forest adventures (screenshots)

apologies, I can't seem to find a happy medium resizing these screenshots - they're either too big and they take time to display, or too small and they lose detail - I have zero skills and did my best

Part I: cozying-up to strangers

a statuesque stranger (not sure I was even in their field of view)

a solitary (sad?) stranger (so sorry to intrude if you are/were sad)

omigosh really close to multiple strangers

J!n? (was originally asleep when I stalked and sitting up when I returned, so I tried to stand to say 'hello' and promptly vaporized myself)

Part II: trying to make friends with big rocks

Part III: birds !

with Urschanabi and Uitleger and ?

Part IV: first time casting a pelt ! very exciting !

was happily dancing near a sleeping Uitleger and met a stranger ...

wait, TWO ! strangers

on my way to cast a pelt on the 'naked' stranger - very confident - gonna make it happen -

aaand instead: adiosed Uitleger's zombie pelt

the end: naked stranger stayed naked and Uitleger got brown pajamas - oh well - I'll keep trying

Here's my favorite type of

Here's my favorite type of content - annotated screenshots. Don't worry, by the way, they look good, and besides, we all learn by trying.

Sigh, cap, such a good soul - your enthusiasm in those captions makes my day. I had a laugh at the finale, it inspired me to doodle a rough comic: here

From left to right: Naked stranger, capiteux, OOCer in a mafia wheelchair, and my fawn 'Young' in charge of said wheelchair.
Aand the title of the comic is "Take from the poor - Give to the old."

P.S. The red gramophone deer is RuBear's Shakhmarut, I believe. And the blue gramophone with the red nose..
I'm gonna look up their picto now, looks familiar.
is Heavantide.

thanks for the links to

thanks for the links to others, and especially the 'godfather' sketch ! marvelous !

and I thought the gramophone antlers were cornucopias - they are very distinctive

Glad you enjoyed. "and I

Glad you enjoyed.
"and I thought the gramophone antlers were cornucopias - they are very distinctive"
Oy vey, and I never noticed it all these years because they're empty. You must be right.