Magnet Speaking

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I awoke unsure of what I should do today. I could sense that my Stag-Day was soon-approaching, and the eagerness for it to arrive was stronger than ever.

With no real plans in mind, I wandered. First to the Old Oak to listen to its eery yet calming song... Then to the Ruins, where I came upon a heart-crushing sight. In the patch of sunlight, where Run's Memorial of Star, Dandelion, and Candle Circle once stood, I saw Walter, bowing his head and sorrowfully calling out. It seems that not everyone has moved on yet...

I wasn't sure what to do then. Part of me wanted to go over and comfort him, while another part of me felt apprehensive, sensing the great power and wisdom that stag held, despite his handicaps. I had a flashback to my first week of life in this Forest, when I had first encountered The Demon Gazelle. It had been at the Playground, and all seemed calm, until something angered him, and a sparring match broke out between he and Seed. I had watched, fascinated, as the two fought. This anger wasn't directed at Seed, I later learned. It had been triggered by a rude deer constantly running through Walter. How disrespectful! But I'm getting off-topic.

I found that my presence wasn't necessary when another deer, a Doe called Stelmaria I believe, approached him.

They slowly walked off into the Forest, pausing now and then. Still feeling concerned, I followed, staying some distance away in case my presence wasn't wanted.

I followed this way for a good while. At one point, SS came up to Walter, bowing to him. And when Walter didn't bow back, SS got confused. I can't say I blame them too much; it's not like they know Walter's blind. But when SS didn't get a response a second time, she cast on him! Ok, that was it. I stepped in, placing my body to use as a shield in case the magic hadn't been wanted and SS were to try that again. She didn't, thankfully, but I noticed I'd unintentionally done something.

I had run through Walter.

Unsure if I had offended him, I backed off.

But he was still melancholy, so I continued to follow he and Stelmaria. Up until they came upon the Twin God statue, where Walter settled down amidst its resonating magic. It didn't seem as though my presence would be necessary, as Stelmaria was there, so I went down to the lake for a drink.

I was spotted by Taiko, who had been resting in the shallows. I was still worried about Walter, but I didn't want to cause anyone to be depressed, so I played along with Taiko's "rofl-glitching", as it's been named.
I did the dead-man's float a couple of times, and Taiko soon caught on, resulting in two "drowning" deer.

Another deer who I'm not sure who was showed up (Their picto was missing.) and joined in the rofl-glitching.

I couldn't help but gaze at my reflection in the lake and think of what it will be like to have antlers like they both do.

Pega: O.O Uh...Magnet?
Magnet: Eh? What?
Pega: Um...antlers. *points*

Magnet: What? You mean those?
Pega: -.-; Nevermind.
Magnet: *shrug*

Pega had to walk away from the computer for a few minutes, so I sat down to wait. I got bored while waiting, though, and soon fell asleep. I had an interesting dream...

When I woke up, I found myself to be alone. Since I'm finding myself to be more social lately, I wandered off to find some familiar pictos...

My search led me back to the Ruins, where I found a few deer I somewhat know. (I couldn't sense Walter's presence in the Forest any longer, though. Hope he'll be alright...)

I found I didn't have to approach completely, as one of them came up to me. I'm not sure who, though, because, alas, their picto was missing, too. I can't quite remember who else was there, either.

But there was a dance, that I do remember. And after the dance, only two deer remained--the one who had greeted me first, and another picto-less deer. I found out from Pega's doing a little research by looking at the map that they were Pepokeen and Quamar's sister Mitra. That may even have been her at the lake with Taiko and me, but I can't be certain.

I saw that!

But then everyone disappeared on me, and took a few minutes to come back. (Pega: Modem being evil. -_-) Before they reappeared, I found a closeby tree big enough to hide in. It surprised Pepokeen and Mitra when they found me.

Exactly what I was going for.

Then the three of us had some fun with spells. My antlers and pelt got changed a few times until I looked silly. It'll be great when I can actually keep the spells. =]

Until next time!

Scape: That's my line!
Magnet: Well I'm using it, too. XP
Scape: =P
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Poor, poor Walter, I saw it

Poor, poor Walter, I saw it all though I was not there. I wish I would have been but Stelmaria is more important to Walter than Ada.
Stelmaria knew him ever since she was a shy little fawn. She was always afraid of everything and for some reason she decided
Walter was the best person to protect her. Walter loves her like a granddaughter. In fact I think she calls him grandpa Smiling

I can't get over the fact he's so upset and it’s crushing me. I hate to see people that hurt. Verdalas, her human, also I've heard has a hard life. I feel so sorry for her Sad

crap! i was dancing on that

crap! i was dancing on that very same spot. i forgot that was runs grave....

wel atleast i know why he was being sad by that one spot.