Jotta - 'Keimo'
Female - Hind
Young Adult, Yearling - 27032020
Red deer
Smells of Jasmine and Rasberries, Sweet yet not overly so
Daughter to Jos and Alain
Sister to Dariah, Kunnes † , Kun †
Mother to Tuli

• Feral hind with a hint of human like reasoning.
&bul; Strong fight or flight reflex, usually prefers to flight. Inexperienced in combat.
• Loving and gentle soul, much more open and social compared to her mother.
• Positive mindset, yet has grown out of her naive ways. Cautious of predatory beings.
• Prefers the tall grass among the Birch forest, hesitant of leaving the shelter it provides yet curious. Can often be seen hovering at the border.

18th of January, 2021;
Sought solitude and shelter within the thickets of the Birch forest. A memory deep in her mind as she spent her early weeks well hidden among the tallest of grass, and assumed it would be the best if she did the same. Settled on a spot close to the Plaats, and it wouldn't take long until she saw a certain moose bull linger close by; happy to see him there. The happiness was brief and soon long gone as the yearling felt her contractions getting worse and worse. For a flying moment she thought about never giving birth to this fawn, if she just decided she would never have to. It was going to be painful.

Obviously her body wouldnt let her do that, and eventually she would manage to give birth to a healthy female fawn. Tired, but overjoyed.

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♥ daughter

♥ daughter

by sleepything
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Soo cute.

Soo cute.
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Oh she is super cute.

Oh she is super cute.
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:eyes: Edit: Daughter track!

Edit: Daughter track!
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