', it does draw other jealous and protective deer to him. Maybe they do pick up on it though, sort of like my deer, she is easily influenced and picks up on certain traits from others.
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You are welcome to continue

You are welcome to continue it or drop it. I do not mind either way. : )

And I am only making guesses. I had not actually met very many jealous deer until recently. As well as some deer that were not very jealous to begin with has grown more jealous over time. So, just guesses.