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[Database of InForest Actions Created Via Slurring God-Given Actions Together]

Changed the title. v_v

As A Precaution-
[I am not making this with any expectations for new actions.
The creators have done so much already, I couldn't ask for more.
This is merely for discussing, not begging.


That said, have you ever tried to use an action ingame, only to realize it doesn't exist? It happens to me all the time, when I'm growing tired and would like to sit down somewhere. I'll make for the bow button, then realize that doesn't really look like a stretch. In fact, it looks a bit more like a dismissal, which isn't what I'm trying to get across at all.

Has anyone accomplished/would like to share an action combination that looks more like a stretch?

Or any neat buttonmashes you would like to share.

In fact, if it gets off the ground, I'll update this initial post with any combo request or solutions.

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I would like to hear others' opinions on making characters. For example, I know some prefer to make one or two and perfect them, while others create many. Spurred from a memory of when I myself was lectured for having one too many.

Personally, I quite enjoy spilling ideas. Sometimes I will place a name to a design, just for labeling purposes, but I don't consider this quite a character. To me, a character is truly born the moment I roleplay them. Any time before that, they are simply a list of what I deem interesting attributes. I'll often tuck these lists away, and purposely forget about them. There's something thrilling about stumbling across something wonderful, and knowing full well it's yours. Sort of like finding a twenty dollar bill in a jacket you haven't worn for half a year.

On the other hand, I know a person who routinely "kills off" their characters for fear of having too many to keep up with.

Just food for thought. I'd like to hear other takes on the matter.
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[Art Blog] In progress.

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Shh. [Offline]

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Request [Obtained. :D]

My deer is sitting in the mushroom circle closest to the Old Oak and in need of a rabbit transformation spell. v_v Could someone help get her one?

Last time all my pictos weren't spread, but this issue has been fixed.
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It would behoove you to read this. [Suggestion for the Community]

I'm not even going to attempt to drag this out.

What with the forest map now back in commission, I'd like to encourage everyone with multiple deer to log onto those accounts and fill out their information. The map is very handy, yes, but not so much when it only leads you to an untouched page.

Unsure of what I mean?
Here is an example of how I set up Tatata's page. Very simple- His name, my main account's name, and a link to his bio.

Alright, now, I can practically hear the groans from those with herds of deer, but I do think many of us would benefit this. I mean, I'm not asking you to spend hours upon hours filling these things out- just a few moments here and there, starting with the deer you play most often.

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Ohmaigoshdude- [Who are you?]

You. ;u;

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Just a Heads Up.

My little brother's going to be playing Tatata for the next few hours, so she'll be OOC and probably rather slow.
Apologies in advanced.
In case he has her do something stupid.

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Missus. [Who are you?]

"I meant not to frighten you."

Cam is naked. \o/
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