Draak, Mitra and Quamar

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I felt like attempting to draw some TEF deer so here we go.

There's Draak my deer, Mitra; Quamar's sister and in the bottom corner Quamar.
Mitra looks like she's frowning but it's just an odd pencil line I missed.

Drawn in pencil and tidied up in PaintShop Pro.

Quamar and Mitra belong to Quamar.
Draak belongs to me.
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That is SUCH good art! You

That is SUCH good art! You are anatomy-perfect... Everyone's making my pictures look cartoony! ...which they are. They're not supposed to be...
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Those look great! I love how

Those look great! I love how you draw the skull-mask ^^ Mitra looks really cute there! Haha, I had been busy drawing you too, but I haven't finished yet XD Those skull-masks are quite hard! But lovely drawings ^^!

--Stays a lonely Seele

Your deer drawings really

Your deer drawings really stand out to me because so few artists show the faces through their masks, like you do with the skull mask. Keep up the great art!
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Lieka: Thanks ^.^ though I

Lieka: Thanks ^.^ though I was looking at screenshots for reference XD; *looks* aww but thats good cos you've got a unique style :3 they're cute X3

Seele: hehe thanks, the skull mask is tricky though I think I've figured it out XD. You have? Oooh cool! *dances*

Terabetha: Yeah? I did that because I still see them as a mask. Though the idea of turning them into an actual head is cool. I dont think I wanna do that. Not with Draak anyway. =D