Don't let respect control you. ~to be continued~ ? (story)

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They always were together, no matter what. Even if a fire seperated them, they would find a way to get around it and reunite. There were only two of them when the story begins. Joker and Axel. They both lived together for a week as brothers. Then Joker died and Axel was alone. The story begins when the two were born in a field of flowers.

The two deer were alive, outside in the earth lying next to their mothers spotted fur. Both of the brothers had the dark green eyes like she did. Although the moments were quiet and nothing seemed to make a sound, the two's mother was rather worried. No one knows why, she just was. Maybe she could sense something that could put the fawns in danger. But one minute she lead them to a log and hid them. Then she galloped somewhere else. Even though they had barely met her, the two brother's mother never came back, and they never saw her again.

The two brothers were found by a stag that was confused. When he noticed the two, his nature was not agressive but alarmed. He was young, and he probably didn't know why they were alone without their mother. His personality was cautious, and with each step closer that he took, his eyes got wider and his tail rose. The two fawns where sound asleep, they had no clue that their mother's presence was not with them. They were calm and did not wake with the sound of the stag's hoofs pounding on the ground.

To be continued...
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[makes popcorn and waits

[makes popcorn and waits with open eyes] O_O
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I can honestly say I'm

I can honestly say I'm interested.
Do continue please. ^_^

*joins Her with mountain of

*joins Her with mountain of popcorn* please continue!!!!
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-strokes chin eating

-strokes chin eating popcorn- intriguing!
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Joker had opened his eyes

Joker had opened his eyes after awhile. The stag got very nervous, but Joker didn't. Joker stood up although he had a hard time doing so. He walked in a wobbly state toward the male. Suddenly his poor balance made him fall. The stag ran off like he was trying to escape danger. But danger was the exact opposite of Joker. He was just curious, and he probably thought that the stag was his mother since he had only seen her once. He got back up and trotted after the male.

Meanwhile, Axel was just awaking. He opened his eyes and realized that his brother was no where to be found. Althogh doing it several times, Axel still had the urge to keep searching for his brother. He'd search for five minutes and then give up. And then search again and repeat the pattern. Suddenly he thought that his brother wasn't coming back. He seemed so lost in the forest, no one was with him but the trees. He had no clue where anyone had gone, and all he wanted was company.
Finally he set up a journey to find his missing brother. He trotted through the flowers and weeds and tripped a few times. At moments, he had to lie down to catch his breath. No matter how many times he fell, he just would not stop looking. He had so much confidence and was almost positive that he would find Joker.

~To be continued~