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Something quick while I work on something big.
Caffeine and heartache don't go well together. If you see me in forest, do drop by to hush the ache.
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Here to peck out your

Here to peck out your headache

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O, healing spirit of the

O, healing spirit of the forest. Thank you for the tapping therapy that you bring to me with them small bird feet.
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^^ Really hope you're feeling

Really hope you're feeling better!

Signature © Draak
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/chef kiss

/chef kiss

Damn. You need to art the

Damn. You need to art the cuss out of this one. And I effing HATE ads, so please mute them, because the substance is the point.

You're like Wildman, Wildmung? (Why do I want to say "Wingman" when I know it's wrong?) In that, you lurked so long before you ever posted anything.

Heartache sucks.

Edit here: WIDMUNG.

Another edit: Changed a curse word to "cuss." Trying to be more mindful about all my cursing when I'm here. Bound to screw up though.
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I've been playing the game on

I've been playing the game on and off with another pictogram since 2011, and had my bigger phases of being present in later years with that character. Then I abandoned that picto because of a personal issue I had with someone here. I posted art on that picto too, but it was a vastly different vibe. If you see anything from the username "Vanilliana" it's my old stuff.

Those two pictos I had were this one and that one, and out of the two, this is the older one I think. It's a more personal one rather than belonging to a character with its seperate soul and existence from mine. So when I'm on I just chill out with a few pals or alone. Mostly semi-afk though, as I'm busy doing other stuff meanwhile.

I'm not home atm but I'll check out the songs you sent on my posts when I get back to my pc. It definitely adds to the experience when someone gets to ride a wavelength through my pictures and then writes it down for me to see. :}

Thanks for the background.

Thanks for the background. I'm too new to know any better and assumed you hadn't posted before. Not everything's still available under your other or previous name btw, but the adult deer in 'Den' was moving. And I can't put my finger on it, but there's a through-line there somewhere.

Sorry to hear you had any issues with others here. A good friend of mine, someone I've known almost my whole life, capiteux, clued me in to this place, and raved about the civility here, which we both crave I think, in all things. It was certainly part of the draw, to explore here and keep coming back. So kudos to you, whatever the reasons, that you remained (and reinvented? Reinvested? Renewed?) rather than abandon it all. *High five*
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It's been a while since then.

It's been a while since then. And besides, the spirit of the place has always been the same. A refuge for people where they can hang out as a deer in a divine forest.

I loved both songs that you sent. The one linked here is precious and heavy, the other linked at the desert pic is beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. I also like the high-fives you give out, I can't help but imagine that it's a goat raising its little goat hooves to give one.

Glad you like what I heard. I

Glad you like what I heard. I liked what you heard too. I'm a big fan of layered/braided arts. We don't think twice about adding music to narratives, to moving images, performance art, why not blend all kinds of arts? I think the blending/layering can deepen, or it can be treated separately, like, independent layers. Big fan.

There's a musician here in the PNW where I live, Willy Vlautin, who's also a novelist/memoirist, but a musician first I think, anyway, he includes soundtracks with some of his novels that are, cussing right ON. And most artists I know are good a all kinds of creative arts, not just one or two. I don't understand why it's not a whole lot more common, or the norm, to layer it all or blend it all. Keep doing it. Keep sharing what you hear. And *High hoof* again (from the pygmy goat wannabe narwahl).