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I'm lacking a proper, working art blog and I drew a small sketchy thing. ;;

Too bad I haven’t drawn properly in ages since I can’t really draw the images I have in my head.
This is a character I’ve had floating in my head for a good while. He’s supposed to look dark iridescent, “oil slick” (I miserably failed at the attempt to create the look I wanted..) with smooth coat and some feathers here and there. His frame is very slender and compact, he’s definitely a runner. I’d imagine him being flexible and bendy.
I haven’t designed him any antlers/horns yet and his tail might change as well, I just wanted to give him at least something..
With his eye color, I’m torn between this pale grey or fiery reddish orange.

His coat color kind of resembles the plumage of a common grackle.

Also, it’s not likely I’ll ever use him for anything but ehh, it’s always fun to have pretty characters. <3

For not drawing in ages, this

For not drawing in ages, this is very good~

Keep it up !
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Always happy to see Tuhka art

Always happy to see Tuhka art <3

Stunning, as always!!

You might not have

You might not have accomplished the look you were going for, but the oil slick appearance came off fairly well. It's the first thing I thought when seeing him. The pale gray of his eyes fits really well.

So nice to see your art around again. ♥
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@residualsausade Haha, glad

Haha, glad my rustiness isn't too obvious. Thanks! :>

Thanks, hun. Glad to be making some again, at long last. <3

I'm very content the idea is coming through from this messy scribble. Maybe he'll be a good excuse to do some color practice as well~
And aye, I'm slowly starting to lean for the grey eyes. Balances his rainbowness.. : D
Glad you enjoyyy ♥
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This randomly reminds me of

This randomly reminds me of one your your old old oldoldodlold characters but balder LOL. That navy featherball..was it Nemesis? I can't remember their name 8(

oh my goodness he is

oh my goodness he is absolutely gorgeous. Love those long, slender legs; really gives him that tall and 'fast' look. Also think the coloring came out really well, alongside that POSE. Looking forward to seeing more art of this beaut ♥

You nailed the oil slick.

You nailed the oil slick. Sleek and lovely.
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He's super beautiful! Très

He's super beautiful! Très élégant. Love the design. Looks like he'd be make a really interesting character for the forest!
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@Draak Ohhh god Nemesis yes.

Ohhh god Nemesis yes. D: I drew him ONCE and then never again. All those featherrrsjkdshf.

Aaa thank you, I'm glad you like him. ;; My fingers are itching to draw more of him, only if responsibilities weren't dragging me away for now. |8<

Glad to hear that! Thanks! ♥

Thank you! Yeah, been thinking about making him a forest character, as soon as I'll figure out his personality. We'll see if it'll happen or not. :>
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Good to see new art of you !!

Good to see new art of you !! Always loved your style ! ♥.
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

He really does look like a

He really does look like a common grackle. I also love the idea of the pale grey eyes.

See you in the forest!

This is so beautiful and the

This is so beautiful and the colours are lovely.. always love your art ♥

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Thank you, all &hearts;

Thank you, all ♥