First Day (many images!)

pretty monarch. the first i found 'awake'
we played a bit, and then they rested

another fawn!
we became friends, i think


how did you get up there?!

playing at the spring

resting after an eventful day

i couldn't leave my friend alone, so i left the pc on overnight
and they were still here in the morning!
but i heard a commotion and needed to investigate...

!! a gathering?

i still don't know!
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This is so sweet, I love

This is so sweet, I love screenshot-diary entries like this! More please Laughing out loud

i'm happy you enjoyed

i'm happy you enjoyed them!

a few more from not long afterwards:

took friend to the spot the others were gathered earlier, but everyone had already left
nevertheless, we received the blessing(?) and frolicked

being a creep at the lake?
also, the season is different!
i like the springtime(?), i get lost in the fog

trading flower crowns

and masks - the white bulbous one makes a funny sound!

some connection issues, but so long as we waited by the spring we could meet again.

although perhaps i spent too much time at the enchanted spring, for whenever i left the fairy ring i would become a frog! the issue resolved itself eventually...

it became cold and gloomy, so i decided it was enough for today.
hope you're not waiting too long, friend;
let's meet again when the grass is green!

Amazing - your keen eye for

Amazing - your keen eye for picture composition and framing is magickal

!! thank-you! i tried to crop

!! thank-you! i tried to crop them nicely, i'm happy you noticed! \o/

your comment inspired me to play photographer~

my first subject! i couldn't help but notice how cozy they seemed nestled beside the tree

the second's vivid coat caught my attention!

such a mysterious look~ their name is lovely, too

unique! i haven't seen a face like this before

!! an imposing, but regal look!

a couple amidst the ruins~

i found this one particularly lovely

i wasn't expecting to meet one awake! they have a very fun look~

they beckoned me beneath the bridge...
(again i've become a frog)

and lead me down a mysterious path...

to shower in the tears!
( it allowed?)

everyone has such a cool look, i want to change my coat too T__T!
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These are all really lovely!

These are all really lovely! it's making me want to experience the forest with fresh-eyes again. Love how they're cropped as well, aaaand loving all the little captions <3
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Ohh my goodness, this post

Ohh my goodness, this post has made me smile so much. Thank you for taking all these beautiful photographs, i love photo journals! Hearing about your experiences in the forest is very heartwarming.

That was my deer "P" that played with your fawn under the bridge : )
He was so happy to meet you, we hope to see you again soon.
What is the name of your cute little fawn?

Welcome to the forest!

I was worried it might be a

I was worried it might be a bit spammy, so I'm happy you're enjoying them \o/ It's fun to write them!

Oh!! I thought the symbol resembled a 'P'! I was happy to meet as well!
To be honest I hadn't really thought of a real world name. I think her symbol resembles someone waving, (or a bud growing out of the soil?) so I imagined it meant something like 'hello!'.

But maybe I should think of a proper name?

-------------------------------------------------------- day 3

note: sorry if the following images won't load, imgbb seems a bit slow today, maybe try back later!

Yesterday I was messing around with reshade (so apologies if I was slow and crashing, friend!) and suddenly noticed someone at the pond!

an adult! at the pond!

what will they become?
we played as squirrels and bunnies and birds, but our commotion must have awoken friend!
in my excitement to greet friend, the adult vanished.
i don't know what they truly looked like, as it seems the area around the pond removes all costume...

why is it always a frog?!
and why, always fog...

prancing about!

we greeted many, but these were the only awake.
for some reason i got the feeling they didn't want to play.
maybe it was my prejudice? the adult looked a bit devilish!

i now realize what P was attempting to show me, and feel a bit dumb!

playing with masks, mushroom trees are the best!

and back to the pond.
it turns out crows can talk, too!
we caw'd until we could caw no more.
(apologies to anyone sleeping nearby)

no photo but, i got terribly lost in the fog today. i couldn't find the pond at all! but friend showed me how to listen to the forest and find your way back home.

i took a lot today... so

i took a lot today...

so cute!! how did they get up there...

such a vivid color!


friend is here!

i like the layered effect of this one

deep in the forest we heard a call
the fog is foreboding, but we must follow it!!

it's P!! \o/

p gave us cute coats!

a stroll by the lake


a nice view~

let's enjoy it

silly faces

we became triplets!!

triplets prancing

friend is looking very lovely!

shining lambs

shining lambs chase p!!

i thought to take advantage of the fog and play hide and seek

but i don't know if they understood my intent

i felt a bit guilty here... sorry friend! The The link is a quick animated gif. I didnt catch the rainbow that appeared by the spring the other day but i saw flying fish recently Smiling

!!!wait omg it's you, friend

!!!wait omg it's you, friend !! hello! i love the timelapse! \o/ i saw rainbows the other day too, it seems like the spring is always changing. the lightning spooks me sometimes though ahaha

it's springtime! it feels

it's springtime! it feels like ghibli!

unintentionally posing for the picture?

i found friend in a different fairy circle today

are we intruding on something?

daily prayer

hooray for springtime!

stop and smell the flowers
i just really love the colors in this area, it's like a painting!

as we played in the ruins a beautiful figure caught our attention
after exchanging the customary bows, they began to lead us...

checking back frequently to be sure we were following!

to a large meadow filled with flowers~
(perhaps we weren't supposed to play in the ruins)

we enjoyed the space until it was once again time to sleep
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ohh my goodness, we just saw

ohh my goodness, we just saw your updates with additional screenshots. Ahh how adorable this is! It really makes us so happy to see your fawn enjoying life in the forest so much. And thank you for including us in your adventures. It is such a special experience to be a young fawn in TEF

We hope to see you again soon love! <3