Fawn Sketches

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I started the game last night and, while I'm learning everything, I decided to go ahead and make some sketches of my fawn. I named him Huyu, and I loves him lots.
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(especially the sleeping one)

keep drawing!

Those are very good

Those are very good pictures, and welcome to the forest ^^
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Aw those look so cute! I

Aw those look so cute! I really love your style allready Laughing out loud Welcome to the forest! I'll certainly look out for you ^^

Oh my! Your style is simply

Oh my! Your style is simply adorable! They are so cute. Great use of emotion and pose. What I especially like about these drawings are the eyes. I'm a sucker for the simple black eyes! May I also point out the legs look very nice as well.~
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¤~Mãjor.†.Rûnë~¤ welco

welcome to the forest! I love your pictures sooooo kawaii =)
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You're a very good

You're a very good cartoonist. Smiling The fawn is utterly adorable.
[pixel deer by Aldebaran]
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Cute! They look just like my

Cute! They look just like my new cartoon drawings! Hopfully I will see you in the forest!
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Pega: Well, whaddya know;

Pega: Well, whaddya know; found you. XD
Heyo! Smiling

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