A fawn i am.

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So this is me, Spy the fawn. Just some little things about my expirience when i got on this evening.
I went to the forest to find these guys.

We just danced for awhile and i just practically hung around with them.

Ah, good days. Here is me running around a tree! What good exersize! right?

Here is when i got a white pelt. I look like a lamb. ?mary had a little lamb?

O..o floating deer.........wow.

So that was the last screenshot. Then my game stopped working and it stunk because i was having a good time. Oh well! But anyways, that is my short expirience on The Endless Forest.
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That's Trinket in the air. I

That's Trinket in the air. I got a few closeups of him because of that. =]
Oh, and I'm Magnet. Nice to meet you.
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Nice to meet you, Spy! I'm

Nice to meet you, Spy!
I'm that brown & gold striped deer who has his head buried in the ground in the second picture. XD
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Pleasure to meet you! I see

Pleasure to meet you! Smiling I see me in the last one and second to last one. I'm the deer with the red mask and candles.

So that was YOU, Adagio!

So that was YOU, Adagio! :0

I'm the other gray deer with darker grey antlers. (Vipin) =D
Pleasure to meet you! ^^