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Status: Online (Sometimes)
Health: Uncertain
Energy: 200%
Thoughts: ...

Art work below bio!

Comings and Goings



Running… a restless soul, a fleeting dream, ever fading in and out of existence.

Recklessly following the unseen her manner has become almost feral.

Some may see her pause for but a second… and for the briefest of moments a semblance of recognition might be seen in her eyes. Others might catch a glimpse of her as she darts past them… racing against a forgotten past ever threatening to catch up with her.

Running… chasing a half forgotten memory.

Basic Information

Name: Kiraki


Gender: Female

Species: Unknown

Age: Young fawn

Family: None

Hello! We play yes?

Interactions here are welcome, her text colour is #480060
If you run from her she will chase you - If you do not wish to interact with her a head shake no or sitting down will suffice.


Seen in the form of a slender fawn with large amber eyes.

Her tufts of light blond hair are loosely tied back into a small pony at the back of her head.

She often wears a purple floral wreath but from time to time she might also switch to red flowers or even none at all.

Being exceptionally small in size combined with having long spindly legs gives her a bit of an awkward appearance, making her seem a lot more fragile and clumsy than she actually is.

Undisclosed appearance

She also possesses a pair of ethereal like wings extending from roughly the same area as her hips.

These are invisible to most but those that have some ethereal background or connection might be able to see them.

Their purpose and function is as yet unknown.


Playful and energetic

Free spirited and sometimes reckless she is always full of life and spends the majority of her time playing and running around until she is almost too tired too move at which point she will promptly fall asleep.

She especially loves running and will chase just about anything that moves. As a result she is quite agile while on the move and has a surprising amount of stamina despite her rather frail appearance.
In contrast she becomes increasingly more clumsy upon slowing down or during attempts to stay in one spot and manages to constantly trip over her own feet when simply standing still.

Short attention span

In addition to being prone to daydreaming she is rarely able to keeps her focus on any one thing for an extended period of time and might run off without warning at any give moment if something else catches her attention. Others might perceive this behavior as rude or hurtful, especially the ones that are left behind when she runs off, but that is never her intention.
Unfortunately her memory is quite fickle and she will often forget things within hours or even minutes of being told them. Certain concepts or terms might even need to repeated several times before she starts to remember them.

Optimistic and naive

Exceptionally friendly and trusting of everyone she will approach any deer without exception no matter how foreboding they may seem to others. Those having large antlers (or deer) will often draw her attention as they appear to her as a playground in themselves and thusly lots of potential fun..
She has no real perception of danger and is therefore quite fearless in her curiosity.

Being remarkably nimble she has managed to evade any aggressive advances encountered in the past. Her reactions are however mostly instinctive and she does not understand the intent behind such actions so she simply accepts them as a reluctance to play (Or sometimes even as part of play itself).

Empty past

She has been alone for as long as she can remember with no recollection of her past or her family. The only parenting she knows is that of the forest itself. Her survival might be accredited to instinct and lithe but it might also have simply been coincidence and luck. Her earliest memories are of following a Song, one which she often still chases.

Lack of verbal education

Not only did she have no parents or relatives to teach her but due to her lively personality she almost never stands still long along for anyone to have a meaningful conversation with her.

Due to not partaking much in such activity her speech may seem strange at times and there are still many words and concepts she has not yet come to understand since most of what she knows was self taught. Consequently she may often come across as ignorant or clueless to the point of seeming stupidity.
However she is always eager to learn and is quite willing to listen if the content of what is being told is interesting enough.

Friendly but aloof

Having been alone from the start she has become use to being by herself and enjoys solitude as much as she does the company of others.
Not knowing what it is like to have a family or close relations she does not fully understand them nor does she easily become attached to others. Consequently it is very unlikely for her to form close bonds with others or become part of any family.
As a result it is also surprisingly difficult to befriend her. Even though she will keep you company for hours as long as play continuous, the moment it stops she will most likely run away. Thus even though she can be quite friendly and affectionate her demeanor might become increasingly more aloof outside of play. Few are able (Or have the patience) to befriend her to the point where she would keep still and keep them company outside of play.


None uncovered yet *Removed for now (Good luck Sticking out tongue If you've found the first one then well done, but please don't reveal what it is just yet, lets not spoil it for everyone else ~<3)



Large antlers

Constant moo'ing
Excessive noise
De Drinkplaats
Standing still
Huge crowds

Friends & Associations

Everyone she meets is considered a play mate but not many are considered close friends.
(List will be updated over time let me know if I left someone out)



Commissions: Open
Art trades: Maybe
Requests: Closed

*Please note that art trades/comissions may be completed before requests :3
*If I have forgotten to add any fanart/writing please let me know

Finished (Newest at top):

Kheiron for Minimuuh
Panda for Pandoras
Ravyn for Ravyn
Imp for Imp
Rowan for Toboe
Flame for MidnightShadows
Ayanel for Ayanel
Kiowa for z.m123
The Guardian for TheGuardian
Friend for Sonata
Sheba for Faunet
Lorque for Muesique
Krym for Seed





Waiting list:

Isac for Declan

PS: Since DA hates invisible backgrounds these will all be on grey, if any of you would like a copy with the invisible background just let me know :3



Don't know what else to add here so for now.... Have a cookie:

♥ Thank you for stopping by :3

FF who knew kiraki would

FF who knew kiraki would cheer chrona up. XD ~<33
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LOL and Plague wasn't really

LOL and Plague wasn't really sure what to do with Kiraki's rambunctiousness while he was with Chrona xD

By Leuvr
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Hehe you two ~

Hehe you two ~<3

It seems Kiraki tends to have interesting effects on others XD

I'm glad she managed to cheer Chrona up a bit :3

Plague was so cute to watch, his reaction was kinda like 'Zomg what is it doing, why is it doing that, why is it coming near me, what do I do with it!'

And yay page two Laughing out loud

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I'm stalking this now

I'm stalking this now mhurhurhurhur >:3 *watches behind a tree*
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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:3 ~

:3 ~<3

*Pretends not to see tail end sticking out behind tree*
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XD lolz. Your background is

XD lolz. Your background is AMAZING, how do you do a pattern in css anyway? I've been wanting to do that, but alas I have no idea.
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")
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/trackbeams and could ya talk

and could ya talk to me over MSN?I saw you added me but I can't find you now on my list D|

.:| Updates || Deers || Art |:.
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~Ggkins: Thankies, I love my

~Ggkins: Thankies, I love my background too ^^ I'm no good with code, but, I think what i did was put something like in the style:

body{background-image: url('inserturlforpichere');background-repeat:repeat;}

You just need a picture that fits nice when it's repeated :3

~Seenya: I -thought- I added you, but I wasn't sure because you don't show up on my list at all ;_;
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If possible , could you give

If possible , could you give me your MSN adress or try to re-add me again?I can't find you on my list as well ;n;

.:| Updates || Deers || Art |:.
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Fixed it

Fixed it Laughing out loud
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boo xD

boo xD
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Eeeep! Sneaky sneaky :3

Eeeep! Shocked

Sneaky sneaky :3

What an energetic cutie xD

What an energetic cutie xD <333
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Hello, little one. Her voice

Hello, little one.

Her voice is quiet, tired. The night is wearing thin, but she isn't fully ready to surrender to sleep yet.

Tired as I am, I enjoyed playing with you for a bit...thanks.
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FishCookie: ~

FishCookie: ~<333 Hehe yes she can be quite hyper :3


”Much fun yes!” The tiny fawn nods happily and gives her a nuzzle before darting off.

(Thank you for taking the time to play with her ~<3)
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Not a problem. I had to cut

Not a problem. I had to cut it a bit short though, my eyes were starting to go "Sleep, damn you."

But I'm stubborn 8D
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Hehe I was half asleep myself

Hehe I was half asleep myself XD No worries Sticking out tongue
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I love this blog because not

I love this blog because not only does it have a lovely biography, but art updates as well. It's like a trip to the candy shop.

She's so very sweet. ♥

And you too! I love your art. c:

Most certainly watching.
Icon Art © Beloved

Oh I think I met Kiraki today

Oh I think I met Kiraki today I was the skull masked, fan pelted, zombie antlered stag called Thunder Cloud if I am not mistaking.
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Serenai: Thank you, your

Serenai: Thank you, your quite the sweet one yourself :3
Hehe candy shops are awesome ~<3

Tanyak: Yes, you were the one dancing by the crying idol right? ^^

Yep that was me.

Yep that was me.
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Yay ^^ Kiraki had a lot of

Yay ^^

Kiraki had a lot of fun with him :3
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Quote:Energy: 200% That made

Energy: 200%

That made me giggle because it's so true xD
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Dag ~

Dag ~<3

Yes sometimes it's hard to keep up XD
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Kiraki: -bounceplaybounce-

Kiraki: -bounceplaybounce- LOLYAAAAYHIHIHI
Malik: >.> /not amused

xDDD I love how he was just staring at her while she hopped and ran around, LOL &hearts

By Leuvr

Your art is wonderful~ Do you

Your art is wonderful~
Do you by any chance take requests? <3
Stark's picture

stalk Track 8D

stalk Track 8D
Kiraki's picture

Minimuuh: Thank you

Minimuuh: Thank you :3

Requests are closed at the moment until I finish those on the current waiting list, but if you want I could add you to the list so long just keep in mind you might have to wait a while.

Stark: *Noms adorable siggy* ~<3

I don't mind waiting^^ and

I don't mind waiting^^ and thanks <3
bio in siggy btw (:
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Ranzakins!! I somehow missed

Ranzakins!! I somehow missed your comment when replying :3

I found it really entertaining as well XD

Hehe well you can't say she didn't try Sticking out tongue

Minimuuh: Added! Your welcome :3
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I ninja'd you |D ... AND

I ninja'd you |D


/has a ded

By Leuvr
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I lolled at that doodle XD

I lolled at that doodle XD

-v- Secrets.. It seems I've

Secrets.. It seems I've discovered one..
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Wonderful ~

Wonderful ~<3 It will stay like this for a while to let others have a chance at finding it too Eye
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Track <3 91 looked her asleep, today <3

Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer
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I just realized I'm not

I just realized I'm not tracking this! D: Blasphemous! WEEEW KIRAAAKIII, she's such a doll-I hope to meet her someday, and you're such a lovely member of this community, everywhere I click you're supporting people and commenting and encouraging, and I just wanted to give you a salute coz seeeriously, you're a wonder~! ♥ ♥ ♥ *salutes*

*MEGASTALKAGE, ENGAAAGE* :B Also, this bio is beautiful! Laughing out loud
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~Solaya: Aww I was wondering

~Solaya: Aww I was wondering who it was! I'm glad you let me know ^^

Thank you for staying with Kiraki while she slept ~<3

~Zebbiekins: AAAAHH YOU ALWAYS MAKE SUCH EPIC POSTS! *noms* Thank you, you always say such nice things, it's awesome ~<3

A track~&hearts; And I love

A track~♥

And I love that picture you drew of Ki and Malik |D
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Yes, it's 91

Yes, it's 91 <3 Kiraki is really lovely, 91 liked her very much Laughing out loud

Avatar by Awentia, signature by Wildflowerdeer
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Panda: Thank you ^^ I love

Panda: Thank you ^^ I love your little character as well ~<3

Solaya: Hehe I'm glad, thank you, it was a lot of fun playing with 91 after wards as well :3

Wanna do an art trade with

Wanna do an art trade with me? :3

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Riza and Kiraki need to play

Riza and Kiraki need to play together ASAP xDDD
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Nopje: Sure! You already drew

Nopje: Sure! You already drew me some lovely art, so feel to request any time ~<333 Of course if you want to draw another one your welcome to do that too but only if you have time :3

OkamiLugia: Hehe yes they do XD Time zones are such silly things :3
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Ki looks so happy there! xD *Inflates moar*

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Yay! XD Hehe of course she

Yay! XD

Hehe of course she is, she has her very own Vee-balloon ^^

*Swings on*

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Click here for substitute

Click here for substitute rainbow sketch since my shape story won't scan right/looked so messy.

As for the other part:
I finished the initial little doodles of kiraki and scanned them.
I just have to colour when I'm back in town after my trip.

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Thank you for doing this, she

Thank you for doing this, she looks really adorable :3

There is no rush, take your time ^^
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I <3 your art... I'll have to get me one of those commissions ;D
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Thank you ^^ ~

Thank you ^^ ~<3

I just wish I had more time to work on them :3
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/steals 100th comment &hearts

/steals 100th comment &hearts

By Leuvr