Excuse Me 'Mam, You Dropped Your Esophagus *New Artwork!*

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Do you like Sandwitches ?
Alert the villagers.

Pictogram: (very distinct)
Name: Lunchmeat
Gender: Male
Birthday: July, 20th
Likes: talking, rain, trees, fawn, good listeners, deer calls, muddy water,
Dislikes: Easily agitated Deer, Tripping, Being talked over, Missing out, Dead Flowers,
Religion: Lutheran
Favorite Foods: tree fungus, peanuts, coconuts,
Hobbies: prancing, sleeping, eating, chasing rabbits, chasing after fawn, dancing, wading in the pond, group dances,
Favorite Musics: Psychedelic Music, Dethmetal, Techno, Alternative,
Mate: No female is going to want something that smells like that!

Would You Like Fries With That?:

Lunchmeat is an incredibly sociable deer despite his disposition. He is very intellectual and has a lot of incite on what it truly means to be a deer in the world of today. Often, he chats other deer's ears off with many wonders of the world he has discovered. Of coarse, he hasn't seen any of these wonderful thing he loves talking about. Lunchmeat is completely blind. He was captured many years ago by a taxidermist and thought to be dead, his eye holes were sewn shut. Since you can not kill what is already dead, Lunchmeat has had to go on living his life absolutely blind. Needless to say, it has not discouraged him from his daily life. Lunchmeat is for the most part, non-confrontational, but when it comes to getting something he wants, he won't hesitate to gore what or whom ever is stopping him. Some animals don't particularly like humans, but Lunchmeat is convinced he is someone's pet. Poor thing never gets a positive reaction when trying to get a snuggle out of a person. Lunchmeat also happens to have a rather boring past, nothing all that scarring happened, in fact, Lunchmeat can not remember anything past the point of being bitten by a zombie stag and becoming one himself. He's not a vegetarian as you can imagine, Lunchmeat may ingest some smaller animals maybe like birds, or small rodents. It's nothing personal, it's just better than chomping on your fellow deer.
...If your wondering about Lunchmeat's name...you haven't smelled him quite yet have you?

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that has to be one of the

that has to be one of the cutest drawings ever.
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Best. Name. Ever. Seriously,

Best. Name. Ever.
Seriously, Lunchmeat is, without a doubt, one of the most creative.... things I've seen on this site. x3
As for the backround... durrr.... I dunno ^^; Grey? Light red?
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Kaoori: Thank you so very

Kaoori: Thank you so very much! Deer are pretty difficult for me! I really appreciate that!

GingerNut: Haha! Thank you! I didn't know what to call him... D: I found Lunchmeat quite a fitting name! C: I really appreciate you saying so, thank you!
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How lovely~ As usual, the

How lovely~ As usual, the drawing pleases me. The title is very amusing.

If he'd like those stiches removed someday, (a possibility) Atvana particularly likes working with thread.

The scent shouldn't be a problem.

What a lovely one~

Mmm, already quite fond.

Also, your signature made me giggle.
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So cute! ^^ Consider this

So cute! ^^ Consider this your track <3

Pfff, adorable! I know

Pfff, adorable! I know someone who would love him~ xD
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Lunchmeat can chat all four

Lunchmeat can chat all four of Hala's ears off if he would like. c:
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Serenai: O: How absolutely

Serenai: O: How absolutely sweet. Atvana, what a beautiful name! Lunchmeat is a tad on the shy side, but once he meets someone he likes he chats to them about all of the world as he knows it! They must go somewhere together sometime! Lunchmeat also wants to thank you for liking my signature, he thinks he looks very good between two whole wheat loaves.

Imp: Thank you so much! I really appreciate it Imp!

MrsMorbid: But of coarse, Lunchmeat must meet new buddies. I think I left him chillin' out by that marvelous giant tree (to protect him from the rain!)

Halafax: Four ears? Laughing out loud That is absolutely Lunchmeat's dreams. More ears = more talking to do.

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Hey there! My character Demon

Hey there! My character Demon met you! ^^ *Tracking*
Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring.
Forget Your Perfect Offering.
There Is A Crack In Everything.
That's How The Light Gets In.

(A part of the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Song "Anthem")

I saw him today! Lol, I'll

I saw him today! Lol, I'll say next time :3
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I'm not surprised you guys

I'm not surprised you guys saw him! I had him belting all around. I love making deer calls and getting other deer's responses. xD

Thank you two!
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OHMG I WANT TO MEET HIM!! A deer with the name Lunch Meat is totaly a must see in my list!
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Thank you! Right now, he's

Thank you! Right now, he's sleeping in the graveyard. xD I'll probably move him in a little while.
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Love it Hope to see

Love it Hope to see Lunchmeat around the Forest, he sounds delightful.

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Awww so cute

Awww so cute Laughing out loud
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Oh yes. xD The name. It's

Oh yes. xD The name. It's simply two words thrown together. Purely symbolic.

Indeed. <3 Nothing bothers dear Atty. It'd love such conversation.

He looks dashing.
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MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I LOVE lunchmeat...I had some the other day.
My gran used to always get it for her dog, that was the first time I tried it, since then everytime I go out with my mum to a place were there is a butcher shop I nag her to buy me some XD
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Haha, thank you everyone! I

Haha, thank you everyone! I really do appreciate it!
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... You artwork is always so


You artwork is always so cute. ♥
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This is adorable.

This is adorable.

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