Holly on the Old Oak - A Christmas Wish to the Big Zombie Deer

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Holly on the Old Oak
Story 12

A Christmas Wish to the Big Zombie Deer

The little one poked her head through the snow, looking left and right. She thought she heard someone close, but not getting a good visual of anyone, she stepped out a bit farther. Annabel did not consider to look upward, where Nekumbra was slowly descending on her using her spider silk. "Oh what a pretty dear you are...", the spider spoke, licking her lips. She was just about to pounce on Annabel when Illrose called, "Get away from her!"

Nekumbra detached and landed just above Annabel, and reaching down, she was about to deal the fatal poisonous bite when the much larger Illrose charged at her. The spider doe was struck by the elk's antlers, causing her to hover in the air a moment before striking the snow-covered ground. Illrose stood above Annabel, and Nekumbra, now shaken and disoriented, got on her spider legs and fled.

The doe looked down to the younger one, "Are you okay?", she asked.

Annabel looked up to her, "Yes...what was that though? I didn't even see her...", she replied.

Illrose sighed in relief. Nekumbra didn't bite the young doe. She replied, "Her name is Nekumbra...you must never go near her, she is a dangerous monster. Understand?"

Annabel nodded, but continued to stare at Illrose. The elk wasn't sure why she continued to stare, before the young doe spoke, "That face and those antlers are pretty! I'd love to have a set just like that!"

Illrose was a bit quiet at first, unsure how to respond, before she said, "Oh...well...there's not really a way to get them this time of year...I mean, the Big Zombie Deer himself is the one that gives these gifts, but he goes into his eternal slumber after the Halloween season...", she noticed Annabel start to get discouraged, so she changed her speech, "Err...but we could look and see if he is still in the Forest...sometimes he lingers a bit longer..."

Annabel smiled and nodded, "That would be great! I would love to meet him, it would be a wonderful Christmas gift to have that look!"

The elk thought about this, looking around. She now realized she put herself in a predicament that would be difficult to figure out, since the Big Zombie Deer would have been long gone by now. She certainly didn't want to shatter Annabel's wish, but she didn't know where to start. "Hmm...follow me, we'll ask around and see if anyone has seen him."

So Annabel followed Illrose as they went from deer to deer, asking if they had seen the Big Zombie Deer around. Each shook their head and walked away, until they met Echosong. "Oh, the Big Zombie Deer? Yes, I vaguely remember seeing him...hmm...oh, it was just over where the Blue Bowl was...", she said with a gentle smile.

Illrose tilted her head, "Are you sure? I wonder what he would be doing there.", she asked.

Echosong nodded, "Yes, I definitely remember seeing him there. I think he hides there when he's trying to return to his slumber, so the deer won't crowd him. Follow me, I'll take you there.", and turning, she led Illrose and Annabel off to the Blue Bowl. Illrose watched the little doe, seeing the happiness in her face. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

They went little farther until they were at the Blue Bowl. Peeking between the massive trees that circled the place, Echosong motioned, "There he is. See?". Sure enough, the Big Zombie Deer had not left the Endless Forest yet, his massive zombie antler stuck out of the Blue Bowl.

Illrose nudged Annabel, "Go on, ask him for the set. I know he will give it to you.", she encouraged the young doe. Annabel nodded and approached the sleeping giant, "Umm...Mister Big Zombie Deer? Are you awake?", she asked.

The massive Irish Elk continued to say there, motionless at first. But when Annabel asked again, he groaned and sat up, emerging from the blue cover and looking down at the little doe. "Mrrrhhh...why do you bother me?...what do you want?", the Zombie questioned. Annabel took a step back, "Umm sir, I wanted to ask for a Christmas wish..."

The Big Zombie Deer gave a slight tilt of his head, "I am not Santa Claus, little one...do not disturb me again...", and he rested his head again.

"Sir...I...I just wanted to ask for...the Zombie Set you give...", Annabel now unsure how the Big Zombie Deer would respond. He raised his head, glaring at her with his hollow eyes, and with a snort, he spoke, "No...Halloween is over...leave my presence."

Upset, Annabel ran off. "Annabel, wait!", Echosong called, and chased after her. When the two had left, Illrose approached the Big Zombie Deer, "Now look! You'd better give her that set, or--", she began when the Zombie sat up again, glaring almost at eye level with her, "Why do you disturb me, Illrose? The little one can wait another year for the Zombie Set. I am tired of this Forest and am awaiting my slumber for the year."

Illrose hesitated, and then spoke, "She almost died today..."

The Big Zombie Deer sighed a misty breath, "Is that so?"

The elk nodded, "Yes...there is a doe that is part spider, she--", Illrose began when the Big Zombie Deer shook his head, "Nekumbra...I know her all too well...fine, I will give the little one her gift..", and standing, he walked in the direction Annabel ran off.

Illrose followed behind him until they had found Annabel and Echosong. Annabel looked and saw the Zombie approaching, and standing, she wiped her tears. "Sir, I...I'm sorry I...", she began, when the Big Zombie Deer's body glowed a bright light, and he cast the entire Zombie Set on the young doe. Annabel gasped in delight, not expecting this at all, and looked up to the Zombie.

"Merry Christmas, Annabel...", the Big Zombie Deer spoke, and then turned and headed back to the Blue Bowl. He stopped a moment to look at Illrose with a nod, and she returned one to him before he continued back to sleep.

Excited about the set, Annabel ran and called back to him, "Merry Christmas!"

The End

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This story is up, enjoy!

This story is up, enjoy!

What a sweet story, it was

What a sweet story, it was fun to read. ^^
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Gah, this is so awesome,

Gah, this is so awesome, Illrose trying to threaten Velocity made me smile. xD
But once again you got her personality pretty much spot on, and thank you so much for once again including my character in one of your stories. ♥
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&hearts; This is so cute! Oh

♥ This is so cute!

Oh little Annabel, you crazy child. Thanks for letting her be in your story, Quad, this was fun to read!
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*Clap clap clap* Well done!

*Clap clap clap* Well done!