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So, this month has been... interesting. Maybe that's the wrong word, stressful and emotionally-taxing might be a bit better. But I don't want to write out a big, long... post/blog/whatever about it and torture you with it, so... I won't.

Right, I have a billion screenshots here, so I figured I might as well put them to use and show them off. Speaking of which, I've made a new photobucket account to keep close-ups in (yay for multiple e-mails!), since it seems like every time Sqish plays at the playground, I end up with a ton of close-ups of everyone. So Echo and Sluggs, go here and you can see your close-ups Smiling My favorites are the ones where you're fawns. Especially the one where Sluggs looks like he's ready to pounce.

But I'll let Sqish take over, now. As usually, feel free to comment about... whatever. But let's refrain from the stupid/challenging questions this time around. You'll have to post those on my last entry XD EDIT: Hey, if anyone happens to have close-ups of Sqish in his new set, I'd love to have them. Thanks ^^

Alright Journal, I want to start this off on a good note; I got a DotD mask! It was a miracle!

Last night I was following Sluggs around and worrying, when I ran into this deer in the ruins. I stopped, greeted him, and in return he cast that mask on me! I was so thrilled, I nuzzled him for ever. I think the mask goes great with my ninja-deer set, plus whenever it's on I feel special :3
But today was just as fun. When I first woke up, I noticed two Pepokeens or who I believe to be Pepokeen... in the forest, and when I went to investigate, I found out they were multiplying!

Yep, that's right, count 'em, four.

And after the line dance, I got mobbed by Pepokeens! I would have used my wicked ninja-deer moves on them, but I didn't want to hurt anyone, so I resisted. But I am very much looking forward to seeing Pepokeen in the forest again, as long as he keeps his clones in check. I certainly don't want to have my new mask stolen.

Sluggs showed up in some very strange attire after the party. Invisi-deer!

Some more fun with Sluggs and Echo! The two of them are very photogenic, they always seem to be doing something amusing.

Twins! I don't know who the other deer in the second picture is, but I wish I did. We had a lot of fun that day as twins, but last time I ran into him he didn't really seem to remember me. I guess it's to be expected, there are many names and pictos to remember these days.

I was very surprised that I heard no one talking about this day. It was a day of two before the last Abio, and me and some other deer stumbled upon a zombie gathering. If my memory serves, it was Cyric who was leading the council in all his glory, watching us bow before him. And then, out of no where, a tiny little fawn trotted onto his stage, and started dancing beside him, ignoring Cyric like he wasn't even there. That is one of my favorite memories, actually.
Oh, dear, it seems I've given more of a commentary then a journal entry, but I guess I'll just have to stick with what I have. Maybe someday I'll get used to this whole writing thing.
Much Love,
Sqish (that's Sqish with no U in it, thank you very much. I am not squishy. :/)
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Playing in version 3.0 of

Playing in version 3.0 of TEF = Transparent Deer + Sit-sliding everywhere, without the need for joysticks!

Sit-sliding in version 3.0 is so easy!

PS. Yay for you, getting that special mask! *Wonders if it was one of the Gods who gave it you*
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Quote:Playing in version 3.0

Playing in version 3.0 of TEF = Transparent Deer + Sit-sliding everywhere, without the need for joysticks!


*runs off to download 3.0*

So you're the owner of that

So you're the owner of that pictogram. *drills into brain* >=D

Your mask, give it to me. >:U
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I was the other deer dancing

I was the other deer dancing with you (Sqish) and the multiplying Pepokeen's! I had to leave as you were being surrounded by them all!!!!
I was really thrilled to see a picture of myself on here!!!! (big grin!).
Cheers for that!!!

: )
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Sluggs: I almost feel like

Sluggs: I almost feel like downloading that version so I can sit-slide :3

Pepokeen: Whenever I read your comment I yelled out "Neva!" very loudly XD. But hopefully we'll meet up again in the forest soon.

Elmo1476: Seeing a picture of your deer is always awesome, I get giddy every time ^^.
I've seen you in the forest before, though, I've just never had a chance to play with you! I'll look out for you next time I'm in the forest.
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Hi there! Next time I'm in

Hi there! Next time I'm in the forest I'll keep my eyes peeled for you (makes note of your symbol)
See you in the forest! : )
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH! You're a clone/twin magnet!!! XD lol