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Thanks to Rishawyn(1273) for helping me with the pictures and formating! Smiling

Name : Dindra
Age : 15 human years
Gender : Female
Eyes color : Light blue
Mate/crush : None
Picto : clik hire!

Mother : Miori
Father : Gaselor
Hella : Step sister
Rinta : Step sister
Friends : Rinta

Look : Blue pelt with stars, Orca mask, Gazelle horns.
Personality : Very calm and reserved, but likes to play around with good company.
History : none/upcoming

Likes : Sleep (mostly), play hide and seek
Dislikes : Mean fawns!
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nice Sticking out tongue
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nise bio! Zerash's bio

nise bio!
Zerash's bio

Oh don't worry, Phelan

Oh don't worry, Phelan doesn't really care about fights.
Nice Bio.
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