The Grey Rhino

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For Dad...

The morning light illuminated a vast land, an open plain where light grass grew and isolated trees gave shelter for those who sought it. The air was musky and a light fog filled the place.

There, in the quiet morning, lay an old grey rhino. His body was both wrinkled as well as scarred - he had been through many struggles, but he continued to persevere and live. There were many others that this rhino touched, many lives he saved, many he inspired. The buzzards were already circling his body in the sky - they knew his minutes were counting down.

The old one drew in long breaths, though stopping for nearly a minute between his breathing. He was in pain, and every moment seemed like hours to him.

He just wanted to rest. He had seen plenty of the world, and his wisdom and experience was enough to be told countless stories from. He had done wonders in the world.

The birds above continued to wait for him to draw his last breath, but they were unaware that there were others in this land. Four other creatures arrived, knowing of the rhino's last moments.

An owl who loved him for many years - the two of them spent many days together. They protected each other - she kept him healthy while he defended her from predators. They were truly meant for each other.

A wolf who held him with great respect - he was taught discipline and strength from the old one, and looked up to him as a father. The wolf would be there with the rhino for many days, both surviving and both protecting one another.

A lemur who honored his wisdom - the young creature learned much of the ways of the world from the elder. He treasured the rhino's words and would value many lessons he was given.

And a stag who saw him as a guardian - he came to the rhino for protection, and the gentle creature would offer it freely. The young stag learned the value of sacrifice and generosity toward others from the rhino.

The four creatures watched as their old friend drew his last breaths. They would stay with him, and protect his body from those who wished to desecrate it. The buzzards, seeing as the rhino's body would not be an easy meal, squawked at one another and flew off in search of other corpses.

The rhino drew his last breath, and he no longer suffered. He would never worry again, and his body would never feel any more pain.

The owl, wolf, lemur, and stag prayed to Nature to let him be at peace, for he had brought so much peace to others in the world. He would be honored for many years to come.

The End
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Omg... &hearts ...

&hearts ...

By Leuvr



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*wipes away tears*

*wipes away tears*
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<3 Quad.

That was beautiful, Quad.

That was beautiful, Quad. <3


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I seriously teared up at

I seriously teared up at this...
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I didn't really know what to

I didn't really know what to write, but the rhino is Dad's favorite animal, so I wanted to write about one. The other animals each represent my mom, my brothers, and myself.

The buzzards represent people who were upset with the way we handled things; called out of the blue despite never talking to us; really just people who care about Dad's possessions rather than himself, you know. I don't mean to be so cruel about it but it but you know how people can be at funerals.

Dad gave me an old hunting rifle of his, some aftershave from a collection he had, and 24 years of love and protection. That's more than enough for me.

Thanks for the comments. I hope this was okay, it really was a spur-of-the-moment story.

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This was beautifully written.

This was beautifully written. <3

Aw, Quad. Bless you and your

Aw, Quad. Bless you and your family.