DreamWeaver {Pippin}

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Saw Jude! Found Clar! Gave dream-weaver. Met player/fawn Voidforcreativity! Happy.

Search continues for Clarion. Must give him the dream-catcher. Has a feeling it's needed.

Finally finished the dream-catcher for Clarion after spending literal days in his homeland searching for the finishing touch, found many small emeralds and made the dream catcher emerald studded. Infused it with his magic, made it one that can prevent bad dreams. Excited to bring it to his friend tomorrow.

Working hard to perfect a dream-catcher for Clarion, the musical blessing. Has made three bases but decided this one should be unique. It must be perfect.

6.9.18 (Part Two)
Went into the forest to take a break, ran into Jude. Met two new faces, Clarion and Larkspur. Danced and sat with them, received the name "Pip" from Clarion. Got to enjoy music with him as well! Decided he will make a dream-catcher for Clarion. Snatched some fur... Excited for another project.

Worked late into the night, napping before he continues his project.

6.8.18 (Part two)
Planning on making something big for small friend. Will take day or two. Feels pride already.

Stayed up all night molding some of his gold with his beak. Glad for his strong beak and hooves, they make it possible for making dream catchers. Carefully wove "Jude's" silky fur into the gold, and plucked his own feathers to add his magic to it. Proud of his creation, went to the small creatures tree and presented it. Good reaction, taken well. Dream catcher is infused with good magic, will bring pure and peaceful dreams.

Me a two faced fawn named Jude. Thought was adorable, stole some fur to make a dream catcher later.

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Baby boy &#10084

Baby boy ❤
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beb! ♥

beb! ♥

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