An Exciting yet Calm Day

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Magnet: I seem to be taking over the journal lately...
But I have good reason this time.
Scape: Gasp! You're no longer a midget! O.O
Magnet: ...indeed. And thanks for spoiling the journal. XP
Scape: Hey, what're brothers for? X]
Magnet: do realize my antlers are bigger than yours. =P
Scape: ... >.> Point taken. Proceed.
Magnet: Thaaaanks. XP

Anyway, before someone interrupted me... (Scape: *pretends to be studying a flower*)

I awoke in the shallows of the lake like usual, only I noticed something different right away. There was extra weight to my head, and my reflection confirmed why.

O_O Antlers. And not just from the lake teasing me again!
In celebration, I took a lap around the Forest at top speed to test my Stag legs. I was a lot faster than before, and didn't grow tired for once!
I couldn't wait to find other deer to see their reactions, but, in an uncharacteristic streak of mischief, I decided to follow through with a little trick I'd thought up some time ago, just for this day. I switched to fawn, and found a group of deer at the Crying Idol. I made sure they saw me enter the Idol, and when I reappeared, I emerged a full-grown Stag. (Of course I grabbed a few pictures while I was in there.

Seems a love of taking photography is something Scape and I share.)

I may have given Pepokeen a heart attack. XD
But apparently he found it funny and wasn't mad, because he helped me get my set. =D

Thanks again!

In return, he wanted a certain mask. It seems spells were being stubborn today, for it took awhile for us to get the ones we wanted.

..don't ask. XD

Pepokeen seemed to be looking for someone, because he kept calling out and listening a lot. It seems they weren't around, though, so he was upset. =( I attempted to cheer him up:

"Demon tree's gonna get you!"
It seemed to work, at least for a little while.
Then we became carousel deer.

Pepokeen left then, so I took my time wandering the Forest, studying the different plants along the way.
I found myself in the Poppy patches near the Ruins.

Scape was right; they are quite beautiful.
A fawn and I think Taiko (picto wasn't showing) came up to me there, and we danced for a bit, until Taiko took off, the fawn following. With nothing better to do, I went to go sit in the patch of sunlight for awhile, just thinking.
I even sat on the pedestal in the Ruins, letting the calm of this place wash over me. I soon felt myself growing thirsty, so decided I'd go back to the lake. I took my time in getting there, though, wanting to study my surroundings. I couldn't help but feel I was being watched, though. Hmm... I had noticed another deer nearby when I'd departed from the Ruins. Could they have been following me? I caught glimpses of them out of the corner of my eye along the way. That picto was familiar... Stelmaria? I'm not sure what to make of that.

Anyway... I got stopped twice on my walk, by this one fawn the first time, and the second time when Barwick came up to me (He was surprised by my growth spurt, too. XD), along with that same fawn I think, and then another fawn. And both times, we danced. I can only dance for so long, though, so after awhile I bowed out of each dance, bowing again to signal my departure.

I finally reached the lake, quenching my thirst and splashing around in the shallows. I even tried my dead man's float again.

I decided I'd walk in the river to the Crying Idol. Allowing its twin waterfalls to wash over me, I sat in its shadow. I have a strange attraction to the lake, though, and soon found myself in its shallows once again. It was there I met Jen's deer. He was way above my head at the time. O.o But he soon drifted back to the earth and we goofed around by combining sniff with other movements. Would that be called "sniff-glitching"? X]

After enough of that, he led me over to a group of deer. I didn't know any of them, except for one or two of the fawns I'd danced with before, so I was slow to approach. But I'm glad I did, because while observing another deer (Kelvana I believe?), I was able to figure out how to moon-walk on command. =D You have to be turning first before you start walking backwards!

We were pretty close to the Ruins, and once again I found myself at the previous site of Run's Memorial. I had never met Run, but from what I hear about her, I wish I had.

Well...I met the Deermuda Deer. And their powers are, well, freaky. Gravity doesn't exist to them apparently! They kept drifting into the air, on command, without even having to run while jumping. And they turned me into a dove. O_o But I got closeups.

And this is what Pega did with them:


I figured this was meant to make me fear the powers of the Deermuda Triangle. Well, hate to tell you this D-Deer, but I'm immune.

Defying the Triangle's power in front of D-Deer.
I don't think they were happy about that, because they kept following me as I made my way to the lake again, randomly drifting into the air. I just found it amusing, so I laughed, bowed, and continued on my way.

Back to the shallows with the Dragonflies for me. I'll probably be back later.

Until next time.

Magnet!!!! im so happy 4

Magnet!!!! im so happy 4 u!!!! ur grown up, i like ur set as well, i wish i could have been there but my human went on holidays for her weekend and where she stayed the computer was very SLOW and she wasnt allowed to download the forest, :'( but she did see the map and guess who she saw on it? your brother Scape, that actually made her pretty angry that she wasnt at home on her forested computer(forested? dont ask it was my humans word not mine), but anyway ill just have 2 make up 4 it next time
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Tehe. Yep, that was

Tehe. Yep, that was Stelmaria. x3

Happy Stag day as well! I wasn't sure if that was Magnet or not when I spotted that golden stag, so I kind of just... hung around a bit to see it it was you (Stella remembers meeting you recently as a fawn. Such change!)

<3 <3 <3
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@Ammy: Magnet: Pega gets the

Magnet: Pega gets the same way when she sees the map when there are deer Scape or I know in the Forest but she's in class. ^^; I guess I could let you bombard me with spells next time we're both in the Forest. XD
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@Fincayra: Magnet:

Magnet: Understandable. XD Meeting-day Fawn, next day Stag. But it felt like I had a stalker. O.o

Ammy:im gonna bombard u

Ammy:im gonna bombard u wether u like it or not! well if u dont like it ill stop but.....yea*human slaps forehead sadly* yep that was my human alright "Pega gets the same way when she sees the map when there are deer Scape or I know in the Forest but she's in class" she was just sitting there banging her head with her palm, her dad gave her a funny look as well. Sticking out tongue.

hey Ammy dont tell them that........... its..................... embarassing..........*hides*

Ammy: *pokes with nose* thats as close to a poke i can get without cousing serious bruising

Happy stag day Magnet!

Happy stag day Magnet! Laughing out loud

Sorry for my aloofness! I didn't even see Magnets neat trick. D: Today was just one of those days I wanted to rest by the crying idle or Run's memorial site... Seem'd a bit rude on a stag day though. D:
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I find it interesting how

I find it interesting how you seem to think I am plural!
And it is also interesting how you think you are immune. Not only was the illusion of floating and multiple deer cast upon you, but there is other evidence as well.
As my studies near completion, I'm afraid you were the guinea pig!
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Happy stag day! Yes that was

Happy stag day!
Yes that was me, I had seen you trying to moonwalk before so I kind of exaggerated the turning part, hoping you'd catch on. Yay, I actually taught someone something!
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@D-Deer: Magnet: Oh, really?

@D-Deer: Magnet: Oh, really? I hadn't seen, heard, smelled, nor felt a change to the air, and I certainly didn't feel different, nor was I unable to move around normally, so I must conclude that I wasn't effected....Lieka. Your use of the username Serpanther has given you away.
http:// i265.photobucket. com/albums/ii221/Serpanther/Forum%20Stuff/TEF_Deermuda_20080427_025205_339x42.jpg
Either you are Lieka in another form, or you both have the same human.
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Sorry, old news

Sorry, old news there.

Deermuda (On the TEF forum) wrote:
I'm afraid, Jen and all you others that are thinking it, you are mistaken. I'm not Liëka. If you are judging by the photobucket account, I don't own one so I asked ****** if she would mind me using hers. It's quicker than making a new one.
Though of course, there will always be some you will never believe.

Though of course, there will always be some you will never believe. *shrugs* That's the way it is. And frankly, I couldn't care less either way! I know the truth.