[Biography of Geneva]

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Art updates

Quick update to neaten things. New voice, notes, etc. No longer a mini. Coat has darkened to a gold-er colour, antlers are longer but not adult in shape, much taller, etc.

In-game set needs an update!!

Long pelt or owl pelt, real deer mask, owl antlers

Name Geneva; jen-EE-vah. Gen, Genny
Alias The Ptarmigan
Age Probably around 20 as a human; may seem older than she is
Gender Female
Birthday 22/1/16
Species Mostly elk; a little bit of white-tailed deer and wight
Picto Sideways wedding cake
Size Between 16-18
Reference not happy with it but
Rests x


Bit of a white knight; obsessed with chivalry latelyz

Learning about various combat skills, swordsmanship and elemental powers in her time away from the forest, mainly in Tyria. Spends her spare time with her head buried in books and scholar's writings.
Always looking for new mentors.

Defined by a quiet and bookish nature; introverted, but not shy (maybe nervous though); has anti-social tendencies and often unintentionally appears cold (h ah)
Has a drive to understand things on a scientific level of 'how' and 'why'; spends a lot of time inspecting plant life
Seems more engaged by her world than by people
Surprisingly bold and rarely afraid
Fiercely independent; strives to be self-sufficient possibly to her detriment

Trip to the outside has essentially 'flicked a switch' in her brain and now has accidental access to an outer realm of her own (yet to develop but basically i want her to have a hut in the woods in the middle of nowhere to make shit and be a hermit)
At some point is going to discover writing and reading and will seek out a teacher, in-forest or out


  • Smallest of the 4

  • Probably small and leaner than usual elk (quadruplet), runt-ish and leggy

  • Body temperature is naturally lower than a usual fawn; weirdly cool to the touch at birth. Weak ice magic apparent. Strengthened by snowfall and cold weather

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Mamatrack! ♥

Mamatrack! ♥
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So beautiful! ♥

So beautiful! ♥
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<3 kawaii
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gasp hello beb

hello beb
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omg why haven't I track this

omg why haven't I track this already!
sister!!!! ♥

i loove her design. these

i loove her design. these colors <3

&hearts; !! forgive pumpkin's

♥ !! forgive pumpkin's awkward behavior, they don't know how to function LOL
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Thanks forgetmenot !! & dw

Thanks forgetmenot !!

& dw about it, Geneva's a little awkward herself and def needs more friends lol
ALSO good choice of location, I always end up having her in flower patches of some sort haha
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Player & Character Hub
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very belated sister track

very belated sister track
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-lurk- She seems beautiful

She seems beautiful ;o;