Draaks Transfer and Stuff

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From the TEF Forums to here. I was Raz on the TEF forums but I'm now under the guise of Draak on here.

Now for some Forest happenings, some that happened today and a few days ago XD

This be Draak's doppleganger XD in the forest there's a fawn that has a very similar picto to me. Its the same except for a small line at the bottom. Draak's doppleganger is the blue fawn XD:

Picture of Sluggs at Run's memorial, I think its quite a nice little picture:

Deer Totem!


Today in the forest I finally learned how to actually stay up in the air and perform actions instead of staying sitting in one spot, getting up then falling down XD

Mmmm dirt:

Mmmm reflection (and that fawn I'm pretty sure is Sluggs IN MID AIR DRINKING):



And pretty much it, after all those happenings at the pond everyone slowly dissapeared and I did too.
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Haha me there again!

Haha me there again! XD

owww, nooo! The one who is with you on top of the tree, has been pissing the heck outta me for a while. :c They keep changing my pelt and mask and just wants to start up a fight......... |:
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Lol yeah XD I took some more

Lol yeah XD I took some more of us again last night after I put this up lol. WE WERE TWINS 8D

Yeah? >.< they dont really do that to me, sometimes they do. A deer randomly wanted to start a fight with me last night O_o;
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haha yeah! XD I remembered I

haha yeah! XD I remembered I had the feathers somewhere on my antlers so why not. 8''D

Ah, they do it to me every time they see me. x__x;;
I usually just try to get away from a fight but sometimes when I'm all grumpy I just want to fight with everyone. XD;
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8D I dont think I had the

8D I dont think I had the antlers/horns you had, I need to work up my magic again and be spell spammed on XD. Apart from the mask :B

I've never been in one lol, they randomly started doing the "fight me" action and I kept going "huh?" cos they randomly started doing it O_o? and the odd thing was it ended in a Deer nuzzle/hug thing o.o...
Lol "I'm grumpy" *headbutts everything that moves* XD

The bottom one has me in it!

The bottom one has me in it! c:
that was very fun! xD

Hope to meet you in the forest sometime soon!
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X) hey yeah, that was fun

X) hey yeah, that was fun :]

Yeah likewise ^^