[[Fill the cup with the tea, pour it all the way to the top where you will spill it if you put in one more drop.]]


The Glass Cannon, Takin, Billy
Scent. Twenty-Three.
2016-11-01. 9 years old.
TEF deer, Takin influence.

Timid, Helpful, Polite, Insecure, Tearful, Vulnerable, Overreactive
Exaggerated Expressions, Reserved, Not Self-expressive, Diligent
Strong Willed, Caring, Emotional, Empathetic, Selfless, Overthinking


Unable to control his own strength which causes him to hurt himself. Capable of learning but hasn't practiced properly nor had a reason to yet.

Currently wears bags and a mouth cover (remains around his neck unless in use). Mask is slightly associated with magic (undetectable), keeping his identity concealed when worn properly. Omni-like material (Mass Effect) form around him like armor when using the mask. Also seen wearing a flowercrown made of lavender and willow bark (from tig).

Bandages, alternative masks, notebook, pen, sigil coin, and a little heart-shaped card (from tig) are stored in the bags.

IC. Damage always accounted for.
Bio art by tigerart27.

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