Strange is the night where black stars rise

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Memories of the Lost

curiousity / no fear / stubbornness / naivety / purpose

Young, but not newborn. Perhaps older than they seem.

Vaguely fawnshaped. Strangely featureless. Incredibly heavy if you try to pick them up.

It might be unwise to think of it as prey.

A sense of
absorption *There is a very faint, sort of pulling sensation if you are near the creature for long enough. Not unpleasant, barely noticeable.

With enough time and exposure, the fawn might start to mimic or absorb some traits, features, or behaviours of other characters.

Small things or big things, the latter would be up for discussion, of course.

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Css by Mis <3

Floaty animation code by Acurna.

It's unlikely that there will be any mature themes on this bio, at least for now! Possibly some body horror or existential dread maybe. In the future, who knows?

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Void baby!!

Void baby!!
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woo &hearts;

woo ♥

all hail the void baby

all hail the void baby
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Make a wish. &hearts;

Make a wish.

Great, an alien. Seriously

Great, an alien.
Seriously this is lively. I like the impact and the smoke shots the most.
Looks like the 'star' is watching over the kid, huh.
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love love love! can't wait to

love love love! can't wait to watch them flourish
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intriguing sight

intriguing sight Exclaim

Oooooh yess, officially

Oooooh yess, officially stalking this.
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!! <3


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ooh Hi

ooh Hi
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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<3 thank you all!

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by sleepything
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omg can't believe I finally

omg can't believe I finally got to meet them in-game :sob: