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If you decide to change flights, let Quad know and he'll put you under the correct flight listing.

Important messages from the Flight Rising crew here

Scythe introduced me to this game a few days ago, and since then I've become addicted with it. So I wanted to make a blog for us TEF members who are playing. Basically, it's a game all about raising a clan of dragons and battling with them Pokemon style.

You choose from 11 different elements at the beginning, and depending on which you pick, your first dragons will be that element. You have your own dragon god and area on the map based on your element, and you can breed dragons to build your clan and trade with others.

Anyway, check the game out here.

If you're a member and want to be on the list, let me know your username and element and I'll add you. (A link to your clan profile really helps me for linking purposes Eye ) I've got a bunch of TEF members on my friends list on Flight Rising but I'd rather you let me know you want to be on the list than just add you without permission.

Also feel free to talk about this game as much as you'd like in the blog. There's a lot to discuss XD

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*Skitties asked me to add "please let me know who you are when you friend me" due to random friend requests*


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Dragon Rarity List (Thanks to SoliloquyChryseis for this info)

Plentiful Breeds: 15 days

Fae Dragons
Guardian Dragons
Mirror Dragons
Tundra Dragons

Common Breeds: 20 days

Pearlcatcher Dragons
Ridgeback Dragons
Snapper Dragons
Spiral Dragons

Uncommon Breeds: 25 days

Skydancer Dragons

Limited Breeds: 30 days

Imperial Dragons

Rare Breeds: 35 days

Coatl Dragons
Wildclaw Dragons
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Oh! Satori grew up

Oh! Satori grew up today!

Also found another egg, went ahead and hatched it...

But I think I'm going to offer this guy for a trade or for some treasure

Lastly...I made a banner XD

No promises but if I have free time I may make these for you guys too.
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Oooh, Quad, I'm really

Oooh, Quad, I'm really interested in that tundra o-o how much would you like for him in treasure? I don't have any babies up for trade right now, but I have a nest of three mirrors/faes hatching tomorrow if you'd be willing to hold him for me <3
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I'd check the price of 'em in

I'd check the price of 'em in the auction house but it's been incredibly slow today, so...a trade for a mirror would be great for me. I've got four faes and one mirror so that's the only reason why XD but I'll certainly hang onto him for you
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Alrighty, awesome! Thank you

Alrighty, awesome! Thank you so much ;v; here are the outcomes for the mirror and fae couple, if you like monochromes and cool tones I hope you won't be disappointed; [x]
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;________; I didn't realize

;________; I didn't realize what I was about to do until I did it. I bred two my dragons, got three eggs and thought to myself, "I'm not going to be home for two or three days.. I won't have Internet.. My eggs will die... Nooo!" Great....

Okay, so I was feeling a bit

Okay, so I was feeling a bit bad about trying to drag the rest of the FR staff into Thrage's bigotry, but I didn't want to bring it onto the new page. But, apparently, Thrage has NOT been permanently removed from the FR team, he's only taking a "leave of absence" from the site and will be returning as one of their programmers and will have a smaller of a part in the site. He just won't be listed as an admin, which... Really wasn't the main point of the rally against him.

Teeny Requite by Dapper.
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magnanimous: What happened

magnanimous: What happened with Thrage? I think I missed that. o: Bigotry...?
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Mag -- What happened with

Mag -- What happened with Thrage? I'm not very active on the FR forums but I am interested to hear what went down.

I can understand them

I can understand them bringing him back for development purposes though since he does work on the major parts of the actual game. Colliseum and the fairgrounds. he's just going to be on the backends so he's not really doing much, just helping with the games and such. yeah its infuriating. but in the end its also business. and until they find someone to probably replace him in the department that he was in I can see why the would be keeping him on for now.

Being bed-ridden for the last

Being bed-ridden for the last week gave me all the time in the world to go making a hatchery.. Thing. Not getting any bites, but figured I'd put it here in case you guys were interested too.

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Hey Pan &hearts; can I snag

Hey Pan ♥ can I snag that first slot for a pearl baby from Brogg and Hrai? I'll send you 30k up front~
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Babies! So pretty. All

Babies! So pretty. All female. Going to sell the two violet ones for sure, haven't decided on the other two.

Signature by Roo ♥
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I love that top one, she's so

I love that top one, she's so pretty. ;;

How much are you asking?

@ Aquilo &

@ Aquilo & thelittleraven:
Short story of it is that he went on his personal facebook (which has now been deleted) and publicly insulted trans* people (transwomen, specifically), and made light of the fact that he caused someone to have a seizure with jittery effects in one of the flash games he coded. The long story is, well... I'd suggest you read the original post in this thread, and maybe some of the replies. There's no way I can explain it better than that.

I understand that they need a programmer, I really do, but I cannot support them still having him on their payroll or as a staff member of any kind, no matter how small of a role he plays in the total of the site. It's not like he's actively doing work for them right now anyway, since he is currently on a leave of absence and when he does come back, he'll be "On the back end", so either way they don't really have a programmer at this time. Thus, I don't understand why they're keeping him as staff at all with such a large outcry against him.

Teeny Requite by Dapper.
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@Mauvable: I actually hadn't

@Mauvable: I actually hadn't really thought about that yet. Does 20k sound okay?

Signature by Roo ♥
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@Quad; lo and behold, all

@Quad; lo and behold, all three were faes. /facepalm XD
I guess I'll just buy him off of you with currency. Unless you're interested in babies from him and her? I got a lucky 4-egg clutch from their first breeding this morning! They would either be mirrors, tundras, or a mix of both. Their outcomes can be seen here; [x]


Had these three faes hatch from my fae / mirror pairing! Two girls and one boy. All are up for trade / offer if anyone's interested <3

Female - Silver / Ice / Leaf

Female - Platinum / Rose / Gold

Male - Grey / Midnight / Slate
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Second clutch hatched! This

Second clutch hatched! This time both girls.

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Xemmmmmi, what would you like

Xemmmmmi, what would you like for that lil male of yours? I've hopefully got a few eggs hatching in a couple days if you'd like to trade, but treasure works, too.
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All you guys and your

All you guys and your beautiful bebes.
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Xemi - Sure I'll wait for one

Xemi - Sure I'll wait for one from your new clutch, those look like pretty cool color schemes so I'd be curious as to what their outcomes are. If you're alright waiting too XD

Actually, I really like that 2nd female fae of yours, the Platinum / Rose / Gold one! Could I trade you for her?


Also Quad and Anirapio had some babbies...

Both are females and are up for trade/sale.

Really weird, since I've been playing, I've never had a female fae or a male guardian! All my faes are male and all my guardians are female XD
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WS; Hm 0: which two are you

WS; Hm 0: which two are you breeding? I tend to be picky with hatchlings though OTL <3 I'd kind of like 20k for him otherwise, he's quite pretty. I'm so fond of the dark tones ;__;

Quad; Sure! c: I'll send a trade over right now. ♥
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Perfect! Thank you XD I

Perfect! Thank you XD I finally have a female fae, and thought she looked close enough to Zephyr on TEF, so I named her that.

Now to find some 'fashionable' accessories for her to wear when she's older Eye


Nightshade and Hex just bred four eggs XD...should be some pretty interesting colors of faes and guardians from them too
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Xem- and I'm breeding

Xem- and
I'm breeding these two again, because they had quite lovely babies last time (in my opinion). As far as I can tell, though, they'll breed the rainbow :|
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Ws; Hmm 0: I would love to

Ws; Hmm 0: I would love to get a male guardian, or maybe a female fae out of that.. sure c: if I like the outcomes I'll probably trade my male fae to you for one of your babies :3
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Kewl. If they breed somethin'

Kewl. If they breed somethin' ya fancy, great! If not, I have 20k c:
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WS; Awesome! I'll hold him

WS; Awesome! I'll hold him for you until then ^^
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Found a plague egg this

Found a plague egg this morning and hatched out this pretty boy. Think I'll keep him. /collect all the dragons sob
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Mrghh...still no updates on

Mrghh...still no updates on the bug involving treasure being lost through messages. I'm incredibly frustrated about this because I've been trying desperately to recover the 300K lost so I can get it back to PLK (or to get the Spiral scroll he wanted), but after doing some math, I'd have to do 142 easy puzzles just to get to the amount. It seems incredibly hopeless and I'm getting more and more frustrated that nothing seems to be getting done about the situation.

It would be different if the Runestone game was working or the Shock Switch game was out of beta, but all I really have to work with is the jigsaws and after doing 3 or 4 of them you get tired of it.
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Quad; No, thank you! I love

Quad; No, thank you! I love this guy, he reminds me so much of one of my favourite characters ;__; I'm glad that my girl's got a good home ♥

Viral; oooh how much would you like for her? I looove those colours omg

Would 15-20k be alright? Alternatively I can trade you one of my tundra/mirror babies when they're hatched, it's a clutch of four and it's mostly blues / cool tones. You can check them out if you scroll up a little to where I was talking with Quad c:

;; 15 would be perfect c:

;; 15 would be perfect c: x.x kinda want to clear out all my hatchlings that are around my lair before i get any more ;; plus trying to save up for a pearl catcher scroll to change some of my dragons.
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Alrighty, sounds great! I may

Alrighty, sounds great! I may not toss a trade over until later though... >>' FR's running at the speed of a... er.. slow thing.. reaaallly slow thing. I don't wanna insult snails. e__e'

Not a problem i've got a

Not a problem i've got a couple things i need to do before heading out today so when ever your ready c:
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So I have a few babies for

So I have a few babies for sale or trade!

This boy is a first gen, if that matters at all. c:

-- Female

-- Male

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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Sleepything: I absolutely

Sleepything: I absolutely love thaf tundra male! ;u; What are you interested on trading or paying for him?
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Hmm! Does 10k sound right to

Hmm! Does 10k sound right to you? I'm not totally sure how pricing works on here so if that's too much, just name your price and I'll accept. c:

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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anyone else been having

anyone else been having trouble with the auction house? I've been getting internal server errors all day.
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I was convinced to keep the

I was convinced to keep the coal fae, but I'm still trying to sell these two and can't access the auction house for the life of me. Is anyone interested in either of them? 10-15k would be awesome, but I'm also open to best offers. Just let me know.
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So uh, this website has

So uh, this website has sucked me in (I'm Apel there), and now I got three Guardian hatchlings, all unnamed, that I'm looking to sell, in case anyone here would be interested.

Platinum/Fire/Orange, female
Not sure what to think of this one really, but who knows, maybe she fits someone's tastes? ~10-15k or so, no idea

Coal/Goldenrod/Sunshine, male ~25k

Obsidian/Brown/Orange, female
Quite fond of this one, might keep her, not sure yet. ~30k

Also got this dude, who's unnamed and a generation 1 if anyone cares about that. ~20k

The prices are flexible, I have no idea what I'm doing rofl.

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Have to show off my new baby.

Have to show off my new baby.

Got her as a fae off the auction house, first gen' and all, for 15k. Going to use her in a red/black breeding project. :'D Soexcitehnngh
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Oh noooo all these pretty

Oh noooo all these pretty hatchlings.. might consider taking one of them Apeldille. Thinking about it.

[e]: I'd take the 1st gen Fae off your hands.. Offering 20k.
Apeldille's picture

Alright, sounds good to me!

Alright, sounds good to me! Hopefully I got the crossroads thing right.

Unplugged's picture

Well, looks like I'm broke

Well, looks like I'm broke again. Thanks!! I have plans for the boy.
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Apel, let me know if you

Apel, let me know if you decide to keep that Obsidian female. Otherwise I'd love to trade/buy her from you. ;;
gemstone's picture

rather disappointed that

rather disappointed that people felt that fr's drama needed to be brought here, especially now that the fr community is working on getting past it.
icon from mortgraphics.
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Fin: Feel free to take her, I

Fin: Feel free to take her, I should be saving up treasure, not hoard dragons, haha. What are you offering? :]

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went ahead and signed up

went ahead and signed up under 'illuminate'.

then oxymoron'd myself and aligned with shadow. sob.
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Clare; joooooin uuuuus >:3

Clare; joooooin uuuuus >:3
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Is anyone having a ton of

Is anyone having a ton of trouble looking at the auction house? Even when 1600-1700 users are on it just refuses to load, and I get server errors on it all the time. Everything else is still pretty slow, but it's not nearly as consistently awful as the auction house.

Also, who wants to take an ugly baby (at least the eyes kinda go with it?) off my hands for 12-15k since the auction house is being a dumb?

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So this game just sucked me

So this game just sucked me in today 8D
I'm riddledrhyme on there, element's plague

NO CLUE what I'm doing.. though just got a nest out of these two.. I'll probably want to sell that Tundra female when she's done with the nest or whatever..