Miorry's a Stag now. <3

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And he's such a pretty pretty one too. ^_^ I have a lot of screenies from before I vanished for a week but as I'm still suffering from a bad cold that's gone right to my head I'm too buuuuuh at the moment to get them all ready to post. :/ Next time.
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so that was you! i saw you

so that was you! i saw you today, i was the deer in the Kibuki pelt doing absolutely nothing XD
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XD Wonderful, isn't it?

XD Wonderful, isn't it? Miorry's still young and excitable, that's why he was acting like he was on crack. I also wanted to thank all the patient deer who spell spammed me only to have Miorry get bored and wander off. XB Ah well, next blog.

Ammy acts like shes on

Smiling Ammy acts like shes on crack sometime too. Smiling Happy Stag-day