Draak's Blog 26th of April 08

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Lotsa pictures! o.o

Last Thursday night I met up with Nori/Noortiss and messed around for a bit XD

ELONGATED DEER.(Got the idea offa Sluggs XD):

Sharing a rock:

And at the Playground I stumbled across something very bizzare...WE SUNK INTO THE GROUND. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?:

We also met up with another deer and I snapped this closeup:

Later on I stumbled across Elian and we started messing around xD


We then became Twins X)

I shall call him mini me:

After that I had to leave as the time was nearing 2am human time.

Last Friday/Yesterdays happenings...
I met up with Vala and some other deer, including Nori and Mitra (Quamar's sister).

Draak: Whee!
Vala: o.o

Then more deer came and we started up a dance troupe with matching pelts 8D.

Which ended up at the Ruins where we played 'Simon Says' xD

Soon after the group broke apart and that was it for that night.

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That was definitly great XD

That was definitly great XD The first picture of 'Simon Says' shows what a slow deer I am o.o' But allright, it was fun!
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Yeah xD 'Simon Says' is a

Yeah xD 'Simon Says' is a great game on here. Aww, ah well it was still fun 8D (actually in the others I took it shows you keeping up well xD)
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Woaaah what's going on with

Woaaah what's going on with Valas neck!? xD In that same photo it looks like I've only got three legs... 0.o

"Simon says", Rokz my sokz <3
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Lol, you can see me as a

Lol, you can see me as a bird in picture eight xD
We should play 'Simon says' again ^^

btw, you may call my deer Nori, most of the time I speak on the site but he always likes to tell about his day when I'm putting up the pictures :3
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@Tabithaaa Yeah O_o it looks

Yeah O_o it looks like its kinda...broken o.o (I sware weird stuff happens with that pelt. When I had it on and sat down, the upper parts of Draaks legs went all weird and indented into his body...O_o)

I wanna play again 8D

Lol! hey yeah XD. Birdy!
Ah ok, Nori it is. Yeah on here there's Draak the deer and then me, I need to mess with the settings so people can tell the difference or something...XD