Forest Ambassadors

Uitelger, Urschanabi - true ambassadors for The Forest - and nakijo? and dear/deer friend ruminane! cher ami! thank you for texting me and for all the dancing! merci - vraiment magie! I am not entirely awake/alert, but tried to take screen shots and will post as soon as I can - bon nuit mon amis!

Capi, happy valentines. The

Capi, happy valentines. The only reason anyone else tolerates me is because you're my friend. I heart you big time little deer.

I tolerate you as you aree,

I tolerate you as you aree, rum, where did you goo~ Glad to see you join our forest jig today, and generally bounce about. It's a good sight.

cap, I'm glad rum woke you up so you could join our madness break. Looking forward to those screens. I made a doodle.

And happy Val's to those who remembered it.

wah - no 'action' shots ! I

wah - no 'action' shots ! I only remember to try to capture a picture after the dancing is over !

but still, so nice, being with all of you, deer folk

"I only remember to try to

"I only remember to try to capture a picture after the dancing is over !"
I've been here for over 10 years and it still happens to me.

And yeah, I believe warm gatherings like these are the essence of TEF.
Lovely shots.
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Been keeping this post open

Been keeping this post open in one of my tabs for weeks so that I don't forget to comment (gosh, why am I procrastinating even on the smallest things *facepalm*).

Thank you capi, it's an honour to be titled a forest ambassador. I think there are several 'layers' of interaction in the forest, Ursch just likes to hang out 'closer to the surface', so to speak, where he can greet newbies and chill out with friends who come here simply to relax and have fun.

I did manage to capture some dancing, although I think it was before your deer woke up and joined us. The grey deer's name is nakiju, btw Smiling

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