{Little Bird}~ Vidurair ~{In Flight}

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"Little white dove,
Your feathers so light,
Pure and clean,
Heavenly white,
Flying down from the sky,
With wings spread wide,
Sending soft coos,
While the darkness tries to hide,
Little white dove,
What is your name?


The Dove of Hope will forever fly...


Name: Vidurair (Vid-wahr)

Picto: x

Alias: None

Gender: A deity is without a gender but is portrayed to be female

Family: None

Friends: (tell me if you want to be on the list!)
Gnitset- Acquaintance

Species: Dove, but is a heavenly deity

Looks: Small, heavenly white dove with light green eyes.

Speaks in: Light blue

Notes: Loves casting mask spells, but often casts really lame ones...
Loves to follow deer around, and gets disappointed if they say no.
When casting a spell, the tips of her wings glow black.
Will not stay in a single spot for very long, unless sleeping, so don't expect long moments.
Likes being followed by others.
So, if you see a little white dove following you, it's most likely Vidurair!

She gave a cute twirl, her beautiful white tendrils flowing across her face and shoulders. Her white robe came into a buttercup shape, the tips of her dress were black. She gave a giggle as it rested once more at her ankles. The angel squealed in contempt and she clapped her hands. "I love it!" Her gallant white wings spread out from their retracted state. "Good, I am glad." A larger female spoke soothingly. "Now, for your challenge..." She paused and looked at the angel. "Your challenge is this..." The woman explained to the girl her duty from then on. "Wait... What? But... That's not what angels do... Right?" The small deity's light green eyes burned with oncoming tears. "I don't like that..." She squeaked. The woman sighed. "I am sorry, but it is what it is." She lifted the girl's face up. "Okay..." The small angel said as she wiped a tear away. She followed the woman to a odd altar where a large portal stood. She turned to face the older angel. "You promised... And I trust that you will come and get me when I am done..." She turned to face the portal, sighed deeply, and hurled herself into the portal. She could feel herself falling, her body structure changing, morphing. It went black... Suddenly, she awoke in a beautiful forest. She tried to stand, but fell. What the heck?! What happened to her beautiful body? "Why am I..." She took another look around, then looked at the sky. "Don't forget your promise... I won't..." The dove took to the air, flapping her black-tipped wings effortlessly. "Please..."

H o w F a r W i l l Y o u F l y, L i t t l e B i r d i e ?

Today: ---

Yesterday: ---

The Dove of Peace will forever shine...


{ I n F l i g h t }

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"I think I just saw you at

"I think I just saw you at the twin god statue."

trackin anyways. <3

Perhaps you visited me today

Perhaps you visited me today by the crying idol (I had the zombie pelt and antlers, and you cast the Kabuki mask on me) you really cheered me up, thank you <3
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You're welcomeee! ^^ Vid has

You're welcomeee! ^^ Vid has a way of getting around fast. xD The picto is only temp until the REAL Vidurair grows up so that it can sustain the transformation spell. >< Fawns can be weak... But cute <3

"Thank you. I'm glad to have met you, deer! Hope to see you again soon!"
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Pffff <333
I added Vidurair to Gnitset's relationship list c:
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Ok ^^ I'll add you then! So,

Ok ^^ I'll add you then! So, who do put down as? Roan, right? Or just ø? Hmm acquaintance, right? x.x
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Track. ^^

Track. ^^
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Well, Vidurair met Gnitset-

Well, Vidurair met Gnitset- so you could put Gnitset as an acquaintance ^^
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I mean Gnitset x.x

I mean Gnitset x.x lol

@Imp- Thanks ^^ Did Vid meet you, or are you just a bio stalker >> Sticking out tongue
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Bio stalker but I'm sure

Bio stalker but I'm sure we'll get to meet eventually. X3
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xD Yep

xD Yep
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B-U-M-P!!! ;-;

B-U-M-P!!! ;-;

hey i dont see the comments

hey i dont see the comments on copolymer's bio O.e
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Really? Hmmm... Others have

Really? Hmmm... Others have told me the same. I don't know how to fix that ;-; I'm sorry

hmm im thinking about drawing

hmm im thinking about drawing his whole body does he has claws or hooves?
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Hooves. Oh, hes like an

Hooves. Oh, hes like an oversized zombie deer with neon orange eyes and neon green tongue. He also has a very evil smile.


http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/2170/copolymer.jpg could not make the big antlers lol hope you like
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