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Since we don't know when/if the TEF forums will be reopened, I'm going to continue Scape and Magnet's journal here. (Though I'm a bit upset about losing the journal that was on the forums. So many hours of entry-writing I can't reach. ;_; )
Anyway...I'm gonna let Scape take over now, since he was in the Forest tonight.

Scape: I'd heard a rumor going around that spells were sticking to fawns. This made me want to investigate it to see if it was true.
Turns out it was! O.o
Need proof?

X] Fawn-sanity.

I'm sinking! 8O

We are the three mini-fawns.

Fear us, for we are great dancers:

Form totem poles:

And...randomly sprout out of the ground? O.o


I hide under you.

We drowned. 8O

..ok, so it's actually just the deer version of the dead man's float. XD
Magnet was showing Seed how to do this the other day. =]
Then we hid under fawn-Sluggs. XD

I got a few closeups, too:

Then I sat on Sluggs. X]
(EDIT: Pics up now.)

I left a little after that, but before I did, I let Magnet switch in, and we both noticed something. The spells cast didn't disappear. O.o Magnet looked exactly like me then. Hm. Interesting...

Ok, that's all for now.
Until next time.

Ps: What the *beep*? Why isn't the color working? I have this set to all be blue for when Scape's talking, I did the tags right, and yet it keeps cutting off the color. What's going on here?
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there's another forum in the

there's another forum in the works

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go kogy!!! that is an

go kogy!!!
that is an awesome forum