Gifty for Silverpaw15 (Zacharias) <3

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Because you've been absolutely darling these last few days! <3
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I watched her draw this >w>

I watched her draw this >w>
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Goodness gracious Lottie,

Goodness gracious Lottie, you're just getting better and better with each and every picture you post up @.@<333
Zacharias looks amazing, and so does that background. Love his expression and pose 8D

By Leuvr
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This is so cute.
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*nodnodnod* I really like

*nodnodnod* I really like this. The face especially is great!

Also, I'm still smiling that you guys had a tough time pronouncing "Quesadilla". If you were wondering, it's a Mexican thing I really like to eat:

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*Zach happily bounces about,

*Zach happily bounces about, thinking that he looks rather handsome in that picture.*

Thank you, darling! I love it! ^_^