left fawnhood behind and still not sure what they should look like
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WOAH that trailcam pic is

WOAH that trailcam pic is amazing!!! I've always loved the look of night-vision art. I love it.
And screaming at the second pic. It's like reverse TEF irl. Is your character a feral deer now that it's an adult? Are those reindeer antlers?

awww thank you karame!

awww thank you karame! Redface
yeah, taba is a reindeer!

: D
they (and i) just haven't fully formed a clear picture of themselves, what they are, what should they look like and what should they do since they're relatively new here in the forest - so taba, being too shy and not really wanting to invite themselves (barge) into seemingly established deer friends hangouts and sleepovers, just runs around with candles they picked up some time ago Smiling
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: D That's alright! I'm sure

: D

That's alright! I'm sure it'll come to you as time passes and you're playing and browsing the forums/discord. I enjoyed daydreaming about this game and my characters when I was a bit more active on the forums and ingame. I was a lurker and still am though, so I relate extra to this picture.

Can't wait to see what taba turns into. :} These days I turn tef on to hang around while I'm working on art, feel free to stop by my character if you like.

yay thanks

yay thanks Smiling
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Sorry if you didn't enjoy

Sorry if you didn't enjoy turning into a frog, I just love doing mushroom magic. Smiling
I'll be sitting down for a good while now since I have some work I need to get done. I'll be around here for company throughout the day.

ohh i was just surprised, i

ohh i was just surprised, i thought taba'll get a new mask or something and then bam - a frog :'D so taba did a little freakout, sorry if it seemed like i didn't enjoy it Laughing out loud
thank you for hanging out Smiling (btw would you mind if só also gave taba a pelt like one they/i accidentally cast on your character? is it inappropriate to ask for stuff like this?)
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Not at all! This game is all

Not at all! This game is all about that, to interact with others. You can't get a pelt without another player, making the social aspect of the game a necessity.

You could ofc open multiple tabs and help yourself, but then you're taking away that very thing about the game from yourself. Wisest would be if you came along with só to a sleeping deer, then I could spam-cast spells on you and you could save the one that you like.
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Another thing to keep in mind

Another thing to keep in mind is if you don't have "keep running in background" on in your settings, whenever you're tabbed out of the game, your game essentially "freezes". Meaning any spell cast on you won't take effect at all. Not sure if you needed to know this, but either you had it off, or you got the same pelt three times in a row, lmao. RNG is not on our side right now.

Also most players that I know do this, but when they put their deer on "listen" like I just did now, it means they tabbed out or got busy suddenly.

edit: man... we have to postpone this to another time, I want to get this work done that I have on my hands. I'll get back to this gray pelt quest when I can with you, sorry. :'|

oh i didn't know about that,

oh i didn't know about that, thanks for letting me know! and for being forest friends with taba : )
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I love looking at these...

I love looking at these... pretty

thank you! C:

thank you! C:
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Wow! I really love both of

Wow! I really love both of these. There's something haunting about the trailcam pic, but it draws me in too.
I hope to see more of your art soon Smiling

thank you!

thank you! Redface