Xylon's Diary: An Old Friend

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Today I awoke as I always do: in the darkness of a flower field, surrounded by the scents of them. Oh how I hated them, but they fascinated me. I laid among them for a few minutes before heading off to accompany some lonely deer; I don't like to see deer wandering alone, so I lay by them a bit. I soon realize that a friend of mine, Amy, had reached adulthood today and I went to go celebrate with her and Flyleaf, however, I'm too slow and get left behind.

I'm lying around in the tears from the crying idol when I hear a familiar bleat; it's a bleat I hadn't heard in a long time. My heart races along with me, I let out a high pitched moo and I run toward the younger sounding one. My instincts were right, this was the same fawn I had met upon coming into the forest. She (assuming the fawn's a she from the flowers it wears) still appeared the same as she did then: bright, full of energy, always rearing to go; it seemed like I was looking at her with my fawn eyes. I was happy when she recognized me, even though I'm was an adult now.

We played for little, but it seemed like a lifetime. It was like I was a fawn again; it was like I was a carefree fawn, just running freely, jumping with no concerns. But all good things come to an end.

"I have to go..." she said and bowed. She nuzzled me, played around for a bit and then walked away. I stood there and laughed; the friendly hug back wouldn't come out (literally, both because the button was jammed and Xylon kept trying to hug Demon for some reason).

"I don't want you to leave..." I whispered to myself as I saw her walk off, I gave tail right away.

We were standing at the graveyard, the area was full of deer but I barely noticed. Her glow was the brightest thing, the only thing I noticed. The words wouldn't come out; I was just standing there silently: another reflection of my fawnhood.

"Bye" she said as she nuzzled me again, and a tremendous glow came up, I was amazed. She was standing on a grave as we said our goodbyes, I remembered her appearing here several times. I just nodded silently and nuzzled back, unsure of what else to do...

Before I knew it, she had disappeared; something snapped in me. "Wait!" I'd cried before I even noticed, "Don't go, I didn't get to say goodbye!" I didn't know what else to hold her up for, she was my friend, perhaps the one I've had for the longest, and who knows when I'd see her again.

My eyes were dry beneath my mask, but I could feel the burning as I continued to poke at the grave. I was alone again; I was a stranger to the world I walked into once again. As I gave up on trying to bring her back, I could see the world darkening... my vision grew darker and darker...

Until all went dark and I knew that my candles had faded.
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Beautifuuuul Writing from you

Beautifuuuul Writing from you !!!
Dont be sad ; you will see her again Eye
So Sorry that you get left behind Sad
Flyleaf wishes you the best and goodnight !
I looked on ToT forum and found her Eye (Think it is ? )
Her name is Kiraki and she is a SHE !
Look on Life Forum ( Finding Forest Friends List On Page 18 )
In Tot since 10 of mars Eye
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Aww you wrote this

Aww you wrote this beautifully <3 Yes that is Kiraki Sticking out tongue

I knew Kiraki hadn't been in the forest for a bit but I guess I hadn't realised quite how long it's been, she was quite surprised to find Xylon all grown up! But of course she wouldn't forget someone that spent so much time running and playing with her, it was way too much fun Smiling

I am sure they will run into each other again soon Smiling
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Flyleaf did play with you too

Flyleaf did play with you too .
You were a fawn . Right ?
Hope i didn't bother you with helping Xylon Redface
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Thank you both for

Thank you both for replying.

And Kiraki, it's great to finally meet the player behind the fawn; Xylon's hoping to see her again soon. Maybe when my computer decides to work. Also, I think it's been 2 or 3 weeks since Xylon last saw Kiraki, not too much of rl time but a lot of in game time.

And yes Flyleaf, Kiraki was the fawn with Xylon. He missed her a lot, so he spent most of his time following her around.

And I fail at replies, so excuse me if this reply sounds a little awkward.
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that's an epical diary!

that's an epical diary!
The Soul Of Souls
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NOOOO Problem Goodnight my

NOOOO Problem Exclaim
Goodnight my Friend Eye
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Hehe nothing wrong with your

Hehe nothing wrong with your reply Sticking out tongue Yeah it might have been a few weeks, I loose track of time so easily ^^;

Also it was nice to meet Flyleaf as well Smiling