Introducing Pent

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Okay guys, I have a new deer named Pent.

Her helped me choose the pictogram - it should be pretty recognizable:

Basically Pent is.....weird. He's almost oblivious of other deer, unless he needs to get a whiff of them. He's usually talking to some tree, so pay him no mind.

Pent in a nutshell:

He likes big trees.

And don't be surprised if he buttsniffs you.
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D: Quad is...crap. I bet

Quad is...crap.
I bet I'll love Pent, but I'm gonna miss Quad like nothing else. :c I loved him so much, he was so kind. ;_;
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He's really cute. I want to

He's really cute. I want to meet him sometime. Though Quad will be missed I'm sure a new fawn can fill his shoes.
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