Insanity. ~For bluejay17

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So, here's your request. I hope you like it! I was inspired by your RP's, to write about Kamikaze got insane. Well, it doesn't have to be necessarily happened, if it doesn't suit you. However, have fun!
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A bongo was hopping along The Endless Forest, the pinnacle of peace and harmony. But it had it’s own secrets. But that is something what we’re not talking today.

The bongo was a young buck, whose name was... Kamikaze.
Why this name? No one knows, excatly. Only the bongo himself may tell.
Kamikaze had a striking pelt. It was dark brown, with big white stripes on the back. One white stripe ran across his chest, and some small white stripes also ran across his cheeks, and he had a white patch on his forehead. His muzzle, eartips, hoof bottoms were black, and eyes were brown. Quite simple to a bongo. But still, he was like a small, young oak tree. He was a pretty normal being, until something changed it. I’ll tell you more.

As long as Kamikaze was hopping along The Forest, it was peaceful. A simple day full of sunlight and joy. Just like The Twin Gods did. And wanted. They watched their Forest prosper, always keeping over the small animals living in there. Some may be predators, but they are bound to the darker parts of The Forest.
Kamikaze wasn’t bored, in fact, he quite liked exploring. Watching birds fly and chirp along, small squirrels squirting about, and frogs hopping by. All were wonders of nature, and Kamikaze was happy to watch. But if he hadn’t been too... Unaware... All of this would not have been happened.
As days passed, all was quiet. Kamikaze went to trips to The Pond to take sips of drink, The Old Oak for a shady resting place, The Playground for exercise and The Birch for exploring.
But that day, he didn’t notice where he was going. He, as always, was stunned by the beauty and wonders of nature, but he didn’t see, he was going deeper and deeper in this endless forest. The trees passed by, and The Birch didn’t end. But soon, it became darker and darker, like a black night in a yellow coat. Soon, the moon rose. Full moon. Then, Kamikaze finally noticed the strange night. “Oh dear! It is so late already? But... How? Oh my, I have ever never been in this part of forest... Of The Birch... Did I really venture so... Far?“ asked Kamikaze for himself.
„Hehehehee. Maybe you did...“ said a sicklish, but honey-ish voice. Kamikaze quickly turned around to see someone. But he didn’t see anyone from the darkness. Then... He heard footsteps from behind. Kamikaze turned around again, and saw a simple The Endless Forest deer, who was only black.
“Don’t be afraid. I am just only here... For a... Favor.“ the deer said with a casual, but fake voice.
All Kamikaze could do was quite words in front of the shady deer. “Who... Who are you...?“ he asked slowly.
“One who lays in the shadows. But you are here... In the center of the... No matter. Hear me. You need to do a favor. Are you up to it?“ asked the shady deer.
“M-maybe... If I really need to...“ said Kamikaze with a weak smile.
“Yes. Return me the phial of blood, and I shall... Reward you... With some knowledges you seek of nature. If you fail... You have found yourself in...“ said the deer, who didn’t finish his last sentence. He just walked away, leaving Kamikaze confused, a little panicked.
Kamikaze turned around. He only saw darkness. Where should he find the phial of blood? And that sentence was threatening, so it is apt to believe something horrible might happen if he fails.

He left too, to cluelessly search for the strange phial the shady deer was talking about.

He wandered.

And wandered.

In the unknown.

Even in fear.

He looked everywhere, under bushes, under rocks. He even tried to look at the trees if there’s something shining on it. No. It was nowhere.

But still? Kamikaze was almost losing hope, when a phial of... Pure deer blood... Clicked on the ground, right in the front of Kamikaze’s hooves. It obviously fell from somewhere. Kamikaze had no matter where the phial came from, so he just picked it up and fearfully trotted to the meeting place, nervously waiting for the shady deer. It’s presence was just so... Terrifying.
And the deer came.
“You’re a fast one. You got the phial.“ he said, watching the phial in Kamikaze’s mouth.
“Now, just drop it.“ the deer said selflessly.
And Kamikaze, in fear, he did. With an echo of glass breaking, the phial was gone. Broken. Blood flow on the ground, just a tiny bit of blood.
“You failed. You broke it. Now...“ he said with a calm voice, but it seemed threatening. Kamikaze was already shaking. Will he die? Will he?
“Welcome to the insanity. Hehehehee!“ said the deer, and Kamikaze’s vision became blacker and blacker... Until... He collapsed.
He woke up in the simple Birch Forest, as always. Kamikaze rose, thinking it was only a dream. But as he went on to his usual trek to The Pond, he never felt the same again. He was insane... Crazy... Was it true it happened? No one knows. Only Kamikaze himself may. He trotted on, he was usual like before, but different. His speech was more insaner, nothing more. And maybe his actions.

And this strange thing brought him to...

I will read this tomorrow,

I will read this tomorrow, because I have to go now -.-
I'm excited~
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Sure, and I'm excited what

Sure, and I'm excited what will be your thought of it. Eye
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I couldn't wait xD It's

I couldn't wait xD

It's brilliant, I really like this. And I adore the way it's like a story told from someone (I've always liked stories like that ^^) and just... the concept. Your writing style just drags me in!

Definately keeping this, thank you so much~
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Yes. I like writing like a

Yes. I like writing like a storyteller speaks the story, and I'm glad you liked the style. <3
Really glad you like the story. I wrote it when I was quite tired, but somehow, if I am tired, I still do good stories, poems or something like that. (Well, my poems aren't that good.)

No problem! :3
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