Just a casual server

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I've just made a casual server for close knitted friends, I'm having a long period of trust issues so please only join if I happen to know you ( or just join anyways and get to know every body)
I know there are many discord servers like this but I just want people that can deal with an PTSD person like me, this channel is for programming and other games besides TEF.


Discord: Senpai Bear #7293 (contact me just to let me know who you are.)

PLEASE no drama upon joining I really do not want to deal with any drama.

*Note* I did not mean to offend anyone is any shape or form, I'm sorry about posting a slur within such a context.
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Could you edit the slur out

Could you edit the slur out of this?

made by foxofthestars!

I don't think saying 'fagget'

I don't think saying 'fagget' is a great way to get people to join and it's just downright offensive....
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@Krovtymah: I have reedited

@Krovtymah: I have reedited the post since it wasn't meant to offend people. Can you please edit yours too to get rid of it? Also for next time, one reminder is enough.
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@wending: Thanks wendigo,

@wending: Thanks wendigo, sometimes words slip my fingers but they mean no harm.

I cannot since you hit reply.

I cannot since you hit reply.