Lost in the dark...saved by the light ---Hex---

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"...I remember that day all too well. I was afraid...of my own siblings.
And when I ran, there it was to scoop me up and carry me away...
...The darkness took me, and for countless years it tortured me.
I slumbered in a false world, a seemingly unending nightmare.
I prayed for the light, but the darkness gave me empty promises...
...Then one day...I was saved. Carried away, brought into the light...

...Thank you...brother..."

Name -

Meaning -

Age -
Unknown. She appears very young but it is because she never seemed to age when Iugulare captured her.

Pictogram -
Hex (Also used by Egypt)

Set -
Nightfall Pelt, Fan Mask, Trumpet Antlers

Strengths -
She is a prophet, and her prophecies have come true. She is able to read the stars for fortune telling, but she prefers to give clues rather than tell the future. (Though she is blind, she can still read the stars from their light. It is a gift she is given from the Twin Gods.)

Hindrances -
Hex is blind, as she was held captive within Iugulare's infection for many years. She may not react to visual actions (head tilts, nods, ect), but she will respond to audible actions (calls, hoof stomping, maybe sniffing) and physical actions (nuzzles, bumping into her). Her body is also just now growing and building muscle, so she seems very frail.

Personality -
Since she made a mistake that cost her years of suffering, she feels she has no right to judge others. She is calm and collected, much like one who is deeply meditative. She is not threatened by a deer's appearance as she cannot see them, but rather she is more threatened by deer who seem too intelligent. She is wary of those who ask too many questions, and sometimes feels as though there may be some out there who want to manipulate her for her futuresight. She is a critical thinker and follows deeply on reason rather than instinct.

She seeks those who would accept her as a friend rather than a tool to be used for personal gain. And she will follow any deer she trusts, though she must be sure they truly are her friend before she can call them one. It's her nature to be cautious.

History -
*more details soon* During the first stages of the development of the Endless Forest, the Twin Gods created six deer to act as guardians and keepers of light in case darkness would ever find them. These deer were named Uno (Caw), Duo (Blixt), Trio (Trunks), Quad, Pent, and Hex. Hex was the only female among her siblings, so she felt left out when they played games fit for bucks. She would hide in the distance and watch them play in the meadow, and when Quad tried to call her over to play, she ran off.

Finding a quiet place alone, she started having visions of things yet to come. She scratched pictograms into the walls of a cave, documenting her prophecies, and when the last ones were written, she was visited by a creature who lived within the darkness. Following and being led deeper into the cave, Hex would be captured by the infectious stoat Iugulare, who would travel from her home world to Earth in her quest for domination.

Iugulare devoured Hex on arrival to the planet, and from then the doe suffered her infection for countless years. It was only when Quad himself was devoured that he found Hex and freed her, the final prophecy Hex predicted came true that both Quad and Iugulare had to die for the balance of light and dark to return. Hex died immediately after her rescue, but she would be reborn at a later time.

After a period of time, Quad returned to the Endless Forest, and it was at this time that Hex was brought back to life. She retained her body, with both it's blessing of foresight and curse of blindness and frailty. She would finally be given the opportunity to live a life free from constant suffering and agony as she did for countless years.

Artworks -

By Terabetha

By Mr. Sanguine

By Ickydog
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/tracking sounds interesting


sounds interesting (:

Track ^-^ Sounds VERY

Track ^-^

Sounds VERY interesting
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-track- ^^

-track- ^^
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Tracking this~

Tracking this~

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I've got a pretty good song

I've got a pretty good song for Hex, too.

Version with lyrics here
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I really hate to ask, but

I really hate to ask, but could someone do me a huge favor and sketch/draw a head shot of Hex? I just need a drawing of her for this page. There's only a few details you'd need to know:

She does not have the yellow markings on her face, and the hand prints are part of her fur and not a mane or hair. Also her eyes are fogged/cloudy so she does not have pupils, and if you happen to add color to the picture, her eyes are an amber or yellow color.

Thank you!! *nuzzlenuzzlefreakingnuzzle*

Also maybe one more song that fits Hex so well...

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Made Hex in Feral Heart:

Made Hex in Feral Heart:

Looking good. Which reminds

Looking good. Which reminds me - have to join FeralHeart... so much to do, so little time ^^