Happy to lie back, watch it burn and rust.

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Was patched up. Reopened wounds, new injuries.

gOD some things, meeting nice people but also not so nice people.

Perpetually hung over or sleepy when in forest.

November 7th, 2018

Him grow.

July 23rd, 2017

dusts this off

Has been hanging with mom and siblings for the past couple months, staying in their thicket and learning stuff. A bit bigger now and a little more brave to enter the forest on his own.

April 15th, 2017

Rather uneventful first few days of life and wouldn't have it any other way. Managed to meet another small fawn but didn't really enjoy it much and would have rather been cuddled with his mom bUT SHE SAID N O. And then the next day had his world a bit rattled when his siblings and father went on a little adventure, tried to keep up and mirror his sister and brother's joyful and playful antics but really felt uneasy and scared venturing into the world. VERY relieved when Mateo lead them back near their home and the area that was veeerry familiar and comfortable but then the dumb stag did another adventurous thing by leading the trio of fawns up onto a mountain (a rock) and was Very Displeased especially since his larger siblings effortlessly got there first. DID find a spot to get up on and promptly squeezed himself into the pile and remained that way until getting tucked in for bed times.

TODAY stuff happened right outside their thicket but is an oblivious sleepy baby and didn't have a clue.

April 11th, 2017


Son of Ryff and Mateo.
Brother to Matthias and Nepenthe.

Born April 11th, 2017
Aries rising, libra moon.
Older teen, young adult.Human equivalent to ~18 years old.
MaleCares little for conformity, fine with any pronoun given.

Inquisitive - Rambunctious - Jovial - Mischievous


Born to a loving mother and an absent father, oblivious to most things and kept a relatively sheltered life that is likely by his own doing. Enjoys spending time with his family and not straying too far but as Braith ages, developing a wanderlust and a need to see more than what he knows. Outwardly, he's cheerful and often doesn't take anything too seriously, much of his antics are followed by laughter either at his own expense or others.

Older now but retains a youthful essence about him. Full of wit, teasing and pranks. Fears very little, being raised with out much trouble or traumatizing events and by a parent who, in his eyes, has only ever been the strongest figure in his life. Because of this, has a deep and innate respect for mothers and those that give off a more matriarchal authority or personality.

Reckless n Bad but also Good Boy Vibe.


Becoming a Monster.



"I think, I too,
have known autumn too long."

:/ ♥

:/ ♥
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2 cute

2 cute
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a cute

a cute

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the babiest babie

the babiest babie


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he's so adorable aah ;o;

he's so adorable aah ;o;
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ashdsaj track LMAO

ashdsaj track LMAO <3
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tracked on wrong account so

tracked on wrong account so here's a second one LOL <3
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SKYE LOL ty twice

SKYE LOL ty twice blessed

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<3 !
"Even the smallest of stars shines in the darkness."

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