Deer head-designs

I've played this game for some time, and right from the beginning loved the idea about deer having human faces. n_n They can express so much.
I like the one most right above ©Ymo text. Others are kinda strange... ;D
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Pretty designs! I like all

Pretty designs! Laughing out loud I like all the face patterns, and I really like those antlers in the center that curl around the face. (Personally I think the hair is great too, although I don't know if the community is much for deer wigs. Sticking out tongue)
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Hey it's you! I played with

Hey it's you! I played with you today, i was a doe, wearing silver pelt and real deer mask. we had some nice rofling and buttonmashing together Eye
Ja suomalaisia tuntuu valuvan tänne enemmän ja enemmän xD (ei montaa kuukautta taaksepäin kun olin varmaan ainoa suomalainen täällä... ainakaan ei ainuttakaan tullut vastaan niin että olisin tiennyt suomalaiseksi o___O lol)

really beautiful drawings, i especially love the design of that one above Ymo text. Those antlers are just delicious! Laughing out loud *wants*
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I like the hair!

I like the hair! Laughing out loud

Hehe, all these deer are

Hehe, all these deer are quite interesting.
I guess you're a brawl fanatic too right now or something by Meta knight's mask being doodled on a deer. Kirby series is pretty awesome.
The lens / robot eyes mask Is pretty cool as well. Wonder what would happen if there was a robot set running around the forest?
The hair is pretty interesting. I love how you put flowers in it to give a feel closer to the forest. I don't think hair would be so bad, but alot of people probably want this place to look natural or something. I think we should give strange things a shot.
Leaf antlers rock. They would look so awesome, I mean we already have some Peacock feather for antlers, but I don;t think I saw leaves implemented yet.
Lots of loopy antlres in curves and bends. They are interesting as well, though I payed more attention to the things above. Sorry..

Good Drawings. ^^ I hope you make more.
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Hair hair hair hair hair

Hair hair hair hair hair hair hair hair hair hair hair hair hair!
Especially purple.
This has been requested so many times now.... Luvvit!Sticking out tongue

Thanks! n_n I have played

Thanks! n_n
I have played the idea about having deer-hair for a longer time. ;D When I deerified some of my characters I had to give them their hair. Laughing out loud
I didn't see any deer-wig-requests in the forums tho... Hmm.

Oopsie... I was supposed to

Oopsie... I was supposed to respond individually. Well...