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In which Swifttail hasn't logged in for about two years.

I sure do like to be inactive.
I'll try to be active again ;;;
I'm pretty sure no one here remembers me but I'm an older (I guess?) member :<
I feel stupid for not staying on this site XD;
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Who's this?

I have no idea who this is.Anyone know? I keep seeing them around.
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Hey guys, it's Swifty. :<
It's been forever since I've been on, and I'm sorry >->;
But anyways, I'm gonna try to be on more. So keep an eye out.
-will update Swifty's bio thing later-
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Back in the Forest!~ Identify yourselves!

And it feels great!
Found a group of deer having some sort of slumber party.

What's happening here? Are you guys trying to nap? Sorry I had to yell.
A few folks running around the river.

I really want to join in, but I need to get my mask on first...
Watching people out there. I was hoping one of them would help get my mask.

At least I found someone who would help...that nice stag/doe with default pelt and poppies on their antlers, thanks. <3
Identify yourselves?
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New Version of TEF?

Is this true?
Why did no one tell me this?! O.o
But srsly, I heard about a new version 3.4. *psyched*
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Why isn't TEF going online?D:

Yeah, even with my new modem it won't work!
I can attempt to get on the server, yet just like the old one it bumps my internet off.
I had a good modem that I accidentally trashed that worked GREAT. It let me on TEF.
I don't wanna have to buy another modem!
Help? ;.;
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Why there are Trees...//A Forest Fable

Why there are Trees
A Forest Fable by Yours Truly
The forest rustled with the sounds of waking creatures as the morning sun drifted up from the horizon. Grass was lit up with light and flowers stretched up to greet the sun.
The river practically bubbled with merriment and the fish in the pond swam about gracefully, as they always do.
A young doe opened her eyes to this wonderful forest of light and happiness, smiling. She got up, stretching as she trotted towards the Old Oak.
As she approached it, a fawn ran towards her. “Swift! Swifttail! You’re here!” the young fawn cheered, stepping into pace with the surprised doe.
“Oh yes, of course! I wasn’t going to miss this!” she replied, brimming with mirth.
The Old Oak loomed protectively above their heads as the hollow came into view. A rather large group of fawns grouped together inside.
Swifttail stopped in front of them all, glancing over them with adoration. ‘I just love fawns…I guess this year’s rut was very successful.’
“Welcome fawns! You guys wanted to hear a story, right?” she asked, a grin on her face.
The fawns laughed. One yelled over the others. “C’mon, I don’t think you’d forget!”
She smiled, waiting for them to calm down. “Okay then. One of you guys scoot, I wanna sit too!”
They all giggled as a gray fawn moved to the side so Swifttail could sit.
“Okay guys, what kind of story would you like to hear about?”
An outburst of answers.
“Oh! The stars!”
“The Pond!”
She yelled over them all. “Quiet down! Okay, you in the back there.”
A small brown one stood up to be seen, poppies adorning her small head. “One about the trees?” she asked in a small voice.
Swifttail nodded. “Then okay. Now, once there was a beautiful meadow with many different flowers and animals, mostly deer like us.
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Hey everyone! I'm still alive! Laughing out loud
...and my modem is being moody.
It's chip needs fixed/replced and we're fixing it soon, so I'll be on waaaaay longer. ^^
I've learned somethin' since being ....
Swifttail: Solitary?
Duskfyre: Lonesome?
Me:.....ahem. Isolated from the community because of this......
Duskfyre: Problem?
Me:THAT'S ENOUGH FROM YOU TWO. Be quiet plz. ..problem. I've learned that I miss the sociality. So soon you'll be hearing from me that I'm connected again soon.
And yes, MidnightShadows, I'd love it if you'd help me get my set. ^^ And I'll say on this if I got it fixed. Which deer of yours will help? I need to know what picto to look for.^^
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~*~*~Swifttail's bio~*~*~

Status: Occassionally on.


Feeling - Peaceful.

Health -

Physical : 99

Mental : 100


Work in progress.
Gift art.
By ChickenWhite:
Chibi Swift
Fawn Swift
Rearing Swifttail
By tanyak:
It's big, so I'm making this link to it
By Nopje:
Swift full pic in paint, I think.
By Nocturnalsunlight:
Swift, Redd, and Noc
By gloryofdeerforever:
Swifttail sketch
By .:Nightshade:. :
Swifttail and Redd~

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I saw this on Youtube and was all "OMFG this is kewl o3o"
I didn't make it though. I'm not that kewl.
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