Among the Thorns, A Child {Nerezza}

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Rain. Terrified. Hiding. Wants to find Grim's den again.

Felt PROUD!! Found Grim's den, but then got distracted. An adult (player catcherofmen) approached and Grim wasn't home, felt nervous. Hid at first, but stranger sat and assumed a friendly position. Danced nervously, and stranger joined. Began to play and had fun! Maybe not all adults are scary. But then realized lost. Again.

Continually getting lost, can't find the den.

Woke up and played in the blue bowl, but scurried back to den when heard others approaching.

Awake! At Grim's den. Scared to get lost again, hiding there for now. Intrigued by this Poly, and has heard of a Drakkar. But mostly interested in Grim. Clinging to him, protection and warmth.
A baby Poppy stopped by! Played with, but stuck close to the den. Likes the small fawn.

Found the blue flowers surrounding Grim's home. Could not, however, find his den so hid in flowers. Luckily Grim appeared! Relieved and happy, felt instantly better after several days alone and lost. Went to his den and snuggled up.

Woke up, and found a small tree with orange flowers to sit by. Couldn't find Grimiore. She couldn't find his den on her own, so went back to small orange flower tree and decided to sleep.

Woke up from the cold rain. Scared. Alone in the forest, could only find terrifying adults. Ran into a small creature Ashira, wasn't sure of and got scared, so she fled. Then ran into a friendly face! Grimiore. Was taken care of and taken to warm den, snuggled up and promptly, happily, fell asleep.

DisclaimerShe's just a baby but if a disclaimer is needed later this text will change, please make sure to check if it has changed.

Css and Bio Art made by Lathyrus for Tossercook. Made with codes from unplugged. Fonts w/ bgs by C!ssy.

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what a cutie.

what a cutie.

Awwww what a sweetheart

Awwww what a sweetheart

Baby ♥

Baby ♥
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