:N e r r i:

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I'm sorry if Nerri stops or moves very slow at times, I have a problem with my laptop.

Thoughts: *WAAAAHHH gigantic crow! º-º~
Feeling: Happy
Mental Health: 100%
Physical Health: 100%

Name - Nerri /
Meaning - Neri means 'My Light'
Age - Adolescent
Gender - Female / Doe
Orientation - Heterosexual
Speaks in - #00BFFF
Appearance - Whistling Mask, DotD Pelt, Peacock Feathers
Human Appearance - Here

*Parents - Unknown
*Siblings - Tiamat (Sister-like figure)
*Mate - Hewies
*Children - Etincelle (adoptive)

Anogelia | Athena | Atty | Bu | Cay | Cry | Dampir | Donut |
Etincelle | Feder | Flyleaf | Hewies | Honig | Iki | Kelis | Kodiana | Leyawiin | Lonhro | Lust | Mina | Mu | Mute | Nayu | Rai | Rumen | SS | Tiamat | Tikwid | Vala | Wimsey | Zeeze

*I love to run
*I'd be lost if I could not jump
*My friends complete me
*Madness makes the world go round
*Nameless deer
*Nothing beats rolling around in the pond during rain

*Fighting never solves anything, but I will if;
*You ever hurt my friends
*I do not wish to see sadness
*No one deserves to be lonely
*Being naked

Friendly | Follower | Curious | Protective | Playful | Silly | Energetic | Sometimes Lazy | Easily Distracted | Loving | Caring | Crazy | Patient | Loyal | Cheerful | Enthusiastic | Open-minded | Positive | Respectful | Sympathetic | Always Alert | Clumsy | Quite Submissive | Trusting

Thank you to everyone for the fanart <3

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Beautiful Biography I wish

Beautiful Biography Redface I wish Ikibe could see you more in the forest ~ Miss you <3

~If you wish to be a tower for someone, you must first be sure you will not collapse atop them.

~If you wish to be a tower for someone, you must first be sure you will not collapse atop them.

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Thank you! I still need to

Thank you! I still need to add friends, but I'm gonna collect all url's linking to bio's for that first...will be easier xD
I wish Nerri could see Ikibe more in the forest too. I would've came on now, but my dad is on the laptop that I use to run the forest. (It has better graphics than this pc lol)
Miss you too =(
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Well , thats ok XD i dont

Well , thats ok XD i dont mind not being in the friend for now , tell you the truth i havent added any friend on my new biography either .... thanks for reminding me XD miss u T-T

~If you wish to be a tower for someone, you must first be sure you will not collapse atop them.

~If you wish to be a tower for someone, you must first be sure you will not collapse atop them.

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finally finally finally

finally finally finally 8DDD
/tracks to hell
Nerri is like a sister for Tiamat <3
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Track. cB Beautiful Bio so

Beautiful Bio so far!
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xD Yes, I finally done one!

xD Yes, I finally done one! lol
Tiamat is like a sister to Nerri too, she loves being with her ^-^
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Thanks! For the track and

Thanks! For the track and your comment Laughing out loud

Yay ! I've been waiting for

Yay !
I've been waiting for this 8DD !
Her bio looks great (8
I love the music <3

Tracking 8D !

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*Points.* I see me! o: Oh,

*Points.* I see me! o:

Oh, this first song is quite lovely, might I say. :3

I really like the style of your name at the front! Quite lovely. I'm a little inspired, looking at this biography, to be honest.

:333 Some long time from now, I'll have mine done.

P.S.: How many deer do you -have?- o.o
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I only have one deer

I only have one deer ^^
Thank you! I'm glad I inspired you XD
When you have finished with your bio, I'll be sure to look it up, and link your name =)
Btw, sorry that I just left when you were sitting next to me, my internet just decided it was the right time to sleep, and didnt come back on again until about 7am GMT XD
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Zeekii, I see! I wanted to


I see! I wanted to be sure, because after your Interwebz dropped off, another picto ran up to me, did the sad-laugh-sit, then left. Then another which did something similar. Then one more, I think. So I was wondering if it was you, or Irony making a visit. XD

I worked on it a liiiitttttttttttleeeee more yesterday, but it still looks pretty basic. I have to get pretty pictures in it. :3

It's okay! It happens to me all the time. Well, mostly when I minimize the game by accident, because that ALWAYS makes it stop working and close. Which sucks, because I seem to be having trouble getting myself to stop minimizing the window when I'm looking at something else. XD
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@Rai - You seem so excited

@Rai - You seem so excited lol XD
Thank you, although, I need to get some more pictures on it, to pretty it up lol...
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@Sere - Thats quite strange!

@Sere - Thats quite strange! It definately wasnt me lol...unless Nerri connected all by herself XD
I look forward to seeing it then, especially if you're waiting to add pretty pictures Laughing out loud
I can't minimise the game at all, because it crashes every time too, it's some problem everyone has...I think. If I'm ever doing two things, I always make sure to go into settings, change it to windowed, then open up the forest. Though, for some reason that way it seems to be a bit laggy :S
Serenai's picture

Neekii, Yes, I always have


Yes, I always have it windowed too. I never noticed the problem before, when I had Vista (I just switched to Windows 7). Maybe it happened and I just never made that mistake. o:

It doesn't seem to lag much with me. Then again, I use a laptop so I naturally change the display settings to me about medium quality so I don't overpower its little laptop brain.

I hope it didn't read me saying that.

Oh, wow. I'm not paying attention in class at all! I'm in Cultural Anthropology class right now. But I have no idea what's going on. XDDD

I just have to think of what pictures to add! I have a few in mind, including some you inspired: prettily-drawn subtitles in fancy lettering! 8D I already have styling ideas. Now let's see if I can do this, finish my novel by the due date, and keep up with college in a reasonable fair of time. XD I still have to decide my little Atvana's set. I have a few ideas for that too. :3

Hm. Maybe Nerri did. She seems mischievous. >3
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Yeah, maybe you didnt have

Yeah, maybe you didnt have the problem because you never did it on your other OS. I have vista and I know that it crashes for me anyway...
I use a laptop too, but the graphics card is pretty good, so it's ok to have the settings high. Except in an abio of course, then like everyone else (I think) I turn them down a bit.
I hope for your sake it didnt hear either xD
lol. You're on TEF site in college...all I can say is tss. Oh, and also that I have absolutely no clue as to what cultural anthropology is either. xD
Prettily-drawn subtitles with fancy fonts all the way! If you paid more attention in class, then Im sure you'd keep up with college. Sticking out tongue
I never knew her name was Atvana! I've changed it in Nerri's bio already seeing as Im writing this reply quite late, though. Hm...I will be wondering what set Atvana will wear when she grows up. Suspense xD
What did Nerri do?! I think she's a bit mischievious too, although she likes to think she's some innocent, helpless thing. She's definately not helpless, I can tell you that for sure lol.
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Zeekii, It's possible! I am


It's possible! I am sort of odd like that.

My graphics system is amazing, and yet in get-togethers of maybe twenty or more, I find myself needing to tone it down for a bit. Abiogeneses are fun. I've only been to one, but it was pretty dang nifty.

Yes I was! And it was time well spent! I'm actually a very good student, I just have...different methods than some others. And Cultural Anthropology is the study of human cultures. Pretty fun, seeing what other people do and why. :3

Yeah, its name is Atvana. I had that in the biography ever since I tossed it up because I'm a dork like that.

Atvana actually just grew up today. XD I decided to give it the stripe-like pelt, big ol' pair of antlers. Has a mask now, but isn't the one I want. Oh well!

I think I'ma go run around in the forest. I hope you're there. o: 8D

I think she'd have a Helluva kick if she needed one! It's the crazy feathers. I know it is. Like a punk hairstyle.
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Are you in the forest? Im

Are you in the forest? Im coming in there in a few minutes~ <3

~If you wish to be a tower for someone, you must first be sure you will not collapse atop them.

~If you wish to be a tower for someone, you must first be sure you will not collapse atop them.

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Thank you for trying forever

Thank you for trying forever to help get my set back. If it helps/you see this in time, I wear the one pictured in the second screencap here: http://endlessforest.org/community/my-atvana-all-grown-today

Except I think I prefer going maskless. ;D And maybe I like having the default antlers so I can have my beloved poppies. ;D

I suppose it depends on my mood. XD

But thank you! <33333333333
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@Iki - Yay! I shall have to

@Iki - Yay! I shall have to come back in...I felt a bit sleepy so I left, but I'll try to manage, especially if it means Nerri can see Iki after ages =)
My net went off gah! I hope you're still on, I'll come back on in a few minutes!

@Sere - You're very welcome. I knew you wanted those antlers, I remember reading it somewhere...sorry they never came up :S
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Zeekii, It's fine! This way


It's fine! This way I get my poppies!

Atvana loves it some poppies. I suppose I should add common appearance to that bio of mine. Hm. Lul!

*Flails happily. Again.*
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Zeekii, Wtf. I wanted to see


Wtf. I wanted to see if I could help you get your stuff back since it seems you don't have it, but I'm not allowed to cast spells on you. Restarting Forest now to see if it will work. \:

Anyway, yeah, that's why I kept coughing so much. XD
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Hmm...thats strange, I have

Hmm...thats strange, I have my complete set XD
I had that one time with my friend, Ashaki, she could see her with her complete set but to me she was a naked deer. I couldnt cast spells on her either =P
So, no worries about getting my set back ^^
Thanks anyway though!
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Zeekii, Oh! Okay. That's


Oh! Okay. That's good then. 8D XD *Lay lay lay.*

I'm procrastinating from writing my novel! 8D

P.S., I have fallen in love with the band that composed the first song on Nerri's page. @w@ They're really good for novelling music! 8D So thanks for having it up. :33333333

*Lüls at the funny glitch.*
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Sadly, because of the silly

Sadly, because of the silly glitch, you look naked.

Icon Art © Beloved
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Haha! That would've been

Haha! That would've been even better if I wasn't naked, but nevertheless its great Laughing out loud

To do the sit slide, I was trying to show you, you've gotta press left or right so you spin, then while you're doing that, click sit down, and just before you sit, press forwards lol XD
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Zeekii, Ohhhh! *Tries!*


Ohhhh! *Tries!* Well, I'll get that down eventually. >_>

I can see your pelt now!

The deer I led you to is one of my real life friends. She's the one who told me about The Endless Forest. I wanted you to meet each other. 8D
Icon Art © Beloved
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Ahh...the one who we were

Ahh...the one who we were casting pelt spells on? She ended up having the midnight pelt (blue with yellow) Then they kept disconnecting?
Serenai's picture

Zeekii, Yeah. Her computer


Yeah. Her computer sort of has fits. We were on MSN messenger together (how I got her to get online in the first place) and she kept telling me "crap, it stopped working again. \:" She felt really bad for leaving so much, and for missing saying goodbye to you. D8

But yes, that was my good friend. :3
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Zeekii's picture

Oh, I see. I guess it's

Oh, I see. I guess it's just like when my internet has fits too, it gets quite annoying....If she comes on again you'll have to take me to her (I'm sure you will seeing as she's your friend lol) so I can see what her picto looks like. I dont remember it, and it would be nice to be able to find her if you ever weren't on when she was ^^
It's oki about her leaving though, I understand. I always feel bad if my internet just drops out for the night like it did the other day when N was sat by you.
*slaps the internet with a wet salmon*
Serenai's picture

Zeekii, Indeed I have just


Indeed I have just told her! We are currently trying to shapeshift each other. We will also shapeshift you. Choice is not a factor.

And here she is. XD Thank you for helping get her pelt! If only the mushroom trees hadn't all run away, we could get her a mask.

This is both her and my first time in the forest during the rain. I lovelovelovelove rain, so I'm ecstatic!

Don't provoke it. It will just get angrier. o:
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Zeekii's picture

I guessed you were trying to

I guessed you were trying to shapeshift each other, although she didnt get shapshifted lol... XD
I watched her sit there for ages in the mushrooms, and not once did she fall asleep, I was just like 'eh? o.O' Maybe her deer isn't tired.

You're welcome, I like helping people get there sets back, or decide on a set to wear ^^
The mushroom trees turned into tulips! Nerri was trying to find one, that's where she went when you two where sat in the circle and she ran away. Sorry for that if you wondered where she was running to =P

The rain is great! True to her bio, Nerri just had to go and roll in the pond when we got near to it lol. If you're wet, you might as well get wetter! XD

*slaps the net harder with the salmon* o:
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XD Yeah. On MSN I decided we

XD Yeah. On MSN I decided we would 1) play tag (which was fun as Hell), and 2) shapeshift each other (which went funnily as Hell).

Really, her deer is an insomniac. I suppose we're just discovering that now. I should tell her!

THAT. MAKES. SENSE. I was actually thinking that's what happened, but it some places there were clusters of, like, ten of them. I then concluded "there were not ten mushroom trees right here." And threw that theory away. Quickly.

I actually kind of thought that was where she went. It's weird. Usually when I'm in the forest, I don't expect to understand what people really mean, or for them to understand what I mean... But so far you and I are on one heck of a clarity roll! 8D

The rain was AMAZING. I remember smiling when I first read that. XD

I actually used that as reasoning for swimming in a pool once. It was fun, being in a pool in a rainstorm.

LOL. You can catch salmon in nets!

4:07 am puns really suck...
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I miss you. D8 It has been a

I miss you. D8

It has been a long time.
Icon Art © Beloved
Zeekii's picture

I've been without internet

I've been without internet for a week and a day :S
I'm back now though, well, if the wireless internet on 'my' laptop works!
Serenai's picture

Zeekii, Ah! That makes


Ah! That makes sense. Well, I most certainly hope it sticks. \:

I'd come to the forest right now, but one: I doubt you're currently there, and two: I'm at college, and they for some reason and by some manner restrict access to online games. None of them work, at all. It's sad. D8

Anyway, perhaps Atvana and I will be seeing you sometime later today, hopefully.
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I have missed you so much, I

I have missed you so much, I am so happy to see Nerri! Oh my gosh. I was talking to my friend Ocean over MSN after I signed into the forest. I hear a whistling and think "Is that for me?" I look. "OH MY GOD, IT'S NERRI." To which, Atvana proceeds in being excited as heck about. It has missed her so much~

I can't even intelligently talk anymore, I'm so pleased. XD

Thank you for spellspamming Atvana...twice. xDDD I felt like such an annoying dork!
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Zeekii's picture

Same here! I saw Atvana's

Same here! I saw Atvana's picto, and almost squealled happily. Then, Nerri runs towards it and whistles in it's face with someone else xD

I was extremely pleased too, I hoped I might see you today...I was unsure because I remember you saying last time when we were with Munkel that it was 4am for you. I missed you much too! I'm very glad to have seen you again ^-^

You're welcome too, Nerri enjoys spellspamming other deer xD You weren't an annoying dork at all either!

Oh, and about the comment you left on your own biography...I don't have any type of instant messenger, I only use my families email, so I wouldn't be able to give it out. Sorry :s

I hope to see you again today, in the night time perhaps Smiling
Serenai's picture

Almost squealed? I DID

Almost squealed? I DID squeal. XD

It was a pleasant whistle~ I've always liked that noise, though that particular time, I liked it more than usual. :3

Yeah...I was up a bit late yesterday morning. I likely will be tonight, too. XD Which is good, seeing as our time zones are...different.

Oh, good. Atvana loses its set practically every other day, and for some reason I don't have a spelldata folder to extract set data from and save. \:

That's alright~ If you ever someday in the future get any sort of thing, and would like to talk t me over it, I would be honored~

I hope to as well. I'm going to try to fully uninstall/reinstall the game to see if that fixes issues I've been having, and afterwards I will come online.

Hopefully I'll go to sleep a little earlier, though.XD
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*Chanelle flies in on a ten

*Chanelle flies in on a ten foot long loaf of french bread wielding a pig-shaped balloon, ties it to your wrist, and flies away.*
Icon Art © Beloved
Zeekii's picture

That made me laugh so hard! I

That made me laugh so hard! I almost woke up my parents probably XD

*Sarah soars high into the sky and struggles to release the piggy balloon from her wrist. She finally releases it...but realises she's flown too high. The wind wooshes through her hair until she hits the ground with a loud THUD, and then, why of course, then she acts like nothing happened. 'Pig-shaped balloon? French bread? Me falling? You must have imagined it!'*
Serenai's picture

I...have actually done that

I...have actually done that once before. Mom was not pleased. XD

*Chanelle softens her landing with another baguette, this one cute in half exposing its tender insides and making it a lovely pillow.*
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New stalk?

New stalk?
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Atvana leaves a message to

Atvana leaves a message to Nerri through some flowers, growing in the grass. They read as follows:

Ah, My Light. My friend. I saw you today in the forest. Such a shame I was then not allowed to manifest.
Well enough though, as you did have a nice time there absent of my body with you.
I imagine it is not far from now that I will be allowed to do so, and our physical selves will once again meet.
Until then, my light child.
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Lustful - 8D Thank you

Lustful - 8D Thank you ^-^

Serenai - Aw, Atvana is so sweet to Nerri. She had such a fun time frolicking at the playground with her and the small herd of other deer. It was a shame that Atvana could not stay for too long...
Serenai's picture

>w> It's sweet to everyone.

>w> It's sweet to everyone. They deserve the loves. :3

It was quite fun! Frolicking with both you and Hallows (recent friend c: ). I wish Atvana hadn't had to dematerialize, but my best friend mysteriously appeared...and I spend too much time on the computer, so I try to avoid doing so while she's here. Unless she's on one too, or sleeping.

...she's on one too, right now. Which means no foresting, if you're still online.

Maybe I'll go work on drawings. I still have those doodles to do, not to mention the rest of Atvana's biography...
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Everyone does deserve love!

Everyone does deserve love! ^-^

Heh heh, I read that your best friend had arrived on Atvana's biography (I was stalking you) even though you weren't talking to me lol...I do that too often, have a sneaky look at what everyone's talking about on each other's bio. xD

I'm still on the site, but not in the forest. Just being a stalker at present.

Ooh, have fun drawing! If that's what you choose to do, and otherwise have fun making Atvana's biography even more amazingly detailed! Sticking out tongue
Serenai's picture

Yes! *Throws love

Yes! *Throws love everywhere.*

I do that too. All the things I've ever commented on, I'm watching. Eagerly. Waiting...

Me too. To avoid being stoned to death. 8D [/kidding]

I think that's what I'll do. Either way, I'll be drawing. >w>

*Will draw Atvana's know other forms and will describe what they mean! 8D *
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Serenai's picture

I see you editing this.

I see you editing this. >_>

*Stalking you.*
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Zeekii's picture

You're imagining it

You're imagining it o.o

*stalked you on your livestream* aha!
Serenai's picture

xDDD I totally kicked butt


I totally kicked butt on that drawing yesterday. It's almost done! The come the next two.

And I have been modifying Atvana's biography as well. I shortened some parts, so it's not as terrifying. It's...still a work in progress. xD;;

*Plays in the forest.*
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